Top 10 Comfortable Walking Shoes For Women & Men

Walking is one of the activities that we do everyday. People walk miles to go to their destination, some walk for exercise, while some walk in the park for their pastime. Walking can be difficult if we are not wearing shoes that are fit for walking. So here are the most comfortable walking shoes for women and men that are perfect in any occasion such as for work, travel, sightseeing and exercise!



Sneakers and Slip-ons

#1 Propet Women’s W3850 Slip-On Sneaker

Propet Women's W3850 Slip-On SneakerThe Propet casual slip-on is suede and textile with a rubber sole that is treaded and cushioned making it very comfortable to the feet.  You wouldn’t feel that you have walked for miles because this slip-on sneakers is designed to be the most comfortable walking shoes for women. Not to mention that it is stylish and can be paired with any type of clothing. The neutral colors to choose from will make it easier for you to pair these slip-ons with anything—from jeans, shorts, skirts, Capri pants, sporty clothes, plain tees, polos, blouses etc. It also has an elasticised entrance for flexibility making it easier to put on and remove the shoes.

The first time my friend visited Europe for 2 months, she brought with her 5 pairs of shoes, but ended up using this one for almost the entire 2 months. The other shoes she brought all hurt her feet in a few miles of walking and in the end, she just have to change back to my Propet Women’s Slip-on. Good thing she brought the pair with her, or else she wouldn’t know how she’ll survive the whole trip. This is definitely one of the best travel shoes.

It’s very important to pick the right size for you. No matter how comfortable the shoes may be, if you’re wearing the wrong size, then it really wouldn’t be as comfortable that it is. The shoes are very narrow at the toes area, which will not fit perfectly to those who have wide feet. Although it is made for walking, the breathability of the slip-on is another issue since the feet tend to become trapped inside with no holes/spaces for the feet to breathe.  

The propet slip-on sneakers are super comfortable and are also available in various colours. Find out here for more options and for best price with free shipping.

#2 Propet Men’s M3850 Washable Moc Walking Shoes

Propet Men's M3850 Washable Moc Walking Shoe,Gunsmoke,12 M USPropet Men’s M3850 Washable Moc Walking shoes has a great-looking suede upper perfect for hiking! It is very durable, resilient, and what’s good about this is that it is totally washable! No need to worry about getting these pair dirty! It has a neoprene nylon collar for flexibility. It is lightweight, with a molded EVA midsole and built-in arch support for shock absorption! The cushioned insole is also removable. It has a specially designed traction rubber sole for slippery surfaces. Each shoe weighs approximately 13 ounces. With several colors to choose from, it will never be a hassle to pair these with any outfit that you have!
When my fiance first bought this pair, the soles are really stiff, and it took around 2 weeks before it became more comfortable. But what he loves most about this pair, is that he can wear it anywhere! In his daily activities, walking has always a great part of it, and this is the only pair that he currently has that his feet wouldn’t hurt even if spending most of the day walking and doing errands. The breathability is perfect. When he gets home after a long tiring day, his feet would sometimes hurt but I know it’s not because of the shoes but because of the fatigue. This pair of shoes has been with him for quite some time, and since it’s washable, up until now, it still looks like it’s brand new!

Click here for the best price that comes with a variety of colours to suit your style.

#3 Dansko Women’s Professional Oiled Leather Clog

Dansko Women's Professional Oiled Leather Clog,Antique Brown BlackThis is where comfort meets style. Dansko women’s Professional Oiled Leather clog featuring polyurethane rocker-bottom sole which is structured to protect not just the feet, but also the legs and the back from stress of standing or walking. It is made to propel the foot forward so that you can stay on the move! Heels measure approximately 2 inches, and the platform measuring ½ inch.

Something to take note of when buying this pair is that it should not hug your heel, and if it does, the pair is too small for you. I remember when I first bought my pair, I had to fit eight shoes just to find the right size. At first it will feel very odd since the arch is really high, but I guess it’s just how it is made. And through time, your feet will get used to it and it just feels really great! A lot of people’s job these days involve a lot of standing up, and this pair suites those people! Standing up for hours can be really tiring even if you’re not moving, but with these Dansko Professional Oiled Leather Clog, you wouldn’t feel that you have been standing for hours already! My pair has been with me for quite some time and despite the fact that I’ve been using it everyday, it’s still intact. It is indeed very durable! Maybe, the shoes would have been better if there was a little bit of cushioning inside, but other than that, it really is one of the best shoes to wear for traveling, sightseeing, walking and even for work that requires us to stand for long periods of hours.

These Dansko clog shoes are available in different colours and sizes on special prize with free shipping. Click here to find out more.

#4 Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe 

Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Hiking ShoeMerrell’s Men Moab Ventilator Hiking shoes is made to have the best breathability for the feet. This is very fitting for summer day trips where the scourging heat of the sun is there to warm everybody! Not only does this pair of shoes give you fresh feet, but it also provides comfort, style and support for different activities such as hiking and biking really long distances. It is made of durable leather and mesh upper, with leather strapping for support and open window ventilation. The lightweight and versatile design of the shoes makes it perfect for anything! The full bumper protection at the toe and around the heel means that your feet will stay comfortable even after so many hours! The Vibram Multi-sport sole with TC5+ rubber compound will definitely help in navigating in slippery stepping stones or down hills. It will make the dreadful lose-rock strewn trails bearable.

This is one of the best walking shoes for Europe and also one of the best walking shoes for men! Since there are a lot of tourist attractions in Europe to visit, and the weather isn’t too cold nor too hot in some days, the Merrell Ventilator Hiking Shoes is best for walking very long distances. Also, the style is very up to date, therefore it wont be difficult to find clothes that will match your shoes, plus there are also several colors to choose from!

Click here for some stylish and comfortable colours to choose from with special price and free shipping.

#5 New Balance Women’s WX608V3 Cross – Training Shoes

New Balance Women's WX608V3 Cross-Training Shoe,White:NavyNew Balance has been in the market for as long as I can remember, and they have been supplying us with durable and comfortable shoes for several purposes, may it be for leisure walking, running, intense sports activities and many others. Not to mention that they create the most comfortable walking shoes! New Balance Women’s WX608V3 is a versatile neutral cross trainer with genuine leather upper for added durability. It features cushioning in the heel and forefoot for an additional shock absorption.  However, most sneakers with seems, cut and sharp edges tend to create pressure against the skin, which eventually can lead to irritation and break down of skin.  Therefore, the New Balance also features a seamless phantom liner, which is an internal liner that is design to decrease abrasion and discomfort.  This also provides continuous smooth surface preventing the risk of irritations and blisters.  The featuring EVA foam footbed also provides additional comfort.  It has a flexible midsole and a non-marking outsole that will provide maximum traction. With several neutral colors to choose from, it will never be difficult to pair this with just about anything in your closet!

The training shoes is really of good quality with perfect stitching and durable materials used. It has enough cushioning and my feet can still breathe after what seems like forever of walking. What I like most about this pair is its versatility! This can be used for almost all of my daily activities. For a morning jog/stroll in the park, for walking and doing my daily errands, and for intense sports activities such as tennis! However, the new balance WX608V3 Cross-Training shoes is now that stylish but it goes with almost casual outfits. What I feel should have been with this design is a good arch support, since it will definitely help in making the feet more comfortable and less prone to pain. But other than that, I believe that this is still a fantastic shoes to wear for walking!  If you don’t really care so much about fashion but more on comfort then this shoes is perfect for you. 

These sneaker shoes are available in different sizes and colours to suit your style. Click here for more information with the best price.


#6 Propet Women’s W0089 Pedic Walker Sandal

Propet Women's W0089 Pedic Walker Sandal,Dusty Taupe NubuckThe Propet Pedic Walker sandal is made of a leather upper with dual hook and loop straps that are adjustable depending on which is more comfortable for you, and a closed back and an open toe. It is very durable with neoprene linings with hand stitched construction for flexibility. It has an extended internal heel counter that will provide all-day support and a padded collar for more protection. The Propet Pedic Walker sandal is also designed to ensure that your feet are extra-comfortable and relaxed. Poliyou air insole will provide cushioning, along with moisture and odor- absorption, also for lightweight, flexibility and durability! The EVA orthotic is removable, and can also be fastened with hook-and-loop tapes so that it will be more fixed. People claim that this is one of the best comfortable and breathable sandals, yet supportive and stylish like a shoe! And I believe that this is true! This has got to be the best shoes for travelling especially in countries that have hot/tropical weather. Of course, we wouldn’t want our feet to be suffocated with the intense heat because that way, our feet will become more tired. Not to mention that this really looks good in summer skirts, sundresses or even with shorts, definitely perfect for the hot weather!  I just wish they could change the Velcro straps into something else, because since I adjust them a lot, it has started to wear off. But I would definitely recommend the pedic walker sandals to be used in the hottest and most fun summer vacations ever. If I could give this is an award, I’d give this pair the best walking shoes for women!

However, some people think that these shoes are not very attractive or stylish and I agree – they’re not that most stylish sandals.   But needless to say most people claimed that it’s designed and perfect for people with bad knees and with medical conditions such as diabetic.  It provides extra support for diabetic feet and for chronic bad knees.  These are the types of sandals you might want to wear if you are going to be doing a lot of walking while traveling.

Find out here for more information and for more sizes and different colours to choose from with special price and free shipping.

#7 Teva Men’s Dozer III Closed Toe Sandal 

Teva Men's Dozer III Closed Toe Sandal,Black OliveTeva Men’s Dozer III Closed Toe Sandal has a breathable upper with cutouts so that the feet will be more fresh and less tired. The upper part stays secure due to its extra durable bungee closure with a top hook and loop strap. The shoe has its heel pull tab making it easier to wear or remove. The treaded upper outsole is there to keep the feet fixed and stable.

These Teva Sandals features an encapsulated shock pad heel as well as a microban zinc-based anti-microbial protection. The shaft measures approximately 16 inches from the arch.

There have been a lot of good reviews about this pair of sandals, and I personally believe that this is one of the best walking shoes for men because of the durability of the sandals. My fiance owns a pair of Teva Sandals but he personally have problems with Velco because it always has the tendencies of falling off or not sticking anymore if used very often, so he would still prefer if they change the Velcro straps into something else. The arch support is really great and the shock-pad heel is very effective! It’s like he’s in Cloud 9 and every step is surefooted. The price is very reasonable considering that these shoes really do have a lot of benefits, and the materials are really durable. My fiance bought these a few years back and he still uses it most of the time, it’s still intact and there are still no major damages considering that he has been using it for trekking, really long walks, mountain hiking and many others.  He even uses while he goes for long walks as he loves the fact that these sandals are breathable especially in the hot summer weather.

These are of course available in various sizes and colours to choose from and are also on special with free shipping here.


#8 Propet Men’s M3592 Badlands Boot 

Propet Men's M3592 Badlands Boot,BlackPropet Men’s Badlands Boot is made of leather that is designed to give you comfort and protection. It is made of durable leather and nylon with a sealtex waterproof membrane lining waterproof to keep you warm. Because it is waterproof, you do not need to worry about getting your feet wet especially when it’s raining heavily. It also has a specialized lining and lug outsole. Its combination of lace-up style and side zipper makes it more stable and easier to wear. It has a firm heel counter to provide support and a lightweight cushioned EVA midsole for shock absorption! The padding all throughout the shoes helps eliminate pains and painful spots even after long outings on periods of hours, which makes this the most comfortable walking shoes for men especially in the wet winter days! And what’s best about this is that it is approved Medicare and it is also considered a diabetic shoe. Indeed, this 200 grams thinsulate insulated hiking boots is made for comfort and warmth for action-hungry and for adventurous feet.

Despite the many advantages and incredible specs of the boot, my only concern would be that it is very slippery especially in wet or smooth surfaces. But despite this, it can still manage to keep the feet warm and dry. The Propet Men’s Badlands Boot is perfect for all occasion! It is also very classy and it looks great on majority of men.

There are several colors to choose from making it easier to decide which color you believe will suit most of your clothes, additionally these have good prices with free shipping!

#9 Sketchers Women’s Grand Jams Unlimited Boot

Skechers Women's Grand Jams Unlimited Boot,BlackThe Sketchers Women’s Grand Jams Unlimited Boot is perfect for fall, winter, wet and snowy weather condition! With a suede upper, fur trim, and a low rubber heal, you can never go wrong with these! The padded footbed allows you to walk with these without slipping and hurting your feet. The shaft measures around 11 3/4 inches from the arch, the heel measures 1 ¼ inches, and the boot opening measuring approximately 14 inches around. Since girls would always want not only the most comfortable boots for walking in fall and winter, but definitely something that is very hip and stylish! Pair this boots with a mini-skirt or tight jeans, and you’re good to go!

Whenever I wear these, there isn’t a day when I do not get compliments; people just keep on asking where I bought it! I would personally recommend this especially during the winter because it kept my feet warm but not in a way that is suffocating. My feet can still breath and after a day’s worth of walking and running errands, my feet wasn’t really as tired compared when wearing a different pair of boots, which makes this as one of the best walking shoes for Europe!

My only problem with this is that it’s a bit difficult to wear especially when I first bought it, it was like my feet just won’t go inside. There were times when I was really in a hurry for work and I spent a lot of time just to wear these. But wearing them became easier once you use it quite a lot.

These boots are available in three different colours with the best price, free shipping and return.

#10 Propet Men’s Camp Walker Hi Boot

Propet Men's Taupe Camp Walker Hi Boots Propet Men’s Camp Walker Hi Boot has a sealtex waterproof membrane lining, and generous amount padding, making it perfect for long hikes and trail. If you’re the adventurous type, then this pair of hi boot may be the one for you! It has durable nylon mesh/leather upper and a padded collar and tongue.  It has a lightweight molded EVA midsole for shock absorption, with a built-in contoured heel stabilizer especially designed rubber outsole for durability and traction. It has hooks, instead of holes for a more secure shoe lace, internal heel counter for added support plus removable orthotic. This boot is specially designed for care-sensitive needs and for those who have sensitive feet. What people most like about this is that it is Medicare approved and not to mention therapeutic. It’s perfect for exercising and for long mountain hikes. Therefore, if you think that you’re not fit for hiking just because your feet hurt just after a few meters of walking, then this pair proves that hiking and walking in great distances can be for everyone!

What people also most like about the boots is how it feels very comfortable when walking with these boots on. This has got to be the most comfortable walking shoes ever! The thick padding made it bearable to walk on rough surfaces; Most people barely feel the stones beneath their feet. Also, since trekking can happen at any weather, what they also love about this pair of walking hi boot is that it’s not slippery, making it more possible to walk downhill.

These come in different sizes and colours to suit your needs and style. Also with the best price, free shipping and return.

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