La Rambla Barcelona Spain Best Travel Guide

La Rambla Barcelona Spain

When it comes to La Rambla Barcelona Spain, which is usually well known as Las Ramblas you can definitely feel the energy pouring from multicultural tourists.  Las Ramblas is truly a beautiful district of Barcelona, featuring its widely known market called La Boqueria where you can definitely buy a handful of fresh meat and fruits at. There are also many street entertainers out on the street yearning your attention and hoping to earn some money from you. Additionally, there is a vast majority of tapas restaurants that is simply reachable. But I must admit that the majority of tapas restaurants around La Rambla can be very expensive as a result of the influx of tourists wandering around the area. It’s much less expensive to enjoy and have your meal just right out of the La Rambla possibly from the vicinity of little side streets you’ll definitely find some affordable value for Tapas restaurants.

La Rambla Barcelona Spain

It is easy to end up getting sidetracked in La Rambla, while you are walking through the crowded street because the performing artists have proven to be utterly desirable.  Most of them definitely know how to grab your attention even without trying their best.  You’ll also discover some wonderful creative art works designed by many locals.  And most of their costumes are typically appropriate for weather.   Here, you’ll also find a variety of bars, ice cream shops and restaurants, which all of them are within easy access from your nearby hotel within La Rambla.  Along La Rambla, it’s also definitely possible to sit around within the foot path where chairs and tables are laid out and are available for customers when having snacks and drinks while watching people walk pass.  You also won’t have any problems searching for hotels in La Rambla, as they are available everywhere throughout the street.  However, they tend to be quite overpriced as a result of its location and is also a very popular street among tourists.

Transportation around Las Ramblas and Pedestrians

In the centre of La Rambla it’s mainly for pedestrians, shop keepers and entertainers and then there are two narrow one way traffic roads on each side.  Barcelona city council has long restricted the flow of traffic through La Rambla as it’s mainly for pedestrians, which means you will definitely feel more secured.  Unlike other roads through the middle of Barcelona City, the structure of the road system for traffic flow is mainly in the centre and whereby pedestrians are only able to walk along the foot path.

In La Rambla there are three Metro stops.  Drassanes Metro stop (Green Line, L3), which is located towards the end of La Rambla, close by Christopher Columbus memorial.  In the center along La Rambla, you can get through the Metro stop Liceu (Green Line, L3) located just outside the Liceu Theatre.  And then at the most tip of the Barcelona Ramblas is the Catalunya metro stop, serviced by both metros the (Green Line, L3 and Red Line, L1).  In Catalunya is also where you take the Barcelona Tour Bus (Hop on and Hop off Tour Bus), which takes you around 3 circuits of the famous and popular tourist attractions of Barcelona.  In Catalunya is also where the Aerobus Express bus service that takes you to the airport.


There are many hotels along Las Ramblas, however most of them are quite pricey.  One of the hotels called Hotel Lloret Ramblas where I stayed at in 2011 was right in the middle of La Rambla but close by Catalunya.  Most hotels along La Rambla can get quite noisy anytime of the night, even though if you have the windows shut, you could still hear some noise coming from outside.  When I stayed at Hotel Lloret Ramblas, I didn’t really find it too noisy and I was able to get a good night sleep.

Tourist attractions

There are quite a few tourist attractions along La Rambla.  This includes La Boqueria, Entertainers, Painters, The Wax Museum, Erotica Museum, Christopher Columbus Monument, Human Statues and the shopping mall called El Corte Ingles.


Most shop keepers along La Rambla are mainly souvenir items and some other things, which I find them to be quite overpriced.  I bought a leather belt along La Rambla, which the shop owner claimed to be real leather however I wasn’t really convinced and was charged quite a bit for a belt.  I bought the belt anyway because I liked it.   There’s a shopping mall by the Catalunya at La Rambla called El Corte Ingles.  Within El Corte Ingles, you’ll find all sorts of things that you need.  Some of the items are quite overpriced, however you can easily find little items from toiletries to other essential things.  There are also fashionable retail shops close by Catalunya mainly for women though.


There are lots of restaurants, cafes, fast food, kebabs, Pizza, ice cream shops and pretty much anything to eat along La Rambla, Spain.  We mainly ate kebabs nearby La Rambla as it was the most affordable food.  We also had some Tapas in the restaurant at La Rambla during our first day.  However, most of the meals were quite overpriced.


I cannot stress enough to be very vigilant of your belongings while walking around La Rambla.  This street is well known for pick pocketers so you have to make sure that you don’t carry lots of cash with you.  Have your bags at your front and hold it while it sits on your shoulder and you must not have your bag attached to your back as you can easily get snatched or pick pocketed. Also, be very careful with your smartphones, try not to carry it around or texting while walking around La Rambla as it can easily be taken from you by snatchers.

La Rambla Barcelona Spain

La Rambla Barcelona SpainLa Rambla Barcelona SpainLa Rambla Barcelona Spain

La Rambla Barcelona Spain

La Rambla Barcelona Spain

La Rambla Barcelona Spain

La Rambla Barcelona Spain

La Rambla Barcelona Spain

La Rambla Barcelona Spain

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