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For anyone who’s traveled anywhere, it’s a well known fact that a good cross body travel bags can become a lifesaver and a best friend, wherever the destination may be. Cross body travel bags for women, in particular, are perhaps the best design for a piece of travel shoulder bag to bring along on most trips. Not only do they ensure maximum mobility by hanging upon one’s shoulder, they’re bags that are strapped across the torso, lessening the chance of theft in foreign areas. I myself turn to the ever-trusty shape of a cross body travel bags whenever I have to throw my things together in a haphazard minute for that forgotten trip upstate for a family dinner, or a neatly planned business weekend getaway.  Below, I’ve listed a few types of cross body travel bags for women, if you happen to be in search of one then you must read this post.  I own most of these cross body travel bags, which I usually use when I’m travelling and sightseeing everywhere day and night.

best cross body travel bags for women

1. Fossil Explorer ZB5255 Cross Body

The Fossil Explorer ZB5255 Cross Body bag is made of a soft, genuine and high-quality leather, and at 1.5 lbs, weighs less than many other similar-size bags; at 6in x 6in x 7in, it can easily carry your iPad, along with other travel essentials you may have, from passports to wallets to even a bottle of water. It is, however, a bit smaller than other cross body bags, if you’re looking for something that’s large enough to carry for an over-night trip somewhere.

2. Fossil Morgan Traveler

At 10.5 x 2 x 11.5 inches, Fossil Morgan Traveler is a bit larger than the Fossil Explorer bag. The strap is adjustable so that you can carry it as one of your cross body travel bags for women, or shorten it to hang comfortably on one side. It’s still light at 1.5 lbs, and has a delightful multitude of pockets and slips that allows you to keep all your little knicknacks – such as chapsticks, powders and pens – organized instead of tumbling around in a disarray.

3. Fossil Morgan Top Zip

The Fossil Morgan Top Zip bag is the largest one yet of the beautiful leather Fossil choices, at a whopping 14.9 x 11.7 x 2.5 inches, guaranteed to fit most small laptops, making it the perfect choice if you’re jetting off for business. It’s made of that perfect shade of brown leather, too, making it a great additional to the fall and winter wardrobes of any fashion-forward gal.  This is my favourite as I can fit my tablet in this bag.  If you own a tablet or note then you should be able to fit it in this bag.

4. The SAK Iris Cross Body

With a chic black leather look, the Sak Iris Cross Body bag can be suitable for any travel fashion you may desire, with lots of small storage areas to keep all your little accessories in tact. With a dimension of 1.5 x 11.2 x 11 inches and weighs 3.5 pounds it is absolutely perfect for travelling allowing you to fit your little travel essentials such as make up, camera and some snacks to go with it.Of all the cross body travel bags for women, though, this one tends to be a bit weaker and less sturdy, so it won’t be very suitable for long trips.

5. FRYE Cameron Magazine Cross Body

The FRYE Cameron Magazine Cross Body bag is definitely my favourite because it is made with the best high quality material.  With product dimension of 13.3 x 11.5 x 3.3 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds (which is lighter).   It has that magazine chic style that you can use on your travel and to go with your laptop and magazine.  It is quite large, making it roomy and equipped to hold most things you may want it to; however, at such a large size, the color dye may be a bit too eye-popping for my tastes. The clasp at the front is a bit complicated, too, so it isn’t ideal for quick access, however it is still safe against pick pocketers especially in Europe.

6. The SAK Deena Flap Cross Body

The SAK Deena Flap Cross Body bag is simpler in design compared to the other ones, but this may be where its rustic charm lays. Contrary to my initial expectations, this bag fits much more than it appears to be able to, and is one of the best cross body travel bags for women I’ve seen.  This definitely will match with any travel fashion outfits for day and night.

7. Zippered Cross Body Handbag

The zippered cross body bag is at a perfect size amongst cross body travel bags for women, and I highly adore the patterned lining inside. However, the zippers are a bit stiff, and the rusted gold tone isn’t the most flattering for the shades of leather the bag comes in.

8. Roxy Still Free Cross Body

This Roxy Still Free Cross Body bag is the smallest bag yet, perfect for your daily needs if you’re the kind of girl to just grab her things and breeze out the door. This will hold your cellphone and various makeup and accessories for the road while travelling.

These are all the list of cross body travel bags for women, which I’m sure you will be able to choose that best suits your style and needs for travelling.

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Below are some of the most well known crossbody bags for travel of different brands.  These crossbody bags are super comfortable, functional yet chic, stylish and sleek that are appropriate for everyday wear, special occasion, sightseeing and travel.


Did you enjoy this article?  Which ones are your favourite crossbody travel bags?

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    • Yes, cross body bags with small to medium pockets on the outside are absolutely a must to buy because you can easily store and access small things such as paper, pen, smartphones and even boarding passes and passport when traveling. 🙂 I also love the Fossil Morgan bags and I own two of these 🙂

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