Best Travel Pillow & Neck Support Pillow: A Comprehensive Review

Whether you are traveling on the road or in the air, long rides of 3-8 hours or long flights can take a cumbersome and excruciating toll on you especially on your neck. Getting off long travel often results to stiff necks or neck pains and whether you like it or not, securing the best travel pillow no matter how bulky it gets on your luggage is an important health wise precaution.


What is a neck support pillow?

Getting enough and comfortable sleep on long haul flights and painstaking road travels is a common problem among birds of passage, backpackers, itinerants, and explorers alike. Hence comes the neck support pillow. Be it an inflatable neck pillow, memory foam, or cooling type support, a travel pillow is your plushy companion that helps you enjoy your entire travel time with a nice comfortable sleep. A travelers’ travel pillow is designed to provide sufficient support to your neck in order to avoid or at least minimize pains and other adverse effects after every travel. Although pillows like this are considered as an addition to your luggage, it is highly recommended to secure one every travel and enjoy a hefty number of health benefits.

Best Travel Pillow: What is the best neck pillow for traveling?

If you think pillows, especially those designed to be your travel companions are an easy commodity to shop for, you’re wrong. In fact, there can be a seemingly endless stream of the trip pillows to choose from, and they can vary in terms of price, type, size, and even their levels of efficacy. So in order to save you from having a headache to spare you from neck and back pains, we did the whole research for you and generated a list of our own version of top neck travel support pillows. Just keep in mind that travel pillows may work differently on different individuals and that your buddy’s favorite neck support may be the worst choice for you.

1. J-pillow, Travel Pillow – Head, Chin, and Neck Support – British Invention of the Year 2013

best travel pillow fashion travel accessoriesThis travel companion can be your best travel pillow for long haul flights simply because it is one of today’s most loved neck cushion in the online market. In fact, it has been topping charts in Japan, UK, and Germany. This travel pillow is the ultimate sleep companion for everyone. It is very portable as it comes with a snap-loop fastener that you can easily attach to any of your luggage or backpacks. It is very squeezable that you can conveniently squeeze it into your jam-packed case without worrying that you might deform it in the process. Its design is highly ergonomic that you can comfortably use it in the most spacious to the tiniest seats whether by plane, bus, car, or train. And it doesn’t end there. You can even use it at home as an alternative to your larger and conventional bed pillows. It is very washable and currently offered at an affordable price.

2. Trtl Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow


Here comes another neck support travel pillow which has already been long proven to be highly effective in providing comfortable but firm neck support throughout long duration travels. Although it is much smaller and lighter compared to traditional neck pillows, this soft neck support by Trtl is easily attachable to any type and size of luggage. At an affordable price, it’s a definite companion to help you enjoy your travels with pain-free rests.


3. Purefly Inflatable Soft Velvet Neck Support Travel Pillow

A recipient of Invention of the Year 2014, this inflatable neck pillow by Purefly is without a doubt a product of innovation and creativity. It comes with an easy to accomplish inflation and deflation system for added convenience. Simply press the inflation button repeatedly until your desired level of inflation is achieved. It is creatively designed to deliver firm but comfy support to your neck that you can maintain neck alignment even when you are fast asleep. Purefly’s inflatable neck pillow has a simple way to remove velvet fabric which offers soft and comfortable texture but high-end durability. It is easily washable so you can conveniently keep your neck support pillow as clean as possible all the time. Release air with a push of a button and tuck it away with its stylish pack-sack. Share this great product of human innovation as a gift. Find out here for the best price.

4. Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow with Sleep Mask, Ear Plugs, Carry Bag, Adjustable Toggles, and Velour Cover

Talking about an ultimate neck pillow travel package, this memory foam travel kit by Aeris has everything you could ever need to get yourself a good, relaxing, and pain-free sleep throughout each trip. Its polyurethane foam adjusts to a comfortable mold that conveniently accommodates the dimensions of your neck while. Compared to typical or regular memory foams which trap body heat.  This memory foam travel neck pillow by Aeris comes ventilation holes to allow free exhaustion of heat for cool relaxing sleep no matter how long your travel takes. Whether you are at home enjoying your favorite TV show or traveling for the holidays, this travel neck support pillow is simply one of the best options for you. For an affordable price, it surely is getting more out of your hard earned cash. 

5. Travelrest – Ultimate Travel Pillow – Lean Into It and Sleep – Ergonomic Neck Pillow – Airplanes, Cars, Buses, Trains, Office Napping, Camping, Wheelchairs & Home

Among the list, Travelrest’s travel pillow is the most unique in the sense that it provides convenient flanking support throughout the upper torso. Imagine sleeping soundly in a sitting position with a body hugging pillow. Now that is taking travel sleeping to the next level. Take a few effortless air blows and VOILA! An instant neck pillow that keeps your head from falling forward while maintaining strong alignment to your neck and entire spinal column. It’s instant deflation, and packing mechanism makes it one of the most convenient travel companions in the market today. Travelrest’s travel pillow is every traveler’s ultimate travel solution and is perfect for all types and lengths of travel. For this price, it’s easy to reward yourself with healthy and relaxing sleep in every trip. 


6. Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow – The Best Travel Pillow with 360 Head

best travel pillow fashion travel accessoriesWhen talking about full neck support while delivering utmost comfort throughout your journey’s entire duration, Cabeau’s memory foam travel neck pillow can effectively deliver. Compared to standard neck support travel pillows, this neck cushion comes with an added layer of side supports for higher and even firmer capability to keep your neck in a healthy alignment. It is covered with velour fabric which makes it easily washable for clean and fresh use in every travel. Use it in your bus, train, car, and plane travels and enjoy the health benefits it promises. It is very portable as it can be easily compressed to a quarter of its original size and tuck away conveniently. It comes with a water repellant travel sack and a set of earplugs with the best price.

7. Compact Travel Pillow Made with Shredded Memory Foam and Super Soft Fleece Fabric for Ultimate Comfort in Travel

best travel pillow fashion travel accessoriesIt’s a memory foam that transforms into a very compact travel companion without that use of a travel sack. The polyurethane foam is shredded, so it delivers ultimate comfort and versatility at the same time. It comes with a pocket like a flap at the lower back of the material to give it an easy tuck away mechanism. And with a carabiner attached to the upper corner of the travel pillow, you can easily hook it to your luggage with a flick of your fingers. Oh, and did I mention that the memory foam is covered with super soft fleece for added comfort? Now that is what we call comfort over comfort. At this price, there’s no way you can’t get a good travel sleep with this best travel pillow. 

8. JetComfy Travel Pillow – Memory Foam, Lightweight, Compact, Perfectly Adjustable for Face, Head, and Neck Support

It doesn’t wrap around your neck nor does it hug your upper body in a lateral manner but it does its job perfectly as the best travel pillow for long haul flights. JetComfy’s travel pillow is geared with a lightweight aluminum armrest attachment which holds the travel firmly and comfortably. It is designed to be easily adjustable for every user’s desired height, tilt, and swivel. It is made of a thick 2-inch memory foam wherein you can drown your head to superior comfort. Its functionality and versatility makes it one of the most ideal choices for travel, camping, and even just for plain home relaxation. Get you travel sleep solution now. 

How to choose the best travel pillow for long haul flights?

Even with a curated list of neck support travel pillows, it can still be a challenging task for any frequent traveler to zero in on an ideal head cushion. As mentioned earlier, different users can have different preferences for a neck support, and each can have a unique choice for the best travel pillow. In order to help you determine what your neck really wants, here’s a list of some factors to consider before deciding on which brand or type of pillow to buy:

The ShapeTravel pillows vary in shapes. U-shaped, J-shaped, wedge-shaped, cylinder shaped, and the collar type are to mention a few. With different travel pillow shapes also come in a variety of advantages and drawbacks depending on the unique preferences of its users. U-shaped travel pillows, for example, are good for neck support for an upright sitting position but it doesn’t give as much all around support for the neck, back, and chin, unlike its J-shaped alternatives. On the other hand, TravelRest’s patented elongated comma shape is designed to provide extensive lateral support throughout the upper torso of a person.

The Size – Travel pillows also come in different sizes. But bear in mind that just because you use it for traveling purposes, it doesn’t ultimately mean that the smallest is the best choice. Although the smaller your pillow gets, the easier it is to carry and tuck away, understand that with a smaller sized pillow, its ability to provide comfort and support is dramatically compromised. Therefore, when it comes to size, it is critical to consider the type of trip and the duration of the travel you are planning to get into.

The Type – In this category, it is most likely that you will only have two choices – inflatable and non-inflatable. In order to help yourself choose between these two common types, it is necessary to consider and weigh in their respective advantages and downsides. The inflatable travel pillows are more compact, very washable, and lightweight but can give you slight trouble when it comes to inflating and deflating the cushion, very vulnerable to pointy objects, and are not as firm as their counterparts. Non-inflatable neck pillows, on the other hand, offer a more reliable support and comfort but are considerably heavier and less compact than the inflatable ones.

Where to buy travel pillow?

There is obviously a broad spectrum of neck support travel pillows offered in the online market today. Sometimes, and with little or no knowledge at all, the process of purchasing one is like finding a needle in a haystack. To gain access to an even longer list of travel pillows, just click on this link to find out more options, colors, and sizes to choose from. Before you make your purchase, make sure that you have properly read our review above of your preferred choices. Oftentimes, buyers tend to look at the images alone and go directly into the buying process before even considering the products pros and cons. For more helpful and informative articles about travel pillows, find out here for more options to choose from.

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