Sophisticated & Cute Outfits For Work To Wear: Everyday Fashion

How to dress chic, sophisticated and cute for work?  In this post, I’ve put together a variety of sophisticated and cute outfits for work to wear.  These outfits are definitely appropriate for your everyday fashion.  Most women struggle with choosing the right outfits to wear for work almost everyday.  I still struggle even though I may have abundance of clothes that are appropriate for an office environment.  But the recurring question of what to wear to work never seems to go away.  I try my best to be creative when it comes to dressing up for work.  Dressing up appropriately not only enhances our confidence but also gives us more motivation throughout the day and week. Below are some of my favourite outfits that I love to wear for work, as it’s chic, simple yet sophisticated and stylish. 


1. Corporate Outfits / Business Attire

Whether we like it or not, how we dress and look anywhere we go especially at work affects how others will perceive us.  That’s why when it comes to work or in business no matter what it’s vital to project the right image through our fashion.  Dress to impress and dressing for success are just as important as our analytical and logical thinking skills.  So try your best to dress appropriate to the company’s culture, guidelines and policy.  The most commonly accepted business attire are the usual blue or black suit  for both men and women.  Adding some light colours are also a great idea but it’s often an added statement underneath the suit, for instance a nice coloured top.  A colour blouse or shirt, tie and simple jewellery are also acceptable and can definitely make you look much more complete and sophisticated.  The business attire / corporate outfits are suitable for corporate companies, banks, insurance, real estate, accounting and other companies that require employees to wear corporate style.  I personally love wearing business attire, as it’s easy to dress up.  It’s effortless and simple when it comes to mixing and matching tops, black pants (bootcut / trouser), a corporate blazer and high heel shoes.  I would feel much more comfortable wearing  bootcut or straight cut pants.  


2. Chic Work Outfits

If you hate looking too corporate and hate the thought of wearing business attire then I suggest wearing chic work outfits.  So you still want to look chic, feminine and stylish at work?  Well, chic originated from a French slang word with a combination of simple, elegant, fashionable, beautiful, smart, stylish and sophisticated.  Wearing chic outfits can still make you look presentable and are still appropriate for office environment.  Most chic outfits are known for simple and neutral colours such as beige, white, black, grey and sometimes dark blue.  In this second set of outfits, I coordinated a quarter sleeve black with white lining blazer, white top, dark blue skinny pants and high heel shoes.  I still think that these outfits are super chic – perfect for office attire, day time wear and even for a night time wear.  I love the fact that it still looks simple yet chic, elegant and sophisticated.  It’s quite catchy considering that it’s so easy to coordinate without much effort.  

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3. Chic Dress Outfit

This third outfit is just a simple black and white stripe sheath dress.  I consider this quite chic due to its simplicity. You can definitely find dresses in various style and colours to choose from, which can also help you accentuate your personal style as well as accentuate your best assets.  It’s vital to know exactly how those dresses are best suited for your body type. Most French women are so simple when it comes to styling their outfits and their wardrobe.  Hence, that’s where chic originated from.  A chic dress is so elegant, stylish and sophisticated that’s suitable for work as well as your daily outings.  Now, it all depends on the types of materials and style.  I highly recommend you wear mid length dresses (preferably just by your knees or below your knees when it comes to dressing up for work) as this type of length is more appropriate, respectable and presentable.  Again, follow your company’s dress code.  


Over to you…which types of outfits would you wear for work?

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  1. Hi!

    How fun it was having you back on my blog. The site URL is the same – has always been since my blogging debut in 2007.
    What a coincidence that you’d also talk about office wear… The season for that, huh.
    Hope to see you again and reignite our blogging friendship!

    1. says: Marj

      Hi beautiful, yes I still remember you back in 2010 when I started reading your blog. You were actually one of my inspirations 🙂 Your website looks different now that’s why I thought that you had a new blog. I’m happy to see you again and reignite our blogging friendship too 🙂 Are you still living in Paris?

  2. says: Alicia Davies

    I love your sense of style…so effortlessly chic, elegant and sophisticated. I would seriously wear these outfits depending on the weather. I would probably wear a sheath midlenght dress on fridays. I usually wear my work pants and shirts for the rest of the week except of course saturday and sunday. My company is quite strict about dressing too informal so we have to maintain a balance of looking chic, sophisticated and formal.