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Hello, my name is Marj.  I am 32 years old with big dreams and a considerably oversized bucket list!  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science.  I am the Founder, Creator, and Editor of this beautiful Fashion Travel, Packing Lists, and Lifestyle Blog / Website.  I am also the Founder, Creator, and Owner of Paris Chic Style, an E-Commerce Online Shop, and Blog about Fashion, Lifestyle, and Travel.  I am currently a Self-Employed Online Marketer, E-Commerce Owner, Content Creator, Blogger focusing on Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Travel.  I have been traveling on and off and have created FashionTravelAccessories.com to offer products and informative tips on packing lists, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel tips, travel stories and hotel reviews to everyone.

I like to blame being born a Leo for my choice of passions in life.  Some of which are characterized by – caring, passionate, loving, energetic, goal-driven, loyal, optimistic, positive and warm.  Once I find something that I am extremely passionate about and love doing, it becomes the center of my world.  This is how I became obsessed with Digital Marketing, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, the Online World, Online Business, E-commerce, Blogging, Online Entrepreneurship, Traveling, Fashion, Decor, Lifestyle, and Health.  And I also developed undeniable obsessions with hot chocolate, coffee, Starbucks, Pinot Gris, London, Paris, Italy, Santorini, and Greece.  

My personality is best described a mixture of classic ambivert (go figure!).  Yes, if you’ve figured that out already, I exhibit qualities of both extroversion and introversion and just like most people, I don’t quite fit into either category.  Here are some of the qualities I found myself in the most: –

  • I am usually drawn to people from all ages and different background, culture and nationalities. I get energy from social gatherings, and I’m pretty outgoing, and I love to interact and socialize with like minded people, intelligent, confident, motivated, goal driven, passionate about life, business oriented and also anyone who loves to share the same passion as me and not afraid to encourage and empower others.  (This refers to my Extroverted side).
  • I sometimes find that it’s quite draining to be around lots of people.  Especially being around people that are quite arrogant, egocentric, negative, manipulative and judgemental.  I do prefer my own freedom, peace, solitude and quiet time and I usually do crave alone time in my free time especially when my mind is continuously reflecting about life and any relevant scenario that had occurred recently.   I also love to reflect on lots of things about my life.  I also enjoy my alone time, while I’m in the mood of deep, meaningful thoughts especially about my short and long term goals in life.  I also love to be alone especially when I’m busy thinking and working on my Online Business.  (This obviously refers to my Introverted counterpart).
  • Sometimes it really depends on my mood and likings.  I can be extremely social and admittedly very quiet, very observant, at times shy and a bit silly when I’m around people I am close to, not so close to and strangers.  And sometimes when I am around people who I can easily get along with and have found that instant connection with.  Yes, I enjoy and love both.  (Refers to being an Ambivert person).


Bon Voyage and Carpe Diem:)

 Thank you!

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