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Ever since I developed a passion for  blogging, fashion, traveling and photography, I’ve used a variety of cameras that suit my needs and aesthetic style.  Digital SLR (DSLR), Mirrorless, Compact Digital Cameras (Point and Shoots), Portable Action Camera (GoPro) and Smartphones are the best cameras for travel, fashion, bloggers and casual photoshoots and videos.  These are my favourite cameras to use whenever I travel and need to take photos and videos.  These cameras are by far the most functional that provide efficient and beautiful images in different angles and lightings.  Some of these also allow you to interchange lenses according to your photographic needs.   However, choosing the best travel camera can be quite overwhelming, as you want to make sure that your travel and fashion photos and videos will be as beautiful as in real life and of course it’s also more about searching for the ones that suit your taste and style when it comes to blogging photography, photographing landscape, architecture, scenery, people, fashion, interior decor, cafes, landmarks, museums, solo and group photos.  Having my own blog and online business it’s important to add my own aesthetic photography that are clean and sharp.  Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of camera, as well as the top travel cameras in different brands that you might consider on buying. 


Taken with my Canon 550D

2 Best Cameras For Travel Photography Videos

Consider and explore the best cameras for travel, photography and video to suit your needs

Consider and explore several types of daily and travel cameras that are popular on the market.  Some of which are the DSLR, Mirrorless, Point and Shoots, Go Pro and Smartphone cameras, each with its own list of pros and cons.  The most important thing to consider is to carefully consider what is more important to you, so you won’t regret it later on.  For instance, the most important thing for me is the size, weight, interchangeable lens, clarity (sharpness), autofocus and the quality of the images and videos of the camera.

1) EOS Digital SLR (DSLR) Camera

If size and weight don’t matter to you as long as it gives you the opportunity to try and experiment with different lenses while also allowing you to capture beautiful, sharply focused and quality images and videos then DSLR Cameras would be the right option.

1 Best Camera For Travel Photography & Video EOS DSLR Canon 70D

Canon 70D DSLR Camera with 18-135mm lens, Rode Videomic Go & Sandisk 32gb SD Card & Wifi Enabled

How do DSLR Cameras work?

DSLR cameras usually have a built-in (8) Viewfinder at the back of the camera.  What you see in real life is exactly what you see when you look very closely by placing your eye on the Viewfinder when taking photographs.   DSLRs have various essential elements in order to process the photos you desire within different angles and lightings.  

When you finally decide to take photos, the (2) Reflex Mirror that lies at 45 degrees angle inside the camera chamber will move upwards.   The purpose of the reflex mirror moving upwards is to allow the light to move forward vertically towards (7) Pentaprism, an optical element.  Then the (3) Shutter will open up in order to allow the light to reach the (4) Image Sensor.  The (3) shutter usually remains open for as long as it’s required in order for the (4) Image Sensor to accurately record and process (develop) the image.  Hoping that each photo will turn out with good lighting.  This usually depends on how you set your settings and programme according to your needs.  

Finally, the (3) Shutter will close down again and the (2) Reflex Mirror will also drop back down to its original position at 45 degree angle in order to continue redirecting the light into the (8) Viewfinder.  Moreover, the camera processor does a good job at taking the information from the (4) Image Sensor.  This then also converts into the right format (either raw or jpeg) and then transfers it into a memory card.  This whole process does not take very long, as most DLRs have the best speed with multiple times in one second.  

This may sound too complicated and technical but once you try taking pictures with DSLRs then you’ll eventually get to learn how it really works.  It also took me awhile to understand this process but somehow I still enjoy taking pictures with my Canon 70D.



Pros: Most DSLRs especially the Canon 70D and the 7D Mark II can shoot at very fast shutter speed and capture burst images very quickly.  The latest Canon 7D Mark II would be the ideal one as it can shoot at 10 fps.  If you are into action or moving photography, travel, wedding and events, this DSLR would be the right choice.

Cons:  Some DSLR cameras can slow down the speed when shooting in low light and if settings aren’t adjusted according to your location and lighting.  Therefore, it affects the shutter speeds and the ability to capture multiple images at a very fast rate.  However, if you are just a beginner and wanting to take professional looking photos while traveling, on parties and daily events, you can set your setting on Auto mode.  This will speed up the process of capturing images without having to worry with adjusting in different low light settings.  

Size and Weight

Unlike the Mirrorless Cameras, the DSLR camera bodies are comparatively bigger because the mirror and prism have to be able to fit inside.  If size and weight matters to you then you might not enjoy taking your DSLR around.  But you can always find a decent and compact DSLR bag that allows you to take it around the cities.

Autofocus Speed

The speed on Autofocus is highly important especially when you’re trying to focus your subject and capture an image as fast as you can.  With DSLRs you won’t have to deal with photos being out of focused because these cameras are known for having one of the best features and fastest Autofocus system especially with the Canon 70D.  Though, there are some older model of DSLRs that are known to be quite slow when it comes to Autofocus.  With that being said, the EOS Canon 70D features have significantly improved its autofocusing system through the optical viewfinder or through the screen in live view.  Though, bare in mind also that the speed of the autofocus (AF) system is considered to be highly depended on the maximum af (aperture) that’s offered by the lens.  If autofocus speed is an important factor then you should consider buying lenses that offer aperture around f/1.2, f/1.4, with more at f/1.8 and f/2 to f/2.8 are generally considered optimal in terms of its focusing accuracy and speed.

Image Stabilisation 

DSLR cameras usually offer image stabilisation system.  This is also important to take into consideration.  You don’t want to be taking moving photos and videos and only to find out most of your images are super blurred and shaky.  Having an image stabilisation is also important for when you’re traveling and taking photos for special events.  This also depends on the types of lenses you use whether it comes with image stabilisation feature or not.

Image Quality

Majority of DSLR cameras can take high quality of images in addition to great lenses.  

IMG_4475_1_resize copy


Video Quality

Not many DSLR cameras can take high video quality because they can’t use phase detection with the mirror up, whilst recording a video.  However, an exception to this is the Canon EOS DSLR 70D, which has phase detection points on the image sensor and this is also similar to that of mirrorless cameras, which have found to be much easier with better quality when taking videos even in low light settings.

Interchangeable Lenses

DSLRs allow you to choose and change to various types of lenses and even third party lenses.  A variety of selection of lenses for DSLRs are vastly available from professionally cheap to expensive selections.  Unlike most mirrorless counterparts have limited number of lenses that are available from the camera manufacturers and on the market, although I suspect this to be increasingly growing as the demand grows.


Most DSLRs have flash built-in.

Wifi Functionality

Some Canon DSLR cameras have a built-in wifi, which allows you to upload photos directly to social media, email and websites.

Final Verdict!

DSLR cameras have been around on the market for many years and they are popular amongst amateur and professional photographers.  If you are just getting into photography and have plans to improve your skills into the next level then I highly recommend purchasing the Canon 70D DSLR camera.  Taking pictures and videos with a DSLR camera offers beautiful, focused and sharp images in various angles and lighting.  Despite the weight in contrary to mirrorless cameras, I still prefer to take photos with my Canon DSLR camera whenever I travel, on occasional day and night outings, special events, outdoor adventure and parties.  Thinking of buying a DSLR camera?  Why not select some of the best DSLR cameras that are available on the market with the best price here.

Here are some of the popular DSLR Cameras on the market:

1. Canon 70D EOS DSLR

Canon 70D offers some of the best enthusiast looks for a DSLR.  Its advanced system takes further with fantastic live view and movie mode autofocus.  It also offers great continuous shooting capabilities and Wifi functionality.

1 Best Camera For Travel Photography & Video EOS DSLR Canon 70D

Reasons to buy:

  • It takes good image quality both JPEG and Raw in all ISO range. 
  • ISO offers from 100-12800 with expandable to 25600.
  • It has up to 7fps shooting.
  • Offers 19 point cross type autofocus system.
  • It offers 20.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5+
  • It offers excellent LCD and responsive touchscreen in any light and temperature condition
  • The size is still big but it’s not as bulky as compared to the newer version and other DSLR cameras.
  • It also offers dual pixel AF (Autofocus), which makes movie and live view modes much more usable.
  • It also offers built-in Wifi functionality allowing you to instantly share and transfer photos in all your social media, smartphone devices and email.  
  • It also offers built-in stereo and even external microphone terminal, thus allowing you to add a microphone for when making professional videos.
  • It has EOS app allowing you to control from your devices.

Find out here for more information and review.  This camera is available in different prices.

See More Options Below:


2) Mirrorless Cameras

Now, let’s move on to Mirrorless Cameras.  These cameras are also so popular amongst beginners and professional photographers.  You can certainly take quality images and videos with smaller camera body and lighter weight.  Additionally, it also allows you to change lenses without the extra size & weight of a DSLR camera.  So if these features are the most important factor then you might want to look at buying a mirrorless camera.

2 Best Camera For Travel Photography & Video Mirrorless Sony a7

What is Mirrorless Camera?

The obvious difference between a mirrorless and DSLR camera is the lack of mirror reflex optical viewfinder.  It’s designed to function without those internal mechanisms and essential elements of DSLR.  


Smaller Size and Less Weight

Most Mirrorless Cameras are combined with benefits of both compact and DSLR cameras.  They are smaller and weighs lesser due to fewer internal components such as pentaprism that DSLRs have.  This would be easier to use for when you want to vlog or vlogging while traveling, on adventure and on a daily events.

Interchangeable Lenses

Having a Mirrorless Camera still allows you to take control over selective focus or shallow depth of field techniques with a variety of interchangeable lenses to go with it.  Yes, you can change your lens and there are lots of options to choose from in different brands, though I find that mirrorless cameras don’t have much choices of lenses as compared to that of DSLRs.  One of the things I love my photos taken is with large sensor (this allows more light in and reduces noise) and interchangeable lens cameras because it obviously provides me the option to capture with zoom lens with an f/2.8 aperture and or a prime portrait lens with an f/1.2 aperture. Though most Mirrorless and DSLR cameras are sold with standard two lenses, which means you don’t necessarily need to buy separate lenses just yet.  

Autofocus and Manual Focus Speed

Both autofocus and manual focus have built-in on the camera body and the speed itself is fantastic especially with the added lenses that most allows you to autofocus and manually focus your subject.  One of the best things that the mirrorless cameras have improved, in contrast to many DSLRs is the way that they can focus on a continuous contrast detection, easily focus, maintain focus capabilities even on moving subjects in your frame while shooting and recording videos.  Again, the accuracy and speed on the focusing also depends on the quality and the aperture of  your chosen lenses as mentioned above on DSLRs autofocus speed. 


I’ve been noticing a trend lately that Mirrorless Cameras have become so popular amongst beginner and pro photographers, due to the lack of flapping mirror makes it so much easier to take image after image.  Some of the best one on the market are shown below, which can shoot 11 frames per second (fps).  


It’s very quiet on shutter activation due to the lack of moving mirror.


Some have flash built-in though you’ll find that some brands have removable flash.

Wifi Functionality

Most Mirrorless cameras have wireless capabilities.  They even have an app for either iOS or Android, which allows you to control the camera from your smartphone or tablet.  You can also easily upload your photos on social media, websites and even email.



There aren’t many third party lenses that are compatible with Mirrorless Cameras as compared to DSLRs.


Most mirrorless cameras don’t come in built-in optical viewfinders.  Though, there are still some brands like Sony and Samsung that offer a built-in view finder.

Live view Screen

Viewing on the live view screen while taking photos and videos on daylight can be quite difficult due to light reflection and therefore it would make autofocusing a bit harder to see. 

Battery Life

I find that most mirrorless batteries don’t last very long as compared to DSLR batteries. 

Final Verdict!

In terms of functionality and practicality, Mirrorless Cameras are packed and combined with majority of DSLRs features. Therefore, this type of camera would be suitable for beginners who happen to develop a passion for photography, for travelers and for anyone who just love taking photos as a hobby on an occasional basis.  This camera can definitely take professional images and videos depending on the types of lenses you use just like with DSLR cameras.  I own a Samsung NX 300M Mirrorless camera and I have been using it for over a year.  If you like to take professional photos without the added extra size and weight then this might be the best option for you.  However, in terms of price, the mirrorless cameras aren’t significantly cheaper than those DSLRs.  I find that most have very similar prices if not close to what you can find on DSLRs brands and model.  Interested in owning your first Mirrorless camera?  Find out here for more information, reviews and options with different models and prices to choose from.

Best Sellers Mirrorless Cameras:

12   3       4      5

3) Compact Digital Cameras (Point and Shoots)

For compact, lighter and weightless then buying a Point and Shoot Camera would be perfect for your everyday photography, travel and vlog.  This type of camera is super light and it definitely won’t weigh you down.  It can easily be carried and even store in your small handbag or pocket whenever you need it.  This is the type of camera to take if you enjoy documenting your daily trips at your local neighbourhoods and even wandering around the cities.  

3 Best Camera For Travel Photography & Video Digital Camera Point and Shoot Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV


Yes. Most compact cameras have autofocus system and it’s also considered to be considerably a lot faster.

Interchangeable Lenses

No.  Unfortunately most don’t allow you to change lenses. 

Built-in Lens

Yes.  It comes with built-in lens that also allows you to zoom in and out.  Point and Shoot cameras are well known as pocket camera, as it requires very minimal effort without carrying any lenses but takes great pictures and videos.


Some compact cameras have built-in viewfinders and some even allow you to flip the screen into 180 degree, which is perfect for taking selfies and vlogging.


Mostly have built-in flash.

Wifi functionality

Yes, most point and shoot cameras have built-in wifi functionality allowing you to even sync photos between your smartphones and upload photos directly online.  This would also be good for exporting your images right away on your social media while traveling and sightseeing.  

Final Verdict!

As mentioned above, the Point and Shoot camera would be a good choice if you just want to be able to grab and store it easily in your pocket or mini crossbody bag while on the go anywhere.  It’s also a perfect camera to take for when attending events, parties, taking photos and vlogging as a hobby and for travel.  It doesn’t weigh very much and the size is quite small.  While at the same time it offers great photos and video clips, though you won’t be able to get as much depth of field (blurred background) as compared to Mirrorless and DSLR cameras.  Point and Shoot cameras are popular amongst vloggers (taking video clips of their random life this may include travel vlog, daily vlogs, and etc).  It’s not usually used for professional photoshoots and if you want to achieve a much higher quality and professional pictures and videos then I highly recommend you purchase either the DSLR or Mirrorless cameras.  

Best Sellers Point & Shoot Cameras:


4) GoPro

Most advanced latest GoPro are available with new features.  A GoPro camera would be a perfect option if you plan to be doing a lot of action and adventuring trips such as hiking in the mountain, skiing and swimming.  The latest GoPro takes great photos even on moving mode.  

4 Best Camera For Travel Photography & Video GoPro

What is a GoPro?

The GoPro cameras offer HD image and video quality and waterproof system.  This camera gained its popularity after 2002 because of its very compact and small size and weightlessness, yet it can produce such amazing high quality and clear photos and videos even underwater.


Most GoPro’s performance and speed is super fast with twice more powerful processor, twice faster video frame rates.  And it even has better image quality than the old model.  It also comes with ultra high resolution.  It allows you to capture photos at a blistering 30 frames per second allowing you to even set time lapse mode or shoot at time intervals while on fast movement and in action.

It also takes great photos on low light with Auto low light mode offers automatic changes frame according to lighting conditions for when taking photos and videos on optimal low light performance.  This is quite good, as it would definitely allow you to freely move between bright and dark environments without the hassle of adjusting your camera settings.

It comes with built-in Wifi and bluetooth.  This allows you to connect to GoPro App, Smart Remote and many more.  You can easily transform your phone or table devices into a live video remote for your camera.  This also offers functional settings of playback plus sharing your beautiful images and videos via text, email, social media, website and many more.  The smart remote functionality allows you to control a variety of GoPro cameras from distances of up to 180 meter.


You won’t be able to change lenses.  You can’t get much depth of field.  It’s not something you would consider using for professional photography as it’s made for outdoor activities, action and fast movement settings.  Though a lot of people have been using the GoPro while driving and even while vlogging on the streets.

Final Verdict!

I would probably use this camera in conjunction with my DSLR while sightseeing, traveling, photography and for everyday use.  If you love the fact that it’s so compact and small thus allowing you to easily grab and store in your pocket then the GoPro might be the best option.  It’s also a perfect choice to use for when going on hiking, skiing, swimming and even running.  Though, if you want to produce a much more focused, sharp and higher quality images and videos then I would still recommend to purchase either the DSLR or Mirrorless cameras.

Best Sellers GoPro Cameras:


Over to you, which one of these cameras you would rather take while sightseeing, traveling, photography, events, parties and for everyday use?

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