Travel Packing Cubes 7 Pieces – Lightweight & Durable

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7 Pieces of lightweight and durable Travel Packing Cubes.

These packing cubes can fit in different luggage size including large checked luggage and hand-carry luggage.

It comes with 3 packing cubes for clothes, 1 shoe bag, and 3 pouches for either electronic, toiletry or laundry items.

It’s made of high-quality Mesh Top with durable soft polyester fabric, buckle, and strong zipper.  The mesh tops are see-through for easy storing clothes and items.

It’s breathable, waterproof, easily washable, prevent bacterial growth, smell reduction, easy to arrange inside your luggage in order to make appropriate space.

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Delivery takes between 12-25 business days worldwide.  If you are traveling soon please ensure that you place an order at least 1-2 months in advance so your orders will arrive on time before your departure date.  Please read our Shipping & Delivery Policy.

Product Dimensions:
  • 1 Large Packing Cube (15.35″X11.42″X3.94″)
  • 1 Medium Packing Cube (12.20″X9.84″X3.94″)
  • 1 Small Packing Cube (11.81″X8.68″X3.94″)
  • 1 Large Pouch (13.39″X11.02″)
  • 1 Medium Pouch (10.63″X6.30″)
  • 1 Small Pouch (5.43″X10.24″)
  • 1 Shoe Bag (13.39″X9.45″)

Best travel packing cubes luggage organizer lightweight durable fashion travel accessories sky blue 5.8 Measurements 2

Best travel packing cubes luggage organizer lightweight durable fashion travel accessories sky blue 5.8 Measurements

How To Save More Space In Your Luggage?

Fashion Travel Accessories offers a variety of travel packing cubes in different sizes to make your travel and packing a lot easier. 

The 3.94″ inch depth packing cubes offer enough space for you to pack your clothes neatly by rolling or folding your clothes flat.  It’s deep enough to store multiple clothes and underwear in different packing cubes, and pouches. 

You won’t have a problem organizing your clothes, underwear and small items in these packing cubes.  You will never have to worry have your suitcase looking like mess especially when you’re trying to look for clothes to wear in different destinations.

The good thing about this set is that it also comes with a shoe bag.  You can easily store 1-2 pairs of shoes.

Are These Lightweight And Durable?

Yes, all our packing cubes are extremely lightweight and durable.  No extreme additional weight as these packing cubes are so compact and light.  You can easily fold these packing cubes if you decide not to use them. These are made with mesh and soft polyester fabric with a secure buckle, and high-duty zippers which reinforce seams to withstand the wear and tear during travel.

Mesh Top With Soft Polyester Fabric, Buckle And Strong Zippers

The mesh top and soft polyester fabric can easily be stretch while maintaining its structure, durable, lightweight, and softness.  These fabrics are also quite visible which is much easier to see what you’ve packed inside each packing cube.  Quite often we always forget where we have placed our items but with our mesh top packing cubes, they can be seen easily.  These fabrics are also breathable, washable, foldable, waterproof, and prevent bad odor, and bacteria.

Multifunctional Packing Cubes Sets 

Fashion Travel Accessories Packing Cubes are multifunctional.  Packing Cubes or Travel Organizer Bags are commonly used for travels.  Here at Fashion Travel Accessories team we always travel with packing cubes whether it’s for short or long flights. 

Our packing cubes are ideal for yourself so you can organize your clothes neatly and in a certain way.  They are also ideal for your family or children especially if you’re sharing a suitcase.  You can place your kids’ clothes in one or two of the packing cubes and the rest of the cubes, and pouches can be yours.  

Fashion Travel Accessories packing cubes are also perfect for long short and long-distance travel, as well as short vacations for hand-carry on.  You can also use our packing cubes to store your items or clothes in your drawer at home for a better organization.

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