Best Travel Boots for Fall, Winter, Spring

Have you been searching for a pair of boots to wear this fall, winter and spring?  Here are some of the best travel boots you could wear for traveling, sightseeing, touring and even for work, special occasions, parties and for everyday wear.  These boots are so classy, chic, fashionable, stylish and yet they are also super comfortable in your feet.  

These boots are also appropriate for walking all day, as they provide extra cushion around the insole with rubber outsole thus providing extreme traction in any surface and extensive support to your feet, heel, ankles, legs and knees.  They are also of great quality made from a variety of popular brands to choose from.

Most of these boots are also very popular amongst women including myself as it allows you to wear anywhere in Europe, UK, USA and in any cold climate, whilst making you look super stylish and comfortable at the same time.  If you’re one of those women who loves to look fashionable in the winter then don’t miss out on these affordable and of great quality boots.  They are available in various colours and sizes to choose from, which will definitely suit your sense of style.  

I also love the fact that these boots are not only for traveling and touring but as well as appropriate for a 9 to 5 job (work) in any work environment especially within the office work environment.  Making you look very sophisticated and professional within your comfort style.  I own quite a few of these boots and have certainly worn these for work, parties and while traveling around New Zealand, Australia and Europe in the fall and winter seasons.  Read our reviews below. 


1. Knee High / Riding Boots

Enzo Angiolinio Women’s Holdyn Riding Boots are made of leather and has a synthetic sole. The shaft measures 16 inches from the arch, its circumference is about 20 inches, and the heels are about 1.5 inches high. It is an Over-the-Knee riding boot and it comes with pull straps and stretch goring at cuff. What I love most about this pair of boots is that it is so comfortable, you can walk miles without getting your feet tired. It also has a sturdy sole, perfect for long walks.

These are available in a variety of colours to choose from.

Madden Girl Women's Cactuss Boot,Cognac Paris

The Madden Girl Women’s Cactuss Cognac, on the other hand it is made of synthetic leather and a manmade sole with a 1 inch heel. Its shaft measures 16.25 inches and the boot opening is 15 inches around. The boots are really easy to pair with any clothing because of the neutral color. One thing to be careful about is the measurements because it can get a little tricky especially in the calves.  These are also available in three different colours to choose from that you could easily match with your style.  Click here for more reviews and for the best price with free shipping and return.

STEVEN by Steve Madden Women's Intyce Riding BootThe Steven Madden Women’s Intyce Riding Boots is made of supple leather and a man-made sole. The shaft measures 15 inches from the arch, the heels approximately 1.25 inches high, and the boot opening measures 14 inches around. It has an adjustable band and buckle at the topline for that perfect fit.

These boots also features a low wedge heel with a gently rounded toe tailored for a feminine silhouette.  The low wedge can definitely add extra height especially for the ladies that are slightly shorter and wanting to look a bit taller like myself.  It definitely looks classy, stylish and comfortable to wear.  The opening of the boots is large enough with an adjustable buckle band that allows you to fit your skinny jeans under these boots.

However, some people have complained that after a couple of years of wearing these boots the leather and the rubber outsole have started to deteriorate.  I believe these may have resulted due to constant wear, which eventually leads to normal wear and tear.

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Timberland Women's 20668 Earthkeepers Bethel Knee-High BootThe Timberland Women’s Earthkeepers Bethel Knee-High Boots is made of leather with a lug-sole sole. The shaft measures 16 inches from the arch, and the heels are 1.5 inches high. The decorative side buckle with adjustable straps makes everything look extra stylish and in addition to this you can easily adjust the buckle from the opening boot to tighten it up or loosen it up thus allowing you to easily fit around your calves.

This is by far my favourite knee high boots, as it can easily be worn in winter with any fashionable outfits.  This boot offers its fashionable cushy leather insole, which enables you to walk comfortably for long periods of hours and all day long.  It also contains a rubber outsole to allow a steady step, whilst also containing linings made of 42 percent recycled PET.  The rubber outsole appears to provide a strong grip thus allows you to also walk in slippery concrete, cobblestone street and all types of surfaces.

The boot is very well made of great quality and this is also perfect for pairing it with all types of outfits such as dresses, skirts and skinny jeans.  It’s absolutely suitable for all types of occasions not only for traveling.  This could even be worn whilst walking in the mountains in cold climate.  You could also wear these whilst walking in the rain though it’s suede so it will easily get soaked in rain.

Overall, this is my most favourite travel boots as the comfort of these leather and mesh footbed boots provides extreme breathability with natural latex.  It also offers additional cushioning and padding for long lasting support throughout the day.  It definitely has a durable rubber lug outsole for maximum traction.  It offers side zipper allowing for easy access and take off.  The lining that’s made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles provides extreme breathability as well as the natural latex footbed enhances for maximum comfort.  And most of all the quality of a premium finished leather and suede was purposely implemented for long lasting wear.

If you love wearing thicker socks in the winter or specially for when in the snow, I highly suggest ordering one size up because these boots are quick snugly, and to avoid wearing the wrong size an extra inch higher size might be better for a very cold climate in order to allow you to wear thicker socks.  This is definitely one of the most fashionable cold weather boots as it can also handle rain and snow.  Just make sure to order your normal or regular size for the right fitting whereas it might be best to order a wider opening for thicker socks.

Click here for more information, reviews, discount price with free shipping and return. 

2. Frye Boots

FRYE Women's Phillip Harness Tall BootThe Frye Women’s Phillip Harness Tall Boot is made of leather with a leather sole. The side buckle design is very simple yet adds the minimalist accent in the boot. It has several colors to choose from, therefore it will be easier to choose a color based on the clothes you normally wear. The fit is really perfect, and it wont be a hassle walking with these boots.

The opening of this boot allows your feet and leg to go in smoothly as it has a zipper at the back, which fully opens from top to bottom. It fits perfectly around your calves provided you order the right size.  It’s a gorgeous boot that allows you to wear in any occasion with different outfits.

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FRYE Women's Jackie Button BootThe Frye Jackie Button Riding Boots is a western-inspired boot that is made of leather with a leather manmade sole. The shaft measures 16.5 inches from the arch, and has a 2.5 inch thick heel. It has a secure pull-up loops with logoed buttons so that it will be easier to wear. What made this boot really worth the buy is that it is tall enough to pair it with pants but still very comfortable for walking. It is very sturdy as well. I’ve had my pair for a few months already, and even if i use it almost everyday, it still looks like brand new!  These are one of the boots I’ve ever walked around the city even with thick heels.  I never had to worry about having sore feet due to its well manmade sole.  It also fits perfectly around my calves even wearing these over with jeans.

However, these boots are quite tall most likely suitable for taller women.  I find that these boots are quite huge or tall for me as it comes up just below my knee due to my height being short.  I’m only 5’1 and I believe these boots would look much better on women that are at least 5’5 tall or taller.  Inspite of this, I love the stile of this boot as it’s chic, stylish but it’s also super comfortable.

Click here for more colours with the best price and free shipping and return.

FRYE Women's Melissa Button Riding BootThe Frye Women’s Melissa Button Riding Boot is made of leather and has a leather sole. Just like the Frye Jackie Button Riding Boots, it also has a a pair of pull-up loops with logoed buttons so it’ll be easier to wear especially when in a hurry. It has several neutral colors to choose from as well. The downside of this boot is that it can be a little slick when it’s still new, but once you get to wear it more, it gets really comfortable.  This type of boot also reminds me of a cowboy boy that where you could wear in a farm along with a costume.  The selection of colours are great that allows you to choose and match it with different outfits. 

3. Lace-Up Boots

Madden Girl Women's Gamer Lace-Up Boot, Brown ParisThe Madden Girl Women’s Gamer Lace Up Boot is made of synthetic leather with a manmade sole. The shaft measure 8.25 inches from the arch and the heels measuring approximately 1 inch. For a little styling variety, it has a notch between the two sets of eyelets so that the upper part of the boot can be folded. What is great about this pair of boot is that it suited for all ages. Whether you’re a teenager, or a mother already, the boots looks perfect for anyone.

I bought this pair a while ago and wore it almost everyday.  I even wore these to my part-time job and when I went on another holiday to Europe in the winter time.  They are comfortable and casually stylish, however these boots might not be suitable for snow in the winter.  And although these boots are not made for everyday use since the material is not that sturdy.

These are available in multiple colours and the best price with free shipping and return.

Breckelles Outlaw-13 Women's Knee High Lace Up Combat BootsThe Breckelles Outlaw 13 Women’s Combat Premium Boots are synthetic with a manmade sole. The shaft measure 16 inches from the arch and the heel is 1 inch high. It has a zipper at the side, which means it’s even easier to wear instead of lacing up the boots every time. The lace serves as its design. Although it comes with a relatively cheap price, it will be best not to expect the best quality especially with its zipper.

Fortunately, the good thing about these knee high lace boots are it’s easier for those women to fit their legs with larger calves due to its multiple adjustable entry (the zipper at the side and the lace at the front).  Also, for those who have thinner calves it makes it easier to adjust and tighten it up so it doesn’t feel too lose.  It’s also a lot easier to wear it over your jeans and with thicker socks in the winter as you won’t have any issues with adjusting to your size and the right fitting.

Click here for more colours, reviews, best price and free shipping and return.

Breckelles Women's Fold Over Lace Up Oxford Boots BrownThe Breckelles Indy-11 Bootie Boots is a low-cut boot with a shaft measuring 4.75 from the arch and has a heel that is 1 inch high. It is synthetic and has a manmade sole. It is basically a low-heel, angle high and pointed toe kind of boots. One good thing to take note of is that this boots does not contain animal products—prefect for the animal lovers! The boots is very stylish but then again, it is not made for everyday wear because it is not that durable.

Clarks Women's Jolissa Gypsum BootThe Clarks Women’s Jolissa gypsum Brown Boots are made of leather and has a manmade sole. The shaft measure 7 inches from the arch and the heels are 2. 75 inches high. I personally love this pair of boots because it is so stylish, I feel like walking in a runway every time I wear this.  I also love the fact that it features a side zipper for easy entry and take off without having to untie the lace.  These boots perfectly match with wide cut jeans, skinny jeans, leggings, skirts and dresses.

I purchased the black colour as I already owned a brown colour.  These boots are so versatile, classy and yet very affordable.  I even wore these when I was in Italy and Paris and then I wore it again to work.  It’s so chic, fashionable and yet comfortable to wear considering it has 2.75 inches heel.  The fact that it has a rubber outsole you can wear it in any surface whether it be slippery, wet or in cobblestone street.  This obviously provides guarantees strong traction control with durability of the boot.  In addition to a combination of ortholite footbed and active it also provides plenty or air circulation once wearing these boots for long periods of hours throughout the day.

You can buy these here with different colours and sizes to choose from with the best price and free shipping and return. 

4. UGG Boots

UGG Australia Womens Classic Short Sand BootThe UGG Australia Women’s Classic Short Boot is made of sheepskin and has a manmade sole. The shaft measure 7.75 inches from the arch. It comes with different colors to choose from, varying from neutral colors and they also have bright stylish colors available. It is very comfortable and perfect for the cold weather. It feels good to the feet because of the soft fur made from a sheep skin inside. I suggest to be a bit careful in the size that you order because the boots tend to be larger than the normal sizes.  Generally, people would recommend to order one size smaller than your normal size in order to get that snugly fit and thus ensuring your feet will be warm throughout.

You can purchase a pair here with the best price and free shipping and return.

UGG Australia Womens Classic Tall Boot ForestThe UGG Australia Women’s Classic Tall Boots is suede and has a manmade sole. The shaft measures 11.75 inches from the arch. It is made of sheepskin inside and out therefore it is really comfortable and warm to wear. It is perfect for the cold weather because of the thick material that are used. I was given this UGG boot as a birthday present.  It really feels nice and warm inside and I’m able to wear in casually especially when the weather is really cold and wet outside.  However, there’s a misconception here that everyone seems to claim it’s 100% waterproof.  This is not 100% waterproof though they basically just keep you warm and dry while walking in a reasonable amount of rain and snow but obviously if it rains heavily or if when there’s a storm the UGG boot can get wet (it has not happened to me yet).  The good thing about this boot is it has water resistant material in order to improve its durability and enhance warmth to your skin.

These can be purchased here with multiple of colours and style to choose from as well as the best price with free shipping and return. 

5. Ankle Boots

Enzo Angiolini Women's Nevadia BootThe Enzo Angiolini Women’s Nevadia Boot is made of leather and has a manmade sole. The shaft measures 4.5 inches from the arch and the heel measures 1.25 inches. The heel is made from wood-grain. It is classified as a low-profile ankle boot which has a burnished finish. It also has a side zipper at the side for easier wear. It is very elegant in style and it is something that can be used either for casual wear or for a little bit for formal wear.

Lucky Women's Basel BootLucky Women’s Basel boot is made from 100% leather, and has a rubber sole. The shaft measure around 4.5 inches from the arch and the heel is 1.5 inches high, wherein the platform measures 0.25 inches. It has a dual zipper at the side and an easy on heel loop. What I love most about this boots is the patterns that made it more hip and stylish.  This is one of my favourite ankle boots as the colour is so gorgeous and the detail with a small heel is also comfortable.  The opening of this boot is 9.5″ around plus the two zippers at both sides thus allow easy access even with thick socks on.  This ankle boot is so versatile as I am able to pair it with my skirt and skinny jeans with any colour and style.  I’m also able to walk in any surface as the outsole is made of rubber, which guarantees maximum traction and prevents you from slipping in slippery surface.

You can buy this here with three different colours to choose from, best price and free shipping and return.

Dansko Women's Ona Boot,Brown NappaDansko Women’s Ona Brown is made from leather and with a synthetic sole. It has a removable polyurethane footbed and a leather upper. The shaft measures 5 inches from the arch while the boot opening’s circumference is 10 inches. The boot is very comfortable to wear, and I think it is because of the soft leather material. I had it for a long time already and I can say that it is really durable. My problem with this is its sizes because it is a bit small than the usual sizes. So I suggest that before buying, you need to know the exact measurements of the sizes to prevent problems.  This ankle boot has a beautiful accented style at the front and a one zipper at the side for easy access.  This is quite classy and formal, which means you can even wear it for work.

This can be purchased in two different colours to choose from with the best price. 

More Ankle Boots….

BEST ANKLE BOOTS For Walking, Casual Wear, Travel, & Sightseeing Fashion Travel Accessories 2 

6. Wedge Boots

Sammy 6 Velcro High Top Wedge Sneaker BlackSammy Velcro Top Wedge Sneaker Boot is synthetic and has a manmade sole. What is good about this boot is that it does not contain any animal products, which is very perfect for people who are against any forms of animal cruelty. It is best paired with leggings and skinny jeans, which will really give you a flattering and sexy figure. It is not only meant for walking, but it can also be used for dancing. The style is new and unique, making the traditional boots extraordinary!  I also noticed that these types of boots are very popular in Europe.  I see a lot of European girls and women wearing it even while walking around the city and traveling.

Clarks Women's Rosepoint Bud Bootie,BurgundyClarks Women’s Rosepoint Bud Bootie is made of leather, and has a rubber outsole. The shaft measures 5.75 inches, the heel is 2.75 inches high and the circumference of the boot opening is 10.25 inches. It also has a leather upper and a combination of leather and fabric for the lining. It has a lot of colors to choose from, burgundy being its best seller. The side zipper makes it easier to wear. The sizes are easy to follow so I’m sure you wont have any problems when choosing the right size for you. Despite the high heels, this pair of boots is very comfortable to wear and easy to walk around. You wont notice the long miles you have walked because it is too comfortable to the feet.

Cole Haan Women's Fulton Boot,ChestnutThe Cole Haan Women’s Fulton Chestnut Wedge Boot is made of leather and has a rubber sole. The shaft is about 16 inches from the arch, the heel is about 3 inches high, the platform is 0.75 inches thick and the circumference of the boot opening is 14 inches. These boots are very comfortable but the fabric especially the suede part is really thin and therefore the boots wont stand up on its own. There is no zipper, which is really difficult to wear especially when you are in a hurry.  The only way to allow your your legs and feet to slip through smoothly is by unbuckling those two straps and by stretching the fabric.  But again it would have been perfect if there was a zipper built in at the side at least.  This is one of the most beautiful wedge boots I’ve ever seen and people have claimed it’s a fantastic boot to wear as it’s comfortable and stylish.  The only disadvantages are the suede fabric, which cannot stand alone and the lack of zipper.

Read here for more information, reviews and the best price with free shipping and return. 

7. Snow Boots

Kamik Women's Brooklyn BootKamik Women’s Brooklyn Boot is synthetic and has a rubber outsole. One of its key feature is its anti-microbial insole, which will make your feet bacteria-free for the whole day. The shaft measures 9 inches form the arch, and has a heel that measure 1.5 inches, and the platform measuring 0.75 inches. The snow boots will really protect you from the cold and it makes it easier to walk on snow because it is very lightweight and warm. When I’m wearing this pair, it’s like I’m just wearing my slippers. The downside of this is that it does not have half sizes so it would be best to pick the bigger size if in case the sizes are either too small or too big.

You can buy this here with a variety of colours and size to choose from for a good price with free shipping and return.

Easy Spirit Women's Kandis Snow BootThe Easy Spirit Women’s Kandis Snow Boot is suede and made of leather. The outsole is made of rubber making it very much easy to walk and run in the rain and snow and even in a slippery ground. It has a few studs making it very stylish despite the simple design. The only available color is black but it’s okay because black can usually be paired with anything. It also has a zipper so that it will be easier to wear. The height of the boot is not that high. There is very little heel as well making it really fit for walking. What I love most about this boots is that its flexibility to any outfit I choose. Perfect for pants, leggings, skirts, dresses and just about anything.  This is probably one of the most fashionable and stylish snow boots you can find in the market.  It’s a perfect boot to wear for sightseeing, touring or traveling if you want to look super stylish but yet comfortable in the winter and snowy climate.  I believe that it’s hard to keep and maintain fashionable as much as we want to in the winter and very cold weather so by wearing these boots it would at least allow you to express your sense of style.

Click here to find out the best price with free shipping and return. 

8. Rain Boot

Kamik Women's Jennifer Rain Boot,GreenThe Kamik Women’s Jennifer Rain Boots are made of great quality synthetic, waterproof and has a lightweight rubber upper. The shaft measures approximately 16 inches from the arch and it has a Kamik’s rubber voyage outsole. The decorative side buckle and the patch with their logo adds a little design to the boot. The colors to choose from a really vibrant and fun, therefore making your rainy day not so gloomy anymore. What is good about this boots are that it is 100 percent recyclable. What’s not to love about this pair of boots when they are so sturdy and really protects your feet from the water and the cold weather? The moment I saw this pair, I didn’t hesitate to buy because it is very rare to find rain boots as stylish as this one. A thing to consider when wearing this boots is to clean them right away and dry them properly if it gets really soaked because it has a tendency to smell if not cleaned right away.  Not only this boot is suitable for rain but as well as for snow due to its rubber outsole made allowing you walk and run with confidence.

Click here for more vibrant colours to choose from and the best price with free shipping and return.

Get the best boots for winter & fall to suit your style, perfect for everyday wear, fashion, work, casual attire, special events, sightseeing & travel.  Comfy, chic & stylish to match with your blazer, pants, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, skirt & dresses.


What are your favourite boots to wear in fall, winter and spring?  Share your tips and recommendations below 🙂

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    You can never go wrong with those knee high riding boots and frye boots for walking in winter. They keep your feet and legs warm. I purchased the Enzo and Timberland you mentioned above number (1). They are so comfortable for walking. Good support with strong traction. Thank you. Great tips and recommendation.

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