Hotel Cluny Square Paris Honest Review: Bad & Good

I had a chance to stay for 5 nights at Hotel Cluny Square Paris during my 2nd trip to Paris, France in 2011.  This article is a comprehensive review of the hotel revealing my unbiased and honest review.  Hotel Cluny Square is a 3 star hotel, centrally located in the heart of the Latin Quarter (one of my favourite arrondissements to stay whenever I’m in Paris).  This is probably one of the best hotels that i’ve stayed in the Latin Quarter in Paris. Read on for more positive and negative reviews below.



Pros & Cons:


Pros: Upon arrival, I noticed straight away that the hotel’s cleanliness was very well maintained and had met my standard.  I can be a clean freak when it comes to accommodation.  I obviously conducted a thorough research prior to booking a bedroom to ensure that their sanitation and housekeeping standards are well maintained.  The reception, lounge and kitchen areas were also kept cleaned without any signs of stained, dirt and bugs around.  I definitely didn’t notice signs of bug bites.  The bedroom was very clean on my arrival.  They also offer daily housekeeping every morning once you leave the hotel.  But if you prefer to keep the room uncleaned just ensure that you notify the cleaners or the receptionist before you leave.

Cons: No negative reivew about the cleanliness of Hotel Cluny Square.  As mentioned above I was very satisfied with how they kept the hotel nice and cleaned throughout my stay.


Pros: The comfort was great.  I felt quite comfortable during my entire stay.  My bedroom was right in the main road where traffic and loud noises can be heard if windows are opened.  If you shut all the windows, you’ll be able to sleep in peace.  Upon entering this hotel I fell in love with its beautiful atmosphere, its cozy and the furniture and fittings were absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. My room was wonderful as they had offered me a room, which was in Level 5 that has a big balcony overlooking the main streets, the city and most of all the Eiffel Tower. The big French windows opened on the balcony so you could step outside and stand on the balcony while watching the City of Paris. So, I was impressed by their kindness in offering me the best room with view of Paris and as well as their service. My room was also strikingly beautiful as it was set up and decorated decently despite being slightly small. Nevertheless, I never complained as it was very tidy and included the bathroom with a toilet and most importantly it was also clean and nice. I was also impressed by the bathroom which was quite spacious considering the size of the room. I really love the interior design of Hotel Cluny Square as it makes you want to stay there for a while rather than staying in an apartment. Overall, Hotel Cluny Square in Paris is a good choice regardless if you’re a new tourist visiting Paris or even if you’ve been in Paris a few times. I would definitely go back there and stay for a few nights.  However …..

Cons:  The bedroom where I stayed at was quite small for a double bedroom.  I even paid a little extra just so I could stay in the double bedroom with a balcony overlooking the streets of Latin Quarter, Parisian buildings and the eiffel tower.  The size of the room didn’t really bother me much but there wasn’t enough space for two people with big luggage.   If you are traveling with a partner or a friend, you’ll find that the room is not spacious enough with all the big luggage around.  It took sometime to get things around.  

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Pros:  Nothing I could ask for more about the location of Hotel Cluny Square.  As mentioned above it’s situated right in the centre of Latin Quarter.  The hotel stands in the corner of Boulevard Saint Germaine and Boulevard Saint Michel, which are the popular boulevards in the Latin Quarter so you’ll be amazed seeing different tourists walking around.  It’s a very busy area where workers commute through.  When you step out from the hotel, you are instantly surrounded with shops, restaurants, bars and even the metro is just outside the hotel.  The hotel is also walking distance to the famous Saint Michel fountain square where everyone hangout to relax.  It’s walking distance to the shops of Boulevard Saint Germain, Saint Michel, Cluny Sorbonne University, Notre Damme, River Seine, the Latin Square area where all the old buildings, restaurants, cafes and shops and many more highlights of Paris.  While staying there, I walked everywhere as it was just walking distance to everything.  

The public access have everything you need. There are plenty of restaurants in each corner that you can almost get confused in choosing where to eat. There are also plenty of clothing shops (if you love shopping), souvenir shops and many more. Public parking is nearby if you are ever traveling by car. Public transportation is also right outside the hotel that includes the RER, metro and bus stops.  The hop and off Paris tour bus also stops right across the hotel so if you plan on seeing Paris by purchasing your hop and off tour bus then you won’t have a problem with it.

Cons:  I seriously could not think of a negative thing to say about the location of Hotel Cluny Square.   However, some people may say that the location is saturated with tourists, well what do you expect it’s in the main boulevards of Latin Quarter.  If you don’t like to stay where there are lots of tourists wandering around then I suggest staying in a different arrondissement where there are more local residents.  If you want to get a feel of local atmosphere and neighbourhoods perhaps this hotel may not be suitable for you.  

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Pros:  Safety is very important when choosing a hotel to stay.  I felt very safe staying at Hotel Cluny Square and more so staying at the Latin Quarter district.  Walking around the area in day and night was quite safe due to its abundance of locals and tourists.  At night time people also hangout and drink in different bars and restaurants.  

Cons:  There were quite a few homeless people around the boulevards and nearby the hotel drinking and hanging around past midnight.  I’m not sure how safe it is to walk from your destination past midnight as I did observe some dodgy people around.  If you are going home late then I suggest taking a taxi to the hotel.


Pros: The lounge in the lobby is free for guests who are wanting to stay there and relax while waiting for their friends or just simply to read magazines or watch tv.  All the rooms are fully furnished containing an en suite bathroom that has a shower, toilet, sink, soaps, shampoos, towels, hairdryer, toilet papers and power socket. The room amenities have an alarm clock, air conditioner, phone, radio, satellite television, mini fridge bar (with drinks and snacks), safety box, lamp shades, desk and wardrobe.  The hotel also offers internet WIFI connection for you to use for free.  There’s also a 24 hour service desk so if you ever need help you can easily contact the service desk without any issues.  They also offer express check in/ check out, luggage storage, dry cleaning, laundry, fax and photocopying machine.  There’s a public parking nearby, which reservation is not needed at all.  You cannot go wrong with this hotel as it’s near to everything especially the Notre Dame, the Latin Quarter, Luxembourg Gardens, Cluny-La Sorbonne, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and many more.

Cons: This hotel does not have an elevator at the entrance so you need to walk up a spiral staircase to the first floor where the reception, hotel lobby and the kitchen are. To get to your room to the upper level the elevator is situated just across the reception area. I would suggest carrying your luggage one at a time while walking up the spiral stairs as you will have difficulty if you try to carry multiple bags on your own.  If you have bad knees or physical problems you might find it hard to walk up the spiral stairs with your luggage.  I highly recommend you ask for help.  

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Free Wifi

Pros:  As mentioned above Wifi internet connection was available for use for the entire time of my stay.  I was able to use the wifi but…

Cons:  The connection was terrible!  I was not able to connect most of the time.  Possibly due to bad reception.  Perhaps because I stayed in level 5.  Some nights and days I had no issues but I was a little bit frustrated at some stage.  I did report the WIFI issue though and they could not do anything to rectify it.  But I believe recently their internet connection is much better than what it was.


Pros: Majority of the staff were friendly.  I had one staff that even came inside the room to fix the safety box as I was not able to open it.  She was so friendly and helpful.  

Cons:  One of the staff at night shift was not as friendly though.  

Value for Money

Pros:  I seriously cannot remember how much I paid per night as that was back in 2011.  You do get a good value due to the perfect location, the cleanliness and safety.  I chose this hotel for its location and safety purposes.  

Cons:  However, the rooms are too small for the price you pay for but this is expected, as most hotel rooms in Paris are considerably small.  

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed reading this review.  I’m truly missing Paris now after writing this.  I can guarantee that you won’t be disppointed staying at Hotel Cluny Square.  As always everything is my own opinion.  There are pros and cons to everything.  Hotel Cluny Square is not perfect but I was satisfied with my stay.  I love the fact that this hotel is centrally located at the Latin Quarter, which is one of the main reasons why I stayed.  As mentioned above the rooms were too small for the price but you cannot complain about the location, as it’s worth it. 

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Did you like this article?  Have you stayed at Hotel Cluny Square?  If you have share your experience.

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