Packing List For Europe: What to Wear in Europe in Autumn

Are you in Europe or off to European cities for travel adventures this Autumn or Fall and Winter?

Autumn or fall is one of the best seasons to travel and relax in Europe, as the summer’s heat has abated, the influx of tourists are lesser, locals, restaurants and shop owners would return home from their holiday.  Therefore, you will have a better chance of meeting locals, learn the rich culture and language and interestingly you’ll even get to see how real locals dress in each city in Europe in a variety of styles.

This is quite the opposite if you go during the summer time as most European cities have an influx of tourists that you could barely identify real locals fashion and stylish outfits while wandering around the city.  Winter in Europe is also not a bad idea has there are definitely way more lesser tourists due to its very cold and wet weather.  But you can still spice up your fashion sense this coming winter season.

Sit back and relax or perhaps you might need to make yourself a cup of coffee or tea so you can indulge in these fascinating chic, fashionable, stylish and most comfortable travel outfits you could wear for your holiday.  The purpose of this article is to provide ideas and tips on Packing List For Europe: What To Wear In Europe this Autumn and Winter. These selection of fashionable travel clothes are perfect for styling and mix and match to suit your style and needs.




Rome: 1. Floral Blouse, 2. Knee Length Stretch Pencil Skirt With Skinny Belt, 3. Via Spiga Women’s Double-Breasted Rain Trench Coat, 4. Echo Design Women’s Pin dot Wrapping Scarf, 5. Clarks Women’s Spye Belle ankle boots

Amsterdam: 1. Royal Robbins Women’s Nellie Cowl Shirt, 2. Diesel Jeans, 3. Vince Camuto Quilted Barn Jacket, 4. Ralph Lauren Women’s Jade Boots, 5. Embroidered polyester scarf

Paris: 1. Theory Women’s Durlia Silk Georgette White Long Sleeve Blouse, 2. J.TOMSON Women’s Front Zip Stretchy Pencil Skirt , 3. HUE Women’s Super Opaque Control Top Tight, 4. Chunky knit scarf, 5. Long loose sweater cardigan coat, 6. Clarks ankle boots

London: 1. Townsen Quilted Sleeve Sweater, 2. Calvin Klein Jeans Women’s Power Strech Jegging, 3. Black and khaki scarves from Libby Sue on amazon, 4. Leather jacket from Sheinside, 5. Luxurious boots from Clarks

Barcelona: 1. DKNY v-neckline long sleeve pullover shirt, 2. Knitted warm cardigan jacket coat, 3. Brown leather boots from Clarks

Berlin: 1. Tight long sleeve, 2. Lee pants, 3. Rebecca Taylor chic and fashionable blazer jacket, 4. Bed Stu Bootie is like an oxford type shoes

Autumn (Fall) Travel Clothes: Packing Lists

Weather: It’s important to dress appropriate to the weather, otherwise if you don’t you might have an unpleasant experience.  Therefore, I highly recommend that you check the weather on every city in Europe that you will be traveling to.  The weather in Europe during fall season varies between different cities.  Autumn in Europe usually begins around late September until early December in most European cities however in some parts of Northern Europe, autumn season starts earlier.  You’ll definitely notice that the heat from the sun is less intensive as compared to the summer heat.  Even if it’s sunny it also starts to get colder especially during the nights and in the early mornings.  Although, you will still get to experience some slight touch of the European sunshine provided the weather will be great throughout the period of your vacation.  However, please do keep in mind that some cities in Europe tend to have more rainfall than other cities. So, it’s also important that you must carry a small umbrella or a stylish raincoat for emergency.

Fashion Style:  I understand that you want to wear the most comfortable travel clothes as much as possible, who wouldn’t? I do!  But some of you may want to dress and look fashionable or stylish within your comfortable travel clothes while experiencing different rich cultures, history, foods and languages in fascinating European cities.  So, obviously, you have come to the right blog.  If you want to blend in with locals, try to keep your outfits simple.  European women and men tend to keep their wardrobe simple and classy.  That’s why when you see them around, they look as if they own expensive branded clothes but in reality, they don’t, as it’s just all about keeping their outfits simple with the right fitting, colors, which they all seem to have perfected in mix and matching their clothes.

Below, I would like to share with you of my women’s fashion observations from my travels throughout Europe since 2006. I have gathered, and I have purchased the most comfortable and stylish travel outfits that you could also buy and wear before you go anywhere in Europe. These advice and tips are absolutely free from all my hard work and effort in collecting fashionable outfits in an attempt to help you pack before you travel.  Please keep in mind that you can definitely purchase and mix and match these clothes to suit your style.  You don’t necessarily have to follow the style of clothing that I have allocated to in each city.


1. Rebecca Taylor Women’s Long Sleeve Grey Garden Pintuck Blouse 

This floral blouse is very classy, feminine, refined and cool from Rebecca Taylor brand who is internationally known in numerous publications such as Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire and In-Style

Pros: I’m in love with the fitting of this blouse as it’s absolutely flowy not too big and not too tight either.  It feels very soft and silky to touch and most of all it feels great in my body making me feel very comfortable to move around and even wearing this blouse all day long.  This is the kind of blouse I would wear during autumn and spring seasons as it’s not too bulky and I’m able to layer it with a thin top underneath or I could even wear it with a light cardigan, blazer and a jacket over it.  The colours are absolutely amazing as it’s not too bright considering it’s a floral blouse.  It’s just right and I was able to match with a black skirt, denim skirt, jeans and pants.  Also, it’s matchable with any types of shoes or boots. Rebecca Taylor Women’s Long Sleeve Grey Garden Pintuck Blouse is made of shell, 100% silk, combo and 100% polyester.  It obviously has a a pintucking at split neckline, which is what I love about this style as it looks just as fashionable.

Cons: There’re not many cons about this top.  If you wear this in autumn and the weather happens to be colder and wet you might need some extra layering.  For example: wear a cardigan or a blazer on top and then wear a coat as your third layer.  In this case, you can still look fashionable as well as keep yourself warm.

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2. Knee Length Stretch Pencil Skirt With Skinny Belt 

This is a versatile pencil skirt that’s appropriate for touring and sightseeing, as it can be dressed up or down depending on the top you wear.  Generally, I usually like to match my floral top with a black skirt or black pants, as it will accentuate the colour of your top even more especially in the autumn season.  I paired this with my floral top, stylish flat walking shoes for daytime and then I changed to wearing high heels at night time for dinner in a restaurant.  This is made of 75% rayon, 21% nylon and 4% spandex that’s composed of a center back hidden zipper and slit.  It’s also washable in a washing machine with cold water and low tumble dry. It also comes with a black belt.

Fitting, Feel & Look: The fitting is incredibly perfect on me and in all sizes.  This skirt is also extremely stretchy so you won’t have to worry whether it will be too tight or lose on you.  It definitely shows off every curve. However if you are feeling a bit conscious, you can definitely pair this with a loose top or blouse like the floral dress above, which goes well together.  It feels great, and it looks chic, sexy and stylish wearing these especially on a vacation in Europe this Autumn.  But bare in mind though that this skirt a bit thinner than your average pencil skirt so I suggest you wear a mini skirt or stockings underneath to keep yourself warm if the weather is cold.  Otherwise, if you wear this for summer that’s absolutely fine.

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3. Via Spiga Women’s Double-Breasted Rain Trench Coat Via Spiga Women's Double-Breasted Rain Trench Coat

I own at least 4 different types of Trench Coat one of which is from Via Spiga Women’s Double-Breasted Rain Trench Coat perfect for Autumn and Spring.  It’s made of 57% cotton, 43% polyester, liner 75% polyester / 25% cotton with pleated back and cinched circle belt at waist, textured buttons  and on seam pockets at hip to keep your hands warm.  This is one of my favourite stunning trench coats from via spiga as it’s chic, sleek, which give this trench a feminine flare.  The fabric is soft and is water resistant so it’s perfect for rainy and wet weather in the autumn (fall) season.  It fits nicely, although I’m usually a size small but the small size is quite tight so I changed it into medium, which fits perfectly fine.  So I highly recommend that you order one size up as the arms can get a bit tight.  Otherwise, everything about this trench coat is beautiful and have gotten few compliments when I wore this around Europe.  The fabric weight is also perfect for year round as you could even wear this for spring or winter.  However for winter time it might need some layering.  If you love this trench coat do not hesitate to check it out here for a variety of colours and for the best price.

4. Echo Design Women’s Pin dot Wrapping Scarf

This scarf is simple and it will definitely match with the floral blouse and the trench coat.  It’s important to keep a scarf simple in order to accentuate your top unless if you are wearing a simple white, black or colored top then you cuold perhaps match with a floral or colourful scarf.  But this scarf perfectly match with the whole outfits. This scarf is soft and cozy, made of 100% acrylic and it’s definitely a versatile print. Click here for more options and for the best price.

5. Clarks Women’s Spye Belle Boot 

I wore these Clarks Women’s Spye Belle ankle boots during my vacation to Europe in the autumn season few years ago.  It served me well, as I was able to walk without aching feet although I did develop one blister on my little toe it’s because these shoes need to be worn a few times before wearing  them around.  I suggest breaking these shoes first before taking them to your next holiday to avoid getting any blisters.  These shoes allows you to wear it with any outfits, it’s easy for entry and removal.  It has a synthetic lining to provide interior comfort, while the otholite footbed cushions supports your feet ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day.  It’s durable as it also has rubber outsole as well as the traction control.  These boots are absolutely comfortable and it’s also stylish allowing you to match with a pencil skirt. If you love these shoes click here for more options and for the best price.

Amsterdam, Netherland

1. Royal Robbins Women’s Nellie Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Shirt what-to-wear-in-europe-Royal Robbins Women's Nellie Cowl Shirt

This Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Shirt is simple, but yet it can easily be dressed for touring and sightseeing in Amsterdam or anywhere in Europe this autumn season. This top provides the softest fabric to make you feel even comfortable in colder and wet weather.  It’s very light, and it has a perfect colour to match with any pants or jeans.  However, the top is quite thin, so if the weather gets colder in autumn, I suggest to wear a thick jacket or with some layers.   Click here for more options ad for the best price.

2. Diesel Women’s Skinzee Super Skinny-Leg Jean 

what to wear in europe Diesel Women's Skinzee Super Skinny-Leg Jean

If you’re like me that loves this type of skinny jeans from a Diesel brand, as it makes your butt and legs look long and sexy, then you must purchase this.  You can never go wrong with Diesel Jeans as they last long.  It’s made of 93% cotton, 5% polyester, and 2% elastane, which means it’s slightly stretchable.  The fitting is perfect as it shows your curves.  It can be matched with any blouses or tops.  You could easily dress down or up with a long sleeve and a blazer with a jacket and a pair of boots then you’re ready to go.  Suitable for everyday wear, touring and sightseeing.  If you like this check it out here as there are a variety of options with the best price.

3. Vince Camuto Women’s Quilted Barn Jacket

Vince Camuto Women's Quilted Barn Jacket

I definitely think that the Vince Camuto Quilted Barn Jacket is perfect with skinny jeans above and the cowl neck long sleeve top.  This jacket is a must buy especially for colder cities in Europe in the Autumn season.  Amsterdam and some parts of the Northern Europe feels like it’s winter in autumn.  I love the design and feel of this jacket as it’s absolutely warm and very stylish. This jacket is made of faux suede at shoulders, elbow patches and standing collar, and 100% polyester.  It has a full zip front, zippered side pockets, sleeves and self-belt.  If you love this jacket don’t mis out by checking it out here for more options and for the best price.

4.  Ralph Lauren Women’s Jaden Boots

What To Wear In Europe Boots Autumn Winter Lauren Ralph Lauren Women's Jaden Boot

The Ralph Lauren Women’s Jade Boots are one of the best qualities of Ralph Lauren’s shoe collections because it’s durable, breathable, comfortable to walk all day long especially in cobblestone streets in Europe.  These boots are also comfortable to run if you need to as the heels are quite flat measuring approximately 1″ inch and the platform measures approximately 0.25″ only.  The sole of your feet and your ankle won’t hurt, as the shaft measures approximately 16.25″ from arch with a synthetic sole.  The bottom of the feet is obviously thick enough so you won’t feel like you are walking barefoot, which is a good thing, as you will never feel any sharp edges or stones  around the streets unlike some of the brands they have thin rubber sole that gives you achy feet after a few hours of walking.  The bottom of these shoes are also safe in all kinds of weather conditions even in rainy days and wet weather.  These shoes are leather and the boot opening measures approximately 14.5″ so if you have larger calves it should be able to stretch gradually due to its leather material. Please note: I highly suggest measuring the size of your calves and compare it with the measuring of the opening of the boots prior to purchasing this as some people have complained that it’s hard to get their calves inside from the opening.  Some people have thinner calves and therefore they won’t have any issues with getting in and out of these boots.  Fortunately, these shoes have inseam partial zippers on one side but it does not open all the way from the top hence it’s partial so you still need to ensure that your calves are the right size for these shoes.  The tip of the toe is a little bit narrow so if you have wider feet, you might need some time to break these shoes prior to wearing them for touring.  Overall, it’s a comfortable boots and appropriate for autumn and winter. It will definitely match with any outfits especially with skinny jeans or leggings.  If you love these shoes check it out here for the best price and for more options.

5. Hand Embroidered Floral Pattern Double Layers Asymmetric Triangle Scarf

what to wear in europe autumn scarf Hand Embroidered Floral Pattern Double Layers Asymmetric Triangle Scarf

This embroidered polyester scarf is so classy and elegant.  If you feel undressed, you can simply wrap this scarf around your neck to give it that dressy and classy attire look.  I love these types of scarf as it’s thin, easy to pack, comfortable to wear to match with any outfits.  It’s very breathable, soft to the touch and airy.  However, this is not warm enough for colder weather especially in the winter season and in some parts of Europe autumn can get too cold, so this might not be suitable.  But this can definitely be worn in some areas of Europe in the fall season.  This scarf is also perfect and ideal for dressing up any outfits all year around, definitely appropriate for both formal and casual attire especially for parties and vacations.  It is made of 100% polyester hand embroidered peony flowers beaded sequan metallic rivet and measuring 26″ x 65″ inches with a durable lace cotton like feel.  It’s also durable, suitable for repeated wear and machine washable.  If you like this scarf click here for the best price and for more options as they are available in a variety of colours.

Paris, France

What To Wear In Europe - Autumn Fall Packing List White Long Sleeve Blouse1. Theory Women’s Durlia Silk Georgette White Long Sleeve Blouse

This classy and sophisticated floaty 100% silky white long sleeve theory blouse emphasise and exudes a clean, sleek silhouette in today’s trendy fashion. I absolutely love white floaty blouses as it’s super comfortable and quite airy allowing you to match with any pants and jeans as well as tight pencil skirt and sandals, boots or high heels.  This white blouse are trending in women’s fashion these days that is not just a typical white shirt but is glamorous in style.  I also love the fact that this definitely goes well under a blazer and stylish cardigan perfect for autumn and spring seasons.  This blouse features its hidden placket, pointed collar, two rectangular panels of floaty georgette adorning the front of this delicate shirt.  This can also definitely be paired with black jeggings and pencil high waisted skirt as exactly what I had worn while in Paris last year in fall.  If you love this and can’t wait to own it click here for other colours and for the best price with free shipping.

2. J.TOMSON Women’s Front Zip Stretchy Pencil Skirt 

Brown Pencil Skirt What To Wear In Europe Autumn Spring Summer Winter

Who says that a pencil skirt is only for work environment? Hmmm not me!  In actual fact, a pencil skirt has become so popular in fashion trend these days either for casual day time wear, night outings and parties.  In other words a pencil skirt has become quite versatile depending on how you dress it up.  You can either dress is down or up depending on the types of shoes and tops you match it with.  But for me a pencil skirt is one of my favourtie skirts that I would wear in all seasons but usually in autumn and winter I make sure that I wear black stockings underneath especially in colder days. You’ll definitely find that women in Europe love wearing pencil skirts but not too short and just above or just below the knees.  It looks so classy and sophisticated even if you might just wear it for a normal day out with friends and family.  As for touring in Europe a pencil skirt can still be worn but make sure that it has to be stretchable to allow easy mobility and movement.  This brown pencil skirt is stretchable enough that allows you to walk and move your legs or even getting in out of your chair and walking up the stairs from and to the metro.  You can even wear this skirt to any special occasions and even for work.  This skirt is definitely flattering to any body shape as it hugs you hips and butt quite shapely.  It’s made of 74% cotton, 22% nylon and 4% spandex and upon washing try to only hand wash it in cold water and line dry to avoid the fabric to get damaged.  If you are quite tall please ensure that you select the right size as this pencil skirt might be too short for someone who’s taller.  This pencil skirt perfectly sits on my knee and I’m about 5’1 tall so if you are taller than me it might sit just a little over the top of your knee but it definitely doesn’t show your butt when you bend over due to its well made with good quality material.  This is definitely a good skirt to wear in Paris while indulging the scenery or even just having coffees, lunch and dinner at cafes and restaurants.  This skirt can easily be matched with a stylish loafer or slip on shoes and if not match it with your flat boots or ballet flat shoes.  If you love this pencil skirt, why not take a look at it here for more different colours to choose from and for the price with free shipping.

3. HUE Women’s Super Opaque Control Top Tight

Tights 1 Europe Autumn Winter

You can definitely wear tights with your skirt especially in cold weather.  Some people would prefer to wear leggings but others would rather wear tights to match it with a skirt.  I personally like to wear tights with my skirt, blouse and boots in autumn and winter as it looks more stylish as well as comfortable and warmer.  The HUE Women’s Super Opaque Control Top Tight is made of 91% nylon and 9% spandex.  The texture is matte with a control top.  This can be washed in a washing machine with cold water but no bleach and tumble dry.  This feature is also super dark since it’s opaque though your skin is still slightly visible.  However, quite a few good things about these tights are they do keep you warm in the wind and snow.  They also definitely work well and have proven to be sturdy as it does not run or pull through.  These tights also has a high waistband in order to control tummy bulge and rolls if you have them.  They also last forever.  If you are quite tall I suggest ordering a size 4 or 5 to ensure that they do fit from your waist to your feet.

4. Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf Grey Color

Grey Scarf 1 What To Wear In Europe Autumn Winter

This chunky knit scarf is great quality and will definitely keep you warm and cozy especially in cold and windy weather.  However, it’s quite chunky as you wrap around your neck as some people would prefer a lose and longer scarf.  This is somehow more appropriate for winter season but there is no doubt this is also wearable for autumn in the very cold and windy days.  It goes well with any outfits and definitely make you look just as fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

5. Wind In Loose Long Sweater Cardigan Coat Female Shawl Sweater Coat

Long loose cardigan sweater for autumn what to wear in europe There are several types of cardigans one of which are the loose and tight sweater type, long and short coat sweaters. All of which are fashionable and practical as long as you know how to dress it up and mix and match with the rest of your outfits. This long loose sweater cardigan type is one of the best cardigans as it’s super comfortable that provides a layer over a blouse and skirt. This is also quite warm preventing you from feeling the cold weather in autumn. It’s a must have cardigan for autumn season as it’s also fashionable and definitely goes well for your Parisian style wear.  This type of cardigan is also trending in Europe as you’ll notice that european women love wearing this type of cardigan as they can also be paired with tight jeans. The wind in long loose sweater cardigan coat has solid beige colour but this is also available in brown and black. The thickness is appropriate for cold weather. I own quite a few of these and they look very chic once you wear them. Allowing you to look dressed up even if you feel that your under outfits are not as comfortable and fashionable but once wearing this cardigan over your clothes you’re good to go. If you love this type of cardigan why not find out more here as there are other colors to choose from and plus the prices are affordable with free shipping.

6. Clarks Women’s Ingalls Thames Bootie

Clarks Ankle Boots What To Wear In Europe Autumn

These clarks ankle boots are perfect for a European autumn trip as they are comfortable for walking despite having slight high heels, which only measures approximately 2″.  I wore these around Italy during my autumn trip and never did I experience any blisters or sore feet as the arch are quite comfortable and yet they are also fashionable and stylish allowing you to wear it with skirts and jeans.  But bare in mind though that the toe area is quite narrow however they do come in wider sizes for those who have wider feet.  The width of my feet is quite narrow but I don’t wear the smallest or narrowest size in boots as they can get too uncomfortable the longer you wear them throughout the day.  It’s very important that you allow your toes to move a bit so you don’t end up with deformed feet as you get older.  Not only that but you really need to feel super comfortable while walking in your boots touring and sightseeing around Europe.  These boots are also perfect for everyday wear and for work, as they look classy and sophisticated and it’s definitely one of the best stylish walking shoes for travel.  I’ve worn these several times while traveling in autumn and winter seasons and it’s definitely one of my best comfortable walking shoes while making me look stylish and chic.  The clarks are one of the best travel boots to choose from as they are durable, strong arch support with shaft measuring approximately 4.75′ from arch, platform measures approximately 0.25″, heel measuring approximately 2′ and the boot opening measures approximately 10.75′ around.   These boots are also made of leather, with insulated insole and rubber sole.  If you love these ankle boots, click here for more options and for the best price with free shipping.


1. Townsen Women’s Potter Colorblock Quilted Sleeve Sweater, Heather Grey

Long Sleeve Sweater Top What To Wear In Europe Autumn

I’m in love with the Townsen Quilted Sleeve Sweater as it’s slightly loose but cozy and warm.  A perfect piece of sweater for layering to prevent the cold air through in autumn or fall weather in Europe or pretty much anywhere in the world.  In fact, I’m obsessed with warm sweaters that I had actually purchased several colours of sweaters from the same brand in the past.  Because I truly believe that sweaters are perfect to even wear it by itself allowing you to match with any outfits and shoes.   However you must find the perfect neckline shape to suit your body shape. For instance this Townsen sweater is shaped or styled quite wide and rounded around the neckline, which slightly covers the chest and sits just below the neckline.  This is still considered as chic and fashionable sweater, while at the same time keeping you warm.  You can even add a stylish scarf to add more style and to compliment the sweater.  This sweater is made of 100% cotton, contrast 92% viscose and 8% polyester with a two-tone sweater.  You can still wear a thin layer of top underneath this sweater if you would like to show off the style.  If i’m not wearing a cardigan, coat or jacket over my sweater I usually wear a single piece of layer top underneath to keep me even warmer.  If you love this sweater and can’t wait to have one then click here for more options and for the best price with free shipping.

2. Calvin Klein Jeans Women’s Power Stretch Jegging

Jeans Jeggings What To Wear In Europe Autumn

Ahhh Jeggings!!! Who says jeggings aren’t appropriate to wear like how you would normally wear your jeans? Not me! In fact jeggings have become so popular in today’s fashion trend.  I’m not really sure how to describe these.  Leggings in jeans material or the other way around?  Well, if you love wearing a good pair of comfortable stretchy pants that you could perhaps dress it up easily or even wear it casually then I highly suggest buying a good brand of jeggings with a thicker fabric, which almost feel as if you’re wearing the most stretchable jeans.  This is because most of them are even more comfortable to wear especially in colder weather as you could easily wear your long boots over it.  They are tight and warm depending on the thickness of the fabric, which is absolutely appropriate for colder seasons.  Just like this Calvin Klein Jeans Women’s Power Strech Jegging feels like it’s jeans material due to its thickness, however they are super stretchable and comfy to wear it all year round.  They even hug and hold your lower body as soon as you have it on.  These are also perfect for work, everyday wear, travel and even on airplane as you could easily bend your legs or cross your legs over without feeling too restricted.  One important thing you have to be careful of though is how you wash this although it’s machine washable but overtime the colour may fade.  I suggest washing them in slow spin and cold water, which should prevent this from fading too fast.  These jeggings are made of 75% cotton, 22% polyester and 3% elastine.  It definitely fits in your size, contours to your body shape and it has high tech fibers, which retain shape.  It’s also very lightweight and luxurious measuring approximately 8.5 inch in the front rise, 13-25 inch back rise and approximately 10-75 inch leg opening.  If you want to own a pair of jegging click here for more options and for the best price with free shipping.

3. LibbySue-Essential Solid Crinkle Scarf

LibbySue-Essential Solid Crinkle Scarf

I ordered the black and khaki scarves from Libby Sue on amazon and to my surprise it’s exactly what I was hoping for.  The material of this scarf is very soft to the touch, feels great around your neck and skin and it’s also very well made with crinkle texture and opulent hues in it.  Also, one of the things I love about these scarves is drapey and long with a natural weave, which definitely filled the need perfectly.  It says it’s 100% polyester however it feels as if it’s a mixture of 80% cotton as it’s much warmer so it’s definitely a great scarf for autumn and spring, which should keep you a bit warm.  However it’s not the perfect scarf for a very cold, icy and windy winter weather as it’s not too thick either.  But nevertheless, if you are looking for autumn and spring scarf to match with your chic outfits then this is the right scarf as you can easily dress it up or down depending in your mood.  These are also perfect as they are available in a variety of colours to choose from in which allows your to make multiple orders to suit your fashion style.

4. Sheinside Black Long Sleeve Zipper PU Leather Jacket

Sheinside Black Long Sleeve Zipper PU Leather Jacket

What a beautiful, chic and sleek leather jacket from Sheinside perfect for autumn wear with a mesh top or sweater underneath this jacket.  I love the fact that it goes well with jeggings and boots allowing you to look chic, stylish and comfortable all mixed into one. Black or brown jackets are a great addition to your travel packing list and wardrobe.  They sure are super comfortable, easy to dress up an outfit either casually or formally depending on what you paired it with.  They are chic, sleek and stylish, which can be worn equally well with sexy chic skirts, trousers, pants and jeans.  They even go well together with floral tops and dresses and with high heels.  If you love this jacket and would like to add it into your travel packing list for Europe this autumn then click here for more information and for the best price with free shipping.

5. Clarks Women’s Mullen Spice Knee-High Boot

Clarks Women's Mullen Spice Knee-High Boot

These luxurious boots from Clarks features a sumptuous leather upper accented with dual side buckles to allow calve adjustable and a full length side zip for easy foot access.  This is definitely a perfect wear for traveling and rejuvenate your cool weather wardrobe with mullen spice modern knee-high boot.  These boots are also one of the best walking shoes for travel as it has very low heel, strong rubber sole with arch support.  These boots are also both flexible and it has shock absorbent allowing you to walk easily down slippery sidewalks on gray winter days or wet autumn days is as pleasant as possible.  It contains minimalist stitching detail to give it that ultra-chic look.  These boots are made of leather, manmade sole with shaft measuring approximately 15.25″ from arch, heel measuring approximately 1.25″, and boot opening measuring approximately 14.25″ around.  If you have bigger calves, it might be a challenge to wear these shoes as most people are saying that it’s designed for smaller calves however this is not the case as the two (dual) side buckles are designed to adjust to the size of your calves and the material is quite stretachble allowing it to fit nicely around your calves and feet.  I absolutely love these boots as they are super classy, unique, chic, fashionable, stylish and most of all comfortable to wear it all day long while sightseeing and touring around the city.  No only they are comfortable and classy but they are super warm and that these boots do keep you warm from your feet to your legs while standing and walking around touristy areas in Europe.  Don’t get it wrong as these boots can also be worn for work and everyday wear.  This is also one of the best stylish walking shoes and boots to add into your shoe collection.  These are also available in black so if you love it click here for more options and for the best price with free shipping.

Barcelona, Spain

Long Sleeve V-Neckline Pullover Shirt1. DKNY Jeans Women’s Slouchy East-West Striped Pullover Shirt

This v-neckline long sleeve pullover shirt is perfect for autumn, winter and spring wear for European autumn and winter.  It’s also one of my favourite shirts to wear in cold days layering underneath my favourite coat or jacket.  This shirt is super comfortable and soft to the touch allowing you to move freely.  It’s made of 58% cotton, 35% polyester and 7% linen, which should keep you a bit warm in colder days.  However, I wouldn’t recommend wearing this long sleeve shirt in late spring to early summer as it might be too hot.  It’s also machine washable.  I love the fact that it’s v-neck shaped, which means it brings out the sexiness and chic style in you.  If you wear a v-neck shaped shirt it surely does emphasize your hourglass figure.  If you are quite busty, larger on the upper part and smaller around your hips and thighs that almost looks as if your body is disproportionate then I highly suggest wearing a v-neckline shirt as it brings out that nice shape to your hips.

2. Joe’s Jeans Women’s High Rise Skinny Jean In Mercy, Light Blue

Joe's Jeans Women's High Rise Skinny Jean In Mercy, Light Blue,Skinny Jeans are my go to Jeans whenever I travel internationally and I even tend to wear them a lot when I go out on a normal everyday wear.  These types of jeans have fray on them in purpose to give it that worn out look.  These fray jeans have become so fashionable and popular in today’s fashion.  However, it’s important to match it with a simple top but chic style in order to retain that classy and chic look and avoid looking like a trash.  I own two pairs of fray jeans and have received lots of compliments how I’m able to pull it off by dressing it both up and casually.  Matching these with a simple t-shirt or even a dressy top is a perfect combination and it surely make you look fashionable in comfort style.  This is made of 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane featuring fading with holes and abrasions on front, five pocket styling and zip fly with button closure.

3. Glamour Empire Woman’s Long Sleeve Knitted Warm Cardigan Jacket Coat

Peach Cardigan Coat Jacket What To Wear in Europe Autumn

This bright and glamorous long sleeve knitted warm cardigan jacket coat is perfect for autumn wear and even for early spring.  It’s bright and vibrant mixed peachy and orange colours bringing light and colour to your style in chic.  It should also emphasize the colour of your skin tone especially with dark skinned.  If you are sick of wearing neutral, white and black colours all the time, then I suggest adding some colours to your travel packing list as this type of colour can be paired with any outfits as long as your top and bottom are simple but yet stylish and comfortable.  This type of cardigan will definitely keep you warm in colder days, and it’s definitely one of the best fashionable cardigan coat for travel.

4. Clarks Women’s Whistle Ballad Boot, Brown Leather

Clarks Women's Whistle Ballad Boot,Brown Leather

These brown leather boots from Clarks are one of the best walking shoes for travel, the most comfortable shoes and it’s also one of the best stylish and comfortable walking shoes for travel and everyday wear.  I’ve worn these several times, especially in cold and wet weather. I’ve worn these last year in Europe throughout the autumn / fall season, and it survived in raining and wet days.  They didn’t even need a break-in period before wearing these.  Not only do I wear these for traveling but as well as for work every day.  On top of all that, I never had blisters while wearing these. It has great arch and ankle support and non-slippery maximum durable rubber outsole and insole.  It’s also bendable which maximizes flexibility under foot.  The shalft measures approximately 4.75″ from the arch, heel measures approximately 1.5″ and the platform measures approximately 0.5″.

Berlin, Germany

Pink Long Sleeve Top What To Wear In Europe Autumn1. Doublju Henley Long Sleeve T-shirt 
This is a tight long sleeve that’s perfect for layering in colder days.  I personally love wearing tight long sleeve shirt as it hugs nicely to your body and in addition to that it keeps you warm while it sits under your coat or jacket.  A tight long sleeve top can also be paired with any pants or skirts depending on the colour you choose.  I highly suggest bright simple and neutral colours to match with all your clothes for travel will be stress-free.  This top is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, it’s thickness should keep you a bit warm in the autumn weather.


2. Lee Uniforms Juniors Original Skinny Leg Pant Lee Pants

Lee brand has been around for many years and in fact they offer some nice pants to suit everyone’s body shape.  These lee pants appears to be small however they do have sizes for taller and bigger person.  Just make sure to order a size larger.  It’s important to refer to the right sizing to prevent ordering the wrong size.  What I love about these pants is that it’s an excellent quality, the fabric feels great against my skin.  It’s light and can be folded and packed easily for while traveling.  It’s definitely a must have pants in your hand carry as it’s breathable and super light.  It also matches well with any outfits and jackets.

3.  Rebecca Taylor Women’s Colorblock Tweed Zip Blazer Rebecca Taylor Women's Colorblock Tweed Zip Blazer

A chic and fashionable blazer jacket can be paired with any pants.  This blazer jacket is quite versatile as seen with trousers, pants, jeans, skirt and dresses of all colours from a variety of classic cotton or linen to grey flannel to brown or beige pants and jeans.  I love the fact that this is quite dressy allowing you to wear it over a casual attire in order to simply look effortless and polished.  This blazer is perfect for a European autumn wear as it’s classy, chic and super comfortable.  It’s also warm enough however if you still feel the need to add more layers then do so.

4. Bed Stu Women’s Bonnie Bootie

Oxford boots

The Bed Stu Bootie is like an oxford type shoes but in boots style.  It’s fashionable and comfortable however some people have complained that it’s very narrow and that they’ve ordered the right size for their feet and still are not fitting exactly right so they have returned and re-ordered 1 or 2 sizes up.  This is however true, these boots are quite small so I highly suggest that you order a larger size than what you would normally wear.  It’s also quite narrow in the toe area but if you order a larger size it should give you some space to move your toes around.  I love these boots though as they are so versatile allowing me to match it with my skirt, pants and jeans effortlessly.  Definitely one of the best shoes for travel and for traveling around Europe in autumn and winter.  If you are also into vintage looking fashion style, you must add this into your vintage element warm weather outfits this season with these handcrafted boots.  As you know that Bed Stu brand is known for these vintage looking style of boots, shoes, heels, flats and sandals to fit and match everyone’s fashion desire.  If you love these boots, why not take a look at here for more options and for the best price with free shipping and return.

More Packing List For Europe

Looking for some more fashionable and stylish outfit tips to wear in Europe in fall?  Find out more by clicking the photo below, as I had written a comprehensive review, guide and tips that you can’t miss out on because they are so affordable, practical yet chic and stylish.

Fall & Winter Coats



Boots For Fall & Winter


Over to you, which outfit to do you like the most?  Don’t forget to share your ideas, tips and experience on the packing list for Europe.

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    These are so helpful! I love your website. I am leaving for Europe next month, which I believe would still be fall in November 🙂 But I have just purchased the Clarks Women’s Whistle Ballad Boot,Brown Leather and Wind In Loose Long Sweater Cardigan Coat Female Shawl Sweater Coat. The are so stylish and comfortable. Thanks for all the recommendations!