Brigitte Bardot Hair Tutorial: How To

I have finally created my own version of Brigitte Bardot Hair Tutorial, which I have been thinking about it for a long time.  Hairstyle is another passion of mine aside from fashion, travel, beauty and health.  In this article, it’s about creating and achieving gorgeous, elegant and chic hairstyle inspired by Brigitte Bardot, a former French actress, model and singer.  She is quite well known in France especially for her unique, sexy and vintage hairstyles.  So, if you are aiming for a combination of voluminous hair, chic, girly, womanly, French, full of texture and a slight touch of vintage style then this hairstyle is perfect you.  This is also perfect for any types of events including parties, wedding, engagement and work.

But not only this is perfect for those events, it’s also appropriate for traveling, sightseeing and touring around the city especially if you love to look good, be fashionable as well as have beautiful and chic hairstyle ready for selfie photos.  It does not take very long to create this look. All you need is to get some practice then you’re good to go.

Brigitte Bardot Hair Tutorial

Firs of all, what you need to use to get this look are the following hair products and tools:

1. Curling Iron: You don’t necessarily need to fully curl your hair but in order to achieve that full and wavy hair style you need to slightly curl from the mid to bottom section of your hair.

2. L’Oreal Paris Hairspray Extra Strong Hold with UV filter for Color-Treated Hair: By applying this before teasing your hair it provides full support and enables you to manipulate, style hold your hair for long periods of hours.

3. Cushion Hair Brush

4. Teasing Brush

5. Bobby Pins



Step 1

Start creating loose curls or waves to your hair as it’s easier before you start teasing and pinning to create a bouffant hairstyle.  You can use your hair straightener or curling iron to create those loose waves.

Step 2

Section your hair from the middle part and separate them evenly.  Leave some fringe at the front so you can tease them easily and flip it back later on.


Step 3

You can also section your hair from the back to determine how far you want to tease your hair.

Brigitte Bardot Hair Tutorial 1

 Step 4

Once you’ve determined the back or crown section of your hair that you want to tease, you can start teasing that first section.  You can spray with hairspray that particular section first before you start teasing and you also need to use a teasing comb in order to achieve a thick voluminous hair.

You need to keep teasing your hair section by section until you reach the front part of your hair.  You can also tease both sides of your hair in order to get the full effect.

Please note:  Don’t tease too close from your scalp and only tease gently in one direction to prevent from damaging and pulling your hair out.

How to tease your hair?:  Start teasing in from top of that hair section and pull your teasing comb down towards the scalp.  Repeat this process in the same direction as needed.  Do not tease your hair starting from the scalp to the top back and forth as it can cause severe damage and high risk of losing your hair over time.   Always start teasing from the top of your hair!

Brigitte Bardot Hair Tutorial 2

After you’ve finished teasing some parts, this is what your hair should look like 🙂  Your hair should be full, thick and messy from the top as it will serve as a volume once you start combing your hair towards the back later on.

screenshot 2

However, if you feel that your hair may still need more teasing or if you want to get even bigger look then you can simply tease the side sections, like I did.


Step 5

Once you’ve achieved the desire fullness and thickness effect after teasing the chosen sections of your hair then you need to start combing your hair towards the back.

Please note:  Comb your hair very gently by using a comb.  If you comb your hair too hard and fast you risk losing that volume you’ve just created.

screenshot 3

Step 6

Once you’ve finished combing your hair.  Start creating a bouffant shape from the crown of your head into the desired height and roundness.  And then pull your hair back, lift it higher as you like for more volume and then start pinning using your bobby pins in the centre to hold it in place.

screenshot 4

bouffant hairstyle

Step 7

Once you’ve achieved the desired bouffant look, you can start lifting the bouffant even higher up for even bigger look like Brigitte Bardot’s hair style.

Please note: Do not use your fingers to lift the hair up as you might accidentally mess it up while everything is already in placed.

I suggest using the stick part of your comb to lift your bouffant higher up, as you can easily slide in within the hair and lift it up without disrupting the style (like how I did it).  Repeat this process until you reach the desired look you prefer.

bouffant hairstyle 3

As you can see, I continuously lifted my bouffant hair style by using my comb stick and it drastically lifted up and made it even bigger, higher and fuller (just like Brigitte Bardot’s hair).  But this is entirely up to you however you want to make it look big, full, higher and rounder.

bouffant hairstyle 2


Finally, you should be finished by now and that you have beautifully created a gorgeous bouffant hairstyle just like Brigitte Bardot’s hair.  As you can see it’s so beautiful, chic and elegant.  This is the type of hairstyle you should have for any occasion.  It’s super fast and simple that you can easily create anytime of the day whether it be for work, parties, wedding, or even for traveling and sightseeing to complete your fashionable, stylish and chic look.  You may also have noticed that I have added a small bow that I made.  It’s a small lace that I found on my dressing table.   You can definitely place some hair accessories from where you pinned your hair up just to hide those pins away.  You can get some hairbows here of different colours and shapes to accessorise your hair bouffant.

Brigitte Bardot Hairstyle 1 Tutorial

Alternatively, you can also watch my video for this hair tutorial.  The video is 10 minutes long simply because I created an intro and also talked quite a bit on the video.  But in actual fact, this hair tutorial didn’t take me long to create.  Overall, it really only took me about 3-5 minutes to achieve this look inspired by Brigitte Bardot’s hairstyle.


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  1. says: Shannon

    BEAUTIFUL!! This is a very chic and elegant hairstyle. My hair is not as long as yours though and it’s definitely not that thick. This hairstyle might be good for someone with thin hair. Is there something we could put under the bouffant? I have a feeling that my hair won’t look as voluminous and round as yours.

    1. says: Marj

      Hi Shannon, I believe you can get a small hair pad to place it on the crown of your head but you obviously need to hide it in order to create a beautiful bouffant. I haven’t yet tried the hair pad but when I get a chance I will write a review about about this. Thanks for reading.