How To Increase Hair Growth: So Shocked To Find Out The Results

Over the years, I’ve been asked so many times by my friends how to increase hair growth, as many of them have seen the condition of my hair and some of them have suffered with thinning hair or premature hair loss and have been trying to grow their hair longer and thicker.  I’ve had long hair for the last 15 years but I’m not here to brag about it.  I’m here to share the journey of my hair care and the process of growing my hair over all these years.  Before I begin, I’ve never had days when my hair wasn’t perfect.  There were days, months and even years when my hair took longer to grow to its full length and volume.  

During my mid 20s I noticed a gradual thinning on my hair line.  My hair also grew much slower.  Little did I know, I had already developed an Autoimmune illness that has no known cure.  Well perhaps partly due to genetics, as my mother also started losing hair at an early age.  However, I was more convinced that it was just due to my Autoimmune illness at the time I was diagnosed. And I had enough of dealing with my thinning hair and patchiness.  I wanted to be able to leave my long hair down pass my shoulder and be able to have different hairstyles whenever I travel and attend family gatherings and special events.  I then researched the most effective products (mentioned below) and resorted to multiple hair growth shampoo and oils, as I wanted to keep my hair full and long wherever I go and not having to worry and be ashamed of.  I finally found my favourite hair growth products that seems to work for me.

How To Increase Hair Growth Shampoo Oil

How I Increased My Hair Growth

My regimen is a mixture of natural oil and shampoo that makes your hair grow faster. 

1) Nisim FAST Shampoo and Conditioner for fast growing hair

1 How To Increase Hair Growth Shampoo Conditioner That Makes Hair Grow

I have tried using the Nisim Fast Shampoo and Conditioner for fast growing hair and I was ecstatic to see the results that provided me with longer and lasting healthy hair.  The sulfate and parabens free Nisim Fast shampoo and conditioner does exactly what it says, as it even helped reduce the flaring of my scalp psoriasis.  The amino protein formula has definitely boosted the growth of my hair, leading to faster and fuller volume.  Another thing I noticed about using Nisim hair products was the drastic reduction in breakage and hair loss especially when I shower, blow dry and straighten my hair.  I used to suffer with hair falling out while taking a shower and straightening, since I started using this product, it definitely prevents it from reoccurring.  


Nisim has created this FAST (Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy) Shampoo and Conditioner to provide effective fast hair growth for men and women suffering with hair growth issues.  There are lots of benefits to using this product due to the mixture of natural herbs and essential amino acids ingredients, which provides the foundation of healthy hair growth.  By using the shampoo and conditioner at the same time it will enhance the process of your hair growth and fortunately this is even formulated to suit in any ethnic hair types.  This includes Caucasian, African American, Hispanic Hair, Black, Afro-Caribbean, Latino, European, Asian and Blond.   It also works in different hair textures, whether it be dry, oily, fine, then, medium, normal, kinky, dense, curly, straight and wavy.  


Just like with any other products there are some cons to it that you have to consider.  These Shampoo and Conditioner will not give you all the benefits overnight or in a week.  It took me at least almost a month to notice the fast hair growth.  As I continued to use for 6 months on a daily and every other day my hair continued to grow faster and fuller.  I am still loving this product and I will continue to use them.  

Want to increase your hair growth?  Find out here for more information and the best deal. 

Find out more information here to cure and reverse Hair Loss.

2) Grow New Hair Products

2 How To Increase Hair Growth Shampoo Conditioner That Makes Hair Grow Grow New Hair   3 How To Increase Hair Growth Shampoo Conditioner That Makes Hair Grow Grow New Hair Treatment

I also had the opportunity to use this beautiful Grow New Hair Products for damaged, thinning and hair loss treatment.  This product not only prevents me from losing hair furtherit made my hair grow faster, longer and fuller.   This is also one of the best hair growth products that offers sulfate free, colour free, paraben free and does not contain any artificial fragrancies that can only cause harm and allergy reactions to our body. I’ve been using this product for more than a month, I’ve already noticed some drastic changes.  Some of which have strengthens my strands, increase the volume of my hair, which feels and loos so much thicker than what it was before.  It also gave me new hair growth as some parts of my scalp have noticeable baldness and patches. 


The Just Natural Grow New Hair products are packed with natural ingredients, nutrients and vitamins from plant and fruit extracts and essential oils that provide a drastic new hair growth.

The essential natural benefits are the following: –

  • It contains the most essential proteins, which are Rice and Soy with Vitamin B5 condition in order to add strength and helps thicken the hair.
  • Argan, Castor Seed Oils and Sea buckthorn, which offer more amino acids and vitamins that our hair needed the most for thicker, fuller and vibrant hair.
  • It gives your hair the renewed life that you need, increases growth, thickness and volume that we desire and there leaving all hair types looking and feeling incredibly fuller, shiny, silky and vibrant. 
  • It also contain Papaya fruit extract, licorice root and sarsaparilla root, which have been so popular on the market and have even been used for many years.  
  • Basil, Cinnamon and Thyme essential oils are also added, which helps stimulate hair follicles in order to promote healthier hair.  There are so many benefits to these oils that are very essential to feed our hair.  Find out here for more information.
  • As mentioned above these products have no sulfate, colour, paraben and no artificial fragrances that most shampoos have.
  • And these are formulated for both men and women for all hair types and hair textures.


Just like any other products of course you’d find some cons to it.  There are no perfect products on the market.  To get the best result you would have to spend quality time in the shower by massaging your scalp with the Grow New Hair Shampoo.  You also have to leave this on for 3 -5 minutes prior to rinsing it.  Of course if you have limited time in the morning it would be hard to leave it for 5 minutes as most people are busy with having to get on with their lives.  What I sometimes do is wash my hair at night and leaving this shampoo on for maximum of 5 minutes in order to get the best result.  Please note this will not give you instant result overnight or in a week.  It took me at least 2 -3 weeks to start seeing some results.  

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3) Oil Treatment For Hair Growth

3.1 Hot Oil Grow Hair Formula

3.1 Hot Oil Grow New Hair Formula Increase Hair Growth

I’ve also incorporated the Hot Oil Grow Hair Formula at night time before going to bed.  This oil is one of the best ways to enhance your hair grow a lot faster and longer together with the Grow Hair Shampoo.  My hair is very dry and damaged from the chemicals and tools I have been using in the past years.  Though, I noticed the moister, softness, shine and body to my hair after using this product within 3 weeks.


  • Lots of benefits you can take advantage of by using this product.  This hot oil leave in treatment will moisturise and soothes your dry hair, scalp, strengthens hair and enhances hair growth.
  • The oil will absorb in order to help revive and restore hair’s elasticity and strength.  
  • It’s packed with nutrients, minerals and vitamins that feed your hair and helps to promote healthy hair growth and soothes dry and flaky scalp.

Want to grow your hair faster and longer and more vibrant and shiny?  Find our here for more information with the best deal. 

3.2 Hair Regrowth Serum Maximum Strength DHT Blocker

3.2 Hair Regrowth Serum Maximum Strenth DHT Blocker Review

The Hair Regrowth Serum is another revolutionary product that is very popular on the market.  This offers the essential nutrients to reduce the thinning and hair loss rate and enhances hair growth.  This serum is clinically proven to reverse years of hair damage and fight off the signs of hair loss.  The product was designed as a DHT blocker, which is one of the leading causes for hair loss.  Using this product for almost a month has given me fuller, healthier and thicker long hair, which I’m still able to maintain the condition of my current hair.


  • There are lots of benefits to this hair growth serum.  The following are: –
  • Increases the reduction of hair fall and repair hair damaged from over the years.
  • Gives better hair texture and reduces damages that may have caused by inflammation, hair colouring, chemicals and hair tools.

Want to grow your hair faster and fuller?  Find out here for more information and reviews.

Over to you, which product would you like to try or you’ve tried and have given you the best result?

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