Best Sandals For Walking in Europe, Travel & Everyday Wear

Hello, my lovelies!  If you love walking with your sandals (here, here and here) in spring and summer in European cobblestone streets, then find out some of the best comfortable summer travel shoes and sandals that you can easily pack and wear between a glorious day and rainy day exploring and sightseeing different cities.  

I am so delighted to share with you on the best sandals for walking for everyday wear, no matter where you are at whether it be at the beach, at your local shops and neighborhoods, wandering around the streets and cities exploring, taking a short walk around the area, walking from and to work or traveling.  

2_Best_Sandals_For_Walking_in_Europe Travel & Everyday Wear

Best Sandals For Walking

1. Birkenstock Arizona Sandal – Unisex

The Birkenstock sandals are one of the most popular open flat sandals to wear in spring and summer for Europe, Asia, UK and the United States.  The birks have become so popular fashion statement.  It’s usually recommended for beach, casual and streetwear matching it with your summer outfits.  If you want to look chic, stylish and comfortable at the same time, this type of sandal would be perfect for your day outings.  The birks can easily be paired with skirt, pants, shorts, dresses and jeans looking effortlessly fashionable and chic.

This type of birk has a soft footbed layer of foam and EVA, which makes a big difference concerning comfort.  It’s made of leather, manmade sole, birko-flor upper consists of a smooth leather finish and waterproofing.  The upper is significantly lined with kind of soft material for extra comfort.  With heel measuring approximately 1″, a platform measuring about 0.5″ and super comfortable adjustable buckles will definitely be suited for your much-awaited vacation. Find out here for more reviews, information and the Best Discount with Free Shipping and Return

2. Born Eryka Flat Sandal

I was born to wear these inimitable functional and elegant Born Eryka flat sandals.  This is one of the best sandals for walking for sightseeing, travel around Europe, UK, and the US.  I’m obsessed with wearing these super cute, chic and fashionable sandals yet so comfy and quite narrow.  It doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing one of those chunky sandals that are so hideous with every outfit.  But with these Born Sandals, they are quite different from the rest.  I’ve worn these around Europe where lots of cobblestones, marble stone, and narrow streets are.  It’s super comfy and versatile.  It even has an excellent traction, which means you don’t have to worry about slipping off on a slippery surface.

The Born Eryka sandals are made of grain and metallic leather upper that’s handcrafted with Opanka construction made to be very durable in order to last long.  Also, the practical adjustable strap with a buckle for closure offers customizable fit.  Whether your feet are wide or narrow, you can easily adjust the strap to fit and suit the shape of your feet.  You won’t even have to worry about getting any blisters while walking for long periods of hours in the summer heat.  The sandals are also lined with vegetable leather, which definitely provides excellent breathability.  The footbed area consists of 4mm latex, which cushions your feet, as you walk and take every step.  This is definitely one of the best flat open sandals for walking any time of the day and anywhere in the world especially when the weather is very hot and shining.  The outsole also has tucker board shanks with rubber outsole for maximum stability, support and traction control. Find out more of these Born Eryka sandals for its utmost practicality and fashionable look along with their best Discount Price with Free Shipping & Return.  

Born Sandals Best Sandals For Walking in Europe, Travel, Rome, Italy, Everyday Wear

One of my favorite Born Sandals, which I have been wearing throughout my travels, sightseeing, walking and everyday wear.  Super chic, stylish yet comfortable. 

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3. Clarks Women’s Hatch Backstrap Sandal

These Clarks Hatch Backstrap Sandals are suitable for those who have high arches and flat feet.  I’ve worn several Clarks while touring around Europe on cobblestone and marble streets, as I have high arches.  Definitely nothing to complain about, as these sandals are perfect for spring and summer, while it protects your arch and heels.  It’s a perfect sandal to wear for traveling, sightseeing, walking and everyday wear, as these are a good fit and the most reliable sandals.  The only disadvantage to these sandals is that they don’t look that great or fashionable.  They look a little bit chunky, but if you don’t really care so much about the look of your sandals and more so on long lasting comfort, then I highly suggest these.  Also despite its less attractive appearance, you can easily make these shoes look stylish by pairing it with some stylish dress, skirt, and tops.  These Clarks sandals even go well with skinny jeans, shorts and light fabric pants for summer.  As long as you know how to style your clothes, then your sandals will instantly look chic and stylish.  

These are an unstructured comfort that is customizable fit for any shape and form.  It’s super lightweight and airy that’s made from premium black leather featuring its foam padded contour footbed and an additional cushioning around the heel strap for maximum comfort and support.  It’s built in unique air circulation system unstructured footwear features vents, which also brings in fresh air from the outside, while wearing these during summer.  It leaves your feet absolutely feeling fresh and comfortable at all times.  In addition to extreme support, the hook and loop closures offer an adjustable fit, while the lining is incredibly soft with a luxurious feel to it.  The fit on the simple leather upper is completely customizable along wit the heel pad on the backstrap. Why not step out of your comfort zone with this practical, stylish yet casual sandals? Find our more reviews and information here along with the Best Discount, Free Shipping, and Return

4. Clarks Indira Rue Sandal

I love these sandals, as these are probably one of the most comfortable yet stylish sandals from Clarks.  I’ve worn these on a summer trip, which involved a lot of long distance walking.  I also wear these as my everyday walking sandals in spring and summer.  These sandals can also be worn for work in the office as it definitely goes well with dress and skirt. They definitely provide extreme cushioning and secure strap around your foot.  The only disadvantage is that they run slightly half size big, so you might have to consider buying a half size smaller than your normal size.  Also, these sandals don’t really provide arch support but still quite comfy.  

It’s made of a combination of full-grain leather material and synthetic leather straps as well as dual straps with adjustable buckles at the ankle area in order to provide the right fit to your foot.  These obviously makes the whole style looks chic and stylish.  In addition to comfort, it’s also made of Ortholite foam cushion providing enjoyable and comfortable walking experience with these sleek, chic and casual style flat sandals.  You’ll definitely feel great in the cushioned softness of the Ortholite foam footbed area, as the absorption of the shock of each step you take while walking.  Find out more information here along with the Best Price with Free Shipping and Return

Please note these sandals are perfect for spring and summer.  They are also super comfortable and stylish, suited for all types of feet including flat feet or fallen arches, prominent bunions and high arches.   Most importantly, these shoes are also suited for those who have bad knees and achy feet. And these shoes are constructed with multiple cushions and supportive layers within the sole. 

5.  Ecco Flash Huarache Sandal

These Ecco sandals immediately became my favorite and go to sandal in the warm season after having worn several times in Greece.  I even ended up wearing these as my everyday wear because the strap and the footbed provide maximum comfort and support.  They are extremely flexible and soft to walk in.  A perfect pair of sandal for sightseeing, travel, walking and even for work.  They definitely go well with any outfits provided you can easily mix and match to suit your style.  The sizing is also prefect as the sandals definitely fit on your feet.  Having multiple straps, which wraps around your foot is so secure and thus allowing you to walk fast without having to feel like you’re about to slip off.  The only disadvantage is that having tight straps wrapping around your toes might cause some blisters around the area especially if you happen to have protruding bunions.  The best way to avoid this to put some first aid plaster around your bunion, this will prevent blister.  

These sandals are surely crafted with rich leather, synthetic sole, padded and perforated footbed as well as the charming buckle closure for a secure fit.  The leather lining does take the moisture away, while it’s covered with leather and EVA molded footbed providing extreme support for maximum comfort and ease.  It has also been injected with a special PU outsole component, which offers a great touch of traction that grips every time you walk and step in any concrete.  This is definitely a good option to wear for your next vacation, for daily wear, casual, outings and work for all season long. Find out more reviews and information here along with the Best Price, Free Shipping and Return


This is one my favorite Ecco sandals, which I have been wearing.  I’ve also worn these sandals several times in Europe.  These are available in a variety of color, style, and sizes to choose from. 

6.  Vince Camuto Women’s Motter Sandal

This stylishly chic sandal is quite flashy featuring adjustable buckle strap, smooth and metallic leather upper and well-cushioned footbed with 1/4″ heel height.  If you love to look chic and fashionable even on flat sandals with skinny jeans, dresses or skirts walking around the city in summer or spring, then this sandal would be the best option.  It’s super stylish yet comfy!  The only disadvantage is that it does not have a heel strap for extra support.  It’s made of leather material, rubber sole and textured outsole featuring buckled strap at vamp and a beautiful glossy strap at toe.  The shaft has a measurement of approximately 3.75″ from the arch. Find out more reviews and information along with the Best Price, Free Shipping and Return

7. BC Footwear Lode Toe-Ring Sandal

You don’t have to follow the trend! Be different and stand out.  The BC toe-ring sandal features contrasting straps at vamp along with buckle closure at adjustable ankle strap.  Wearing this sandal surely does make you stand out from the crowd.  Oh so chic and stylish yet so comfy for all season and any occasion.  A perfect sandal to wear with shorts, skirts, skinny jeans, and dresses. The insole edges are beautifully stitched throughout giving it a beautiful bohemian look. The only disadvantage is that the outsole is not made of rubber, which might be slightly difficult to wear when walking on marble and slippery cobblestone streets.  Fortunately, it’s implemented with grip system for support and traction when walking on slippery surfaces.  It’s made of leather with heels measuring approximately 0.25″. Find out here for more reviews and information along with the Best Price, Free Shipping, and Return

8. Sam Edelman Gilroy Gladiator Sandal

8. Sam Edelman Gilroy Gladiator SandalThe Edelman Gilroy Gladiator Sandals are beautifully designed, which looks quite charming on your feet.  It’s chic and stylish yet comfortable as it offers slightly padded soles and secure straps.  These sandals definitely look great on any outfits making you look glamorous and chic.  A perfect sandal to wear for any occasion, daytime outings, travel, sightseeing, and walking. The straps are so soft and elegant that even makes your feet look gorgeous especially when your nails are painted.  It also has a back heel strap with a slightly smooth suede material from the inside making your back heel feel much more comfortable as you walk and take every step.  It also has a strap with a buckle for closure and extra support.  It’s made of leather, synthetic sole, adjustable ankle buckle with logo charm. Find out more with the Best Price, Free Shipping, and Return

9. Born – Peera Sandal

9.1 Born - Peera Sandal

9. Born - Peera SandalFlaunt these Born Peera Sandals with your unique style.  These sandals feature its bohemian style and feel to it.  I seriously love these, as it goes well with any outfits while traveling and sightseeing.  Also, a perfect sandal to wear for daily wear in all season and any occasion.  This may seem and feel chunky, but it’s actually beautifully made with chic comfort.  It’s beautifully crafted with full-grain and metallic leather, featuring multi-strap with two adjustable buckle closures for easy on and off, secure fit and extra support.  It’s also composed of vegetable leather lining along with the PU footbed comfort to ensure that your feet will be comfortable and supported throughout every step you make.  It’s also made of tucker board shank, which structurally supports between the insole and outsole.  And the outsole also consists of rubber for extra solid grip on dry, wet and slippery surfaces.  These sandals are super chic, bohemian and stylish yet so comfortable that allows you to wear anywhere you go. Why not find out more reviews and information with the Best Price, Free Shipping, and Return? 

10. Born Ebb Sandal

10. Born Ebb SandalI just can’t get enough of Born Sandals.  As much as I love Clarks and Ecco shoes and sandals but the Borns are also one of my go-to sandals for spring and summer.  These Born Ebb Sandals are by far one of my favorites.  It has that bohemian style yet chic, stylish and super comfy.  These sandals even have extra support for your arch whether you have a high arch or flat feet it still provides extra comfort and support throughout the day.  I love the fact that it has excellent craftmanship, great material quality and most of all it provides the comfort that I need wherever I go.  I would definitely recommend these sandals as it goes well with any modest style, simple and fashionably dressed.  Also, the fact that these sandals are breathable with suede cushion, which does not retain sweat smell.  

These sandals are carefully handcrafted with accents and sleek design, which adds a simple touch of casual style for any warm weather.  It’s made of a rich leather upper and featuring an adjustable buckle strap at the ankle area for a perfect fit and extra support.  The smooth lining and the Opanka construction also provides a premium feel and luxurious comfort wherever you go.  And most importantly, the footbed area has EVA memory foam for extra cushioning so whenever you walk and make every step, your heel and foot will not suffer from pain and the shock absorption.  In addition to comfort and support, the outsole is made of rubber flex to prevent from slipping on wet and slippery surfaces. These are of course available in various style and colors to choose from. Find out more information about the Best Price, Free Shipping and Return.

Over to you, which ones are your favorite sandals for walking?

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  1. says: Val

    This was SUPER helpful! I’m going to Italy in Sept. and have been worried about finding comfortable yet stylish shoes/sandals to wear!

    1. says: Marj

      Hi Val,

      I’m glad you found this article helpful. I usually wear Ecco, Born and Clark sandals. They are comfortable and stylish. Enjoy your trip!

  2. says: Aime Aurora

    Bonjour, comment ca va beautiful? My name is Aime, I am French. I am very sorry my english i no very good. Merci beaucoup for the sharing your tips and recommendations. I live in South of France and I am traveling around Europe next month for the first and is summer now here in France and Europe so I must to take and should wear nice and comfortable shoes for me to walking et exploring different cities.

    I buy the born and ecco sandals you recommended and I can not thank u enough for your effort and kindness. I really like my new sandals I think it is the best shoes for travel and walking and for use everyday.

    By th e way, i really like your website and I hope to meet with you some day here in France. When are you coming back to France and Europe?

    I would like meet you one day you are my inspiration. 🙂 xoxo kisses and hugs from France.

    1. says: Marj

      Bonjour Aime, thank you for your sweet message. How was your trip in Europe? I’m glad I was able to help you decide in choosing your sandals. I also love wearing my Born and Ecco sandals, as I’ve worn these several times while traveling around Europe, sightseeing and walking around cobblestone streets. Send me an email one day so I can let you know when I’ll be visiting France again and of course I’d love to meet you too.

      Take care! xo


  3. says: Melanie Griffin

    Thanks for your recommendations. This is what I need right now. I have been searching for some great looking sandals but very comfortable to wear for my next trip to LA and New York and will be spending some time in London and Spain too before I go back to work.

    I have personally worn Clarks, Ecco and Born sandals and I just love these brands. They make such great shoes and sandals. I can actually walk with these shoes for long hours without getting any blisters. I also use these when I’m just at my local city for my daily use.

    I’m definitely buying the Birkenstock, Ecco and the new Born sandals for this summer.

    I always love your taste and style.. keep em’ coming girl 🙂


    1. says: Marj

      Hi Melanie,

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m glad that we have similar taste when it comes to fashion and shoes in particular! I personally love wearing sandals with heel strap and buckle because they provide extra comfort and support and that’s why I always tend to go for Born, Clarks and Ecco. But to my surprise, I have tried wearing the BC sandals and Birkenstock for a month and never have I found any issues with blisters and discomfort. Also, I’m loving my new Vince Camuto sandal for this summer. You must be looking forward to your next holiday. Enjoy and happy travels!

      Marj xo