Best Leggings For Women For Travel, Everyday Wear & Any Occasion

What are the best leggings for women for travel, everyday wear and any occasion in all seasons?  There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to choosing the best leggings to wear in summer, spring, autumn (fall) and winter.  Leggings are always trending and never fades out of fashion.  I personally love wearing leggings throughout the year depending on the types and thickness of the fabric.  If there were no other pants to wear, I wouldn’t mind wearing leggings all the time, as it’s super comfortable and effortless.  Leggings also come in a variety of colours, fabrics or materials that are suited for any weather conditions and the places you go to or travel to.  And leggings have definitely become an essential part of our clothing items and travel items, as they seem to be the ideal fashion statement for those of us busy women and girls and it’s also easily interchangeable by allowing us to create and mix and match with our outfits.  In this article, I have gathered some of the most recommended and selected leggings that are so chic and versatile.  These leggings can easily be matched with any tops particularly those longer tops and sweaters and it can even be paired with different types of mini skirts and dresses.  They also go well with any types of shoes either boots, oxfords, sneakers or sandals.  Take a look at my selections below. 


Best Black Leggings For Women

I’ll start with some of the best black leggings because these are most commonly used among women and girls.  Black leggings are so much easier to pair with any blouses or tops and shoes.  They can easily make you look well put together without putting a lot of effort into it.  Black leggings can also instantly make you look elegant, chic and sophisticated wherever you go whether you dress it up with other outfits or dress it down casually.  Hence black goes well with anything and it can make you look instantly chic and effortless.

1. True Religion Leather Black Leggings

The True Religion leggings are made of 100% leather measuring its 8.5 inch rise and 30 inch inseam.  It also features a button and zipper for opening and closure.  This is quite fancy.  This is definitely the type of leather legging you would wear for a night out to go with heels and boots.  Not only this but it’s also perfect for day time wear to match it with a casual top and ballet flats perfect for sightseeing, travel and everyday wear.  If you like to look good while traveling and sightseeing in Europe or anywhere in the world then this leggings would be perfect to wear for all seasons.  However, the leather material can take some time to stretch so I highly recommend you wear this a couple of times prior to embarking on a new journey.  It also runs quite small so it’s recommended that you order a bigger size that your normal size.  This legging is available in various sizes with the Best Price, Free Shipping & Return.  

2. Body Shaper & Butt Lifter Leggings


This body shaper and butt lifter black legging has a beautiful style made of cotton, elastic and spandex inside the material that helps to wrap you body together and lift your butt and enhances the shape of your legs and butt.   So if you’ve been wanting to have a sexier and voluptuous butt then I highly suggest wearing this beautiful, chic and sexy legging.   The material is thick enough but not too thick and thin either, it’s just perfect and it’s definitely not see through at all.  This is one of the best leggings for winter to wear, as it provides comfort and extra insulation in order to keep you warm.  You can definitely wear this under your jeans or pants in winter time.  It’s chic and versatile allowing you to wear with different outfits for day and night.  

This is also wearable for spring and autumn (fall).  Also, it’s a perfect legging to wear for travel, sightseeing, casual, everyday wear and even for working out or yoga.  I really like this type of legging as it’s super comfy and the waist line does not create extra folds around my waist.   The only disadvantage to this legging is that it might run a bit too small for someone who’s a lil bit bigger.  Therefore, I highly recommend to get the medium, large or extra large.  This legging is also available in various colours and sizes to choose from with the Best Price, Free Shipping & Return.

3. Hue Ponte Leggings

Looking for that elegant, chic, sophisticated and versatile leggings that you can wear anytime of the day whether it be for work, a night out, sightseeing, traveling and even on a date?  The Ponte leggings is what you would wear, as it’s extremely versatile.  It’s a legging but you won’t even notice that it actually has pockets in the back.  It kinda seems like a jegging to me but it’s definitely a legging.  The material is made of 64% rayon, 32% nylon and 4% spandex and it is very thick to wear it on its way without covering your butt with long shirts or tops.  It’s also thick enough to wear it for winter season but for additional warmth I recommend you wear something a bit warmer underneath.  It’s also definitely not see through.  The thickness is perfect, which means it won’t get worn off really fast after several washes.  Also, the thickness can keep you warm enough while on the airplane traveling.  It can be worn in any special occasion, sightseeing and traveling with any shoes or boots to go with it.  Also, one of the good things about this legging is that they do not loose their shape and elasticity at all even after several washing.  They also don’t give you a muffin top and don’t make you look wider at all.  The only issue that bothers me about this legging is that it’s quite long and often it doesn’t quite sit in the ankle, which I have to pull it up in place like a stocking.  Find out more information, review and the Best Price, Free Shipping & Return here.

4. Minus33 Merino Wool Leggings

The Merino Wool leggings are quite warm and soft to touch and it’s also made quite thick with great quality.  They really make you feel comfortable while wearing these in day and night in winter time.  This is the type of leggings you would wear in fall and winter, as the merino wool  fabric provides extra warmth in the cold days.  You can definitely wear it with different types of dresses and skirts to match it with your boots in the winter season.  You could also wear this under your pants for extra warmth.  Also, if you plan on going skiing then I highly suggest wearing these underneath as they sure keep you warm throughout your holiday.  As mentioned it’s 100% merino wool this will certainly keep you warm throughout the day.  And if you love wearing leggings, while on the airplane then I highly suggest this legging, as they’re thick enough to keep you warm throughout your travel.  For winter season, this would also be a good legging to wear for work even for layering underneath your pants.  It also feature midweight base layer, flat lock seams in order to prevent chafing.  It’s also machine washable and machine dryable.  

The only thing I didn’t like about this legging is that the longer you wear it they become quite loose around the knee area.  It does not seem to retain its shape.  It’s also quite loose around the crotch area and the length is quite short compared to other leggings.  So if you’re interested in wearing the perfect fit and length then I suggest that you order the right size or a little bit bigger.  However if you order a bigger size it might be too loose for your size.  Nevertheless, this is still one of the best leggings for winter.  Find out here for more information, reviews and the Best Price, Free Shipping and Return.  

5. Helmut Lang Stretchable Leather Leggings

This super skinny legging is made of 100% sheep leather featuring elastic waistband, mock fly and faux front pockets in addition to versatility and style.  It also has back welted pockets.  The thickness is average with good quality.  This type of leather legging allows you to wear it with boots, any types of shoes, shirts and skirts.  It’s not see through at all, which means it can be worn alone without any long shirts covering the butt area.  This would be a perfect legging for your night outfit while on a date, special occasion, travel and sightseeing.  If you plan on wearing these for daytime, I highly suggest you add some light or coloured top and a blazer.  Some cons are that this legging fits quite big so I suggest ordering 1 size smaller than your normal size and also these are quite expensive but it’s definitely a good quality, which ensures to last long.  Find out here for more information, the Best Price, Free Shipping & Return.

6. BLANKNYC Skinny Leggings

Wow, talk about wearing chic and sexy black leather legging.  If you don’t want to spend 100% real leather, which most likely will cost you lots of money then this legging is definitely an alternative.  I love how it looks so elegant yet sexy and because it’s quite shiny it does not look too tacky unlike other leather leggings.  This type of legging is definitely wearable in any occasion whether it be for parties, semi-casual day and night time outings, dinner dates, office work and even for travel and sightseeing.  If your goal is to look chic and simple then I highly suggest pairing this with nude ballet flats or fashionable sneakers with plain t-shirt either grey, beige or white.  But if you want to aim for classier, chic and dressed up look then pair this with a dressy blouse, high heels and a sophisticated blazer.  This legging is made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex, coated with black denim that also features pull on fit and moto styling.  It also has stud topped welted back pockets and banded waist (which in this case it’s perfect to hide those sweet little muffins around the waist area, only if you can’t get rid of them like mine).  The only negative about this legging is that when you sit down it creates lots of folds at the back, which you would have to constantly pull it up and down.  Find out here for more reviews, information and the Best Price with Free Shipping and Return

Best Patterned or Print Leggings

Have you ever worn patterned or print leggings?  These types of leggings are not as versatile as compared to black leggings.  I personally find it hard to match with other tops aside from just simple and plain coloured tops.  Though, these are still chic, stylish and definitely wearable for any occasion depending on the types of tops and shoes you pair it with.  Below are some of the patterned and print leggings to choose from.

7. Hue Leopard Print Leggings

This elegant leopard legging is quite chic.  I love the pattern of this legging as it’s quite obscure.  Its pattern is subtle that you can barely notice it’s a leopard legging.  The colour is a simple beige pastel, which you can easily pair this with most dark and light coloured tops.  This legging would be perfect to wear for travel and sightseeing paring it with a simple beige or grey coloured tops and loafers, ballet flats or oxford shoes for comfort.  This may not be suited for sneakers unless if you can pull it off.  But for work, parties and any other special events then pair this with high heel pumps or even with block heels.  This is made of 75% cotton, 21% polyester and 4% spandex, featuring real back pockets, faux front pockets and faux fly.  This is absolutely one of the best leggings for summer and spring seasons.  I would wear this in summer and spring considering the colour and the thickness of the material, which is suited for hotter days.  Find out here for the Best Price with Free Shipping and Return.

8. Joie Keena Tux Printed Legging

Here’s another beautiful printed legging by Joie.  Again the pattern is not too clearly expressed or emphasised.  This would make pairing much easier and as a result it makes you look much more chic and sophisticated while wearing this in day and night time. This type of legging can be worn for office attire, sightseeing and touring and even for a night out party with friends and family.  This would definitely look great on long riding boots, fashionable sneakers, ballet flats and heels.

Do you like any of these leggings?  Which ones are your favourites to wear for travel, sightseeing, everyday wear, work and parties?  Let us know your suggestions in the comment below. 

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