Best Compact Digital Camera For Travel – Samsung NX300 and NX300M Mirrorless Cameras

The Samsung NX300 and Samsung NX300M are the best compact cameras for travel.

I have always greatly enjoyed traveling, and I tend to take a lot of pictures with me when I do so. I recently purchased a Samsung NX300 20.3MP CMOS Smart WiFi Compact Interchangeable Lens Digital Mirrorless Camera with 18-55mm Lens and 3.3″ AMOLED Touch Screen (Black), and I have found it to be the best compact camera for travel. One of my favorite things about this camera is that it takes exceptionally good photos.


The Samsung NX300 and NX300M are very similar with a resolution of 20.3 MP. This allows it to take perfect looking photos, even when the photos are enlarged. This digital camera has a very large display on its back. The display is well lit, however I have found that I can’t really see the display clearly when I am standing in direct sunlight.  Both have touch screen features.  You can also use the wifi connection allowing you to share your photos directly to your smartphone and upload photos directly to facebook using the wifi built-in connection.

This display swivels around, which allows me to take shots from a low angle. The NX300m can turn the entire display around. This allows me to take selfies that include me and the places I am visiting. The Samsung NX300M and NX300 have what is called a hybrid focusing system. This system uses a combination of a physical lens and digital manipulation to quickly focus the camera. This allows me to take pictures very quickly, and I have even been able to take pictures of moving targets like cars and animals.

This Samsung camera comes equipped with 18-55 MM lens. It has mounting brackets so I can put stronger lenses on it. The other thing I really like about this camera is that it is exceptionally light for a camera that takes high resolution pictures. This, in my opinion, makes the best compact camera for travel as it’s compact and light.

I have taken it on long European & backpacking trips without considering it a burden. I have found that the only drawback of this camera is that it has a traditional look and grip that mimics having a film canister in it. This makes the camera look very good, and makes me feel like I am shooting with film.  The camera looks vintage and easy to carry it around. Overall, I consider this Samsung camera to be the best camera I have ever used for traveling.  It certainly takes sharp photos and with depth of field.

You can find the cheapest price here for Samsung NX300 and Samsung NX300M.

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