Read My Thai Airways Review Before You Fly – Flight TG4920 Economy Class

Austrian Airline Operated By Thai Airways

We’ve had an opportunity to fly with Austrian Airline but it was fully operated by Thai Airways, which means all services including aircraft, meals and crew members are handled by Thai Airways.  Below are the cons and pros of Thai Airways aircraft flight number TG4920 from Auckland to Bangkok. Read my pros and cons Thai Airways review below.

I’m going to start with the positives of this aircraft.


  • Thai Airways have good safety records and this is one of the reasons why we decided to fly with them again.
  • Thai Airways are reliable and have never been delayed, well not since I’ve flown with them.
  • The service was average, most flight attendants did not seem as if they actually enjoy their job.  Hardly any of them would smile at passengers even when they were serving meals and drinks.  Out of all the crew members, I only had one flight attendant who was a lot more attentive and friendly.


  • This aircraft seems old and the level of cleanliness is not up to a good standard.
  • I noticed on the seats, table, remote control and the TV were not cleaned enough.  Perhaps, whoever cleans this aircraft after landing from previous flights may not have cleaned it properly.
  • The selection of meals aren’t great at all.  The quality of the meal being served were not delicious at all and in fact the portion was much smaller than what it was in the past and in comparison to what you would normally get from other airlines (e.g: Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates and Singapore Airlines).
  • After eating our meal we were still left feeling hungry and would crave for more food.  We understand that most airline meals are not filling but if I had to compare between Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Cathay, Singapore and Emirates on board meals I would definitely choose their meals over Thai Airways.
  • The quality of the meals have significantly decreased as compared in the past.  There are maybe a lot of contributing factors as to why there was a huge drastic change in their quality of meals.  All I could think of is possibly due to budgeting.  When it comes to budgeting or cut cost, significant changes in the quality of service and meal would become apparent and passengers would be able to notice that especially those who fly quite often.

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I’m afraid that I had more negatives to say about this aircraft but this is my honest opinion despite the average service and safe flight I’ve received and experienced.  Nevertheless, we had a safe flight and it was smooth but with a few turbulences.  I wrote this review as I decided that from now on I will be writing articles reviewing each airline I fly with in an attempt to contribute my opinion and help others to get to know of the aircrafts and flights that they endure to fly with in the future.  I hope this post has helped you and the intention of this article was not meant to give a bad reputation of Thai Airways.  I would still fly with Thai Airways but perhaps on a newer aircraft.    Thai Airways review

What about you? Did you have a good experience with Thai Airways during your flight?  Share your experience and thoughts on the comment section below, as I would love to hear from anyone.     Thai Airways review

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