Top 10 Travel Gifts For Men Reviews

Have you been searching endlessly for travel gifts for men but have come up empty handed? It’s a dilemma to find a gift for men on valentines day, for christmas, for birthday or for holidays.  And these questions and lists tend to go on and on, which can be quite challenging especially during thanksgiving, christmas and the holidays.  In this post, I’ve written some wonderful travel gift ideas for everyone and travel gifts for men to help you select the best present to give.  These travel gift ideas are definitely perfect for those who travel a lot but these gifts can also be used by women and by anyone.  Feel free to select some of the best gifts below that will be useful to anyone you are giving it to.

Top 10 Travel Gift Ideas For Men Travel Gifts For Men

1. Off the Beaten Path: A Travel Guide to More Than 1000 Scenic and Interesting Places Still Uncrowded and Inviting


Best Travel Gifts For Men Off the Beaten Path- A Travel Guide to More Than 1000 Scenic and Interesting Places Still Uncrowded and InvitingI bought this off the beaten path travel guide book for one of my good friends who also travels frequently.  Actually he travels with his wife a lot, so I thought this book would definitely help them discover those special uncovered places that we would have never seen it on the normal typical guide books.  There are lots of popular destinations that most would be family with some of the places but as well as lots of fantastic tips for unusual and uncovered places not to be missed. 

So more about this book, it was published on March 19, 2009 by a publisher and editor called Reader’s Digest, containing 384 pages with product dimensions of 10.1 x 10.2 x 1.3 inches.  It covers 1,000 of the United States most undiscovered destinations.  It’s also presented in a state by state from A to Z budget friendly format, which reveals the best secret spot for an unforgettable vacation.  It’s also detailed and packed with creative and innovative ideas for a memorable vacations or even day trips, in which the book could even lead you to New Hampshire’s castle in the clouds.  You can definitely plan your day trips and long holidays with this best selling off the beaten travel guide book offering its super easy index, content and reference. This also allows you to follow where to go, how to get around different places and the important things you need to know and prepare prior to begin and embark on your adventure.  Find out more information, reviews and the best price with shipping.

2. Axe Personal 6 Piece Travel Kit Gift Set Shower Gel, Bodyspray, Deodorant, Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling Putty

Travel Gifts For Men Axe Personal 6 Piece Travel Kit Gift Set Shower Gel, Bodyspray, Deodorant, Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling PuttyWherever we go we should always take shower gel, bodyspray, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner to keep us clean and fresh.  I don’t particularly like relying on hotel toiletries because some aren’t even clean enough especially if you are staying in budget hostels.  I think this travel kit gift would be perfect for men traveling anywhere as it’s small and compact for a travel sized.  It’s really important to carry these toiletries for emergency purposes even though you know that your hotel will provide you with toiletries to use.  One day if you happen to get stuck somewhere else like in airports at least by carrying these in your backpack or handcarry it will save you some time and money.  We all know that any products that are being sold in airports tend to be overpriced, as they are mostly tailored for tourists.  Therefore, this travel kit gift would be a perfect gift for your friends or family to save them the hassle.  Want to see more information including reviews and the best price? Click here for a discount price with free shipping.

3. Swiss Gear Travel Gear Scan Smart Backpack 1900


Travel Gifts For Men SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900 I love this backpack as it’s quite versatile.  It’s not only suitable for men but as well as for women.  I purchased this as a present for my friend before he went to Brazil.  He is a bit of a techy guy as he loves to carry his macbook pro, ipad air, kendle, iphone 5s, canon dslr camera and all other gadgets you could imagine.  Before purchasing this bag he mentioned how he had been looking for the perfect backpack with lots of compartments so he could easily fit all his technology, overnight clothes, and documents without having to worry about getting in and out through airport customs.  We all know that it can get a bit tedious when traveling full of gadgets, as we always have to unpack all our gadgets from our hand carry bag as we pass through airport security customs.  Well, fortunately I found this Swiss Gear Travel Backpack that fits his style and needs.  It features multiple pockets and compartments, which literally hold and secure your laptop, tablets, camera & etc.  The front compartment, you can easily unzip from the top all the way down to the side and bottom leading it open fully wide allowing you to easily access your  things. The back compartment also has a zipper allowing you to unzip fully from the top to the bottom where it can store laptops and other gadgets as well and definitely an easy access especially if you are rushing to get your stuff scanned through airport customs or anywhere for that matter.  

The good thing about this backpack is also quite spacious considering how compact it is.  However, I wish it had more smaller pockets inside to store small miscellaneous items (such as sunglass, eyeglass, maps, travel guide book, underwear, short pants, snacks, medications, itinerary, etc..), which can often be needed on business trips and around the world travel.

If you like this backpack, why not find out more information here and read what other people think about this bag. You can also find out here for the best price with free shipping.

4. WD My Passport Ultra 1Terabyte (TB) Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive With Auto Backup

Terabyte External Portable Hard Drive Review

Travel Gifts For Men WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Auto BackupOh! my passport ultra 1 terabyte external portable hard drive that features USB 3.0 with auto backup is by far my favourite travel essential as it stores all your memories such as travel photos, documents and all other things while you are traveling.  I actually bought this whilst I was in Bologna, Italy last summer as my old 1gb external hard drive got filled up with all my travel documents, high resolution photos and videos quite fast and that took a lot of space.  So, while I was traveling around Italy and Greece, I ordered this ultra terabyte portable hard drive on amazon and I managed to get it delivered during my stay there.  The shipping was very fast and it came in a box with a detailed instruction.  


  • Automatic cloud backup either from dropbox or icloud directly to this external drive with a very fast speed of USB 3.0 connectivity.
  • It offers up to 2TB storage with a compact design.
  • It allows you to use WD to set your password for protection and hardware encryption. This is absolutely necessary to prevent unauthorised use and access especially if you are using public computers or laptops or even if your laptop got hacked at least they can’t encrypt or access through your external drive whilst it’s connected.
  • No electrical power needed as it’s USB powered, which is powered directly from your USB port on to your PC.
  • It’s compatible with any operating systems including either latest or old versions of Windows, Mac OS X.


  • Ultra slim, light and compact, which is definitely perfect for travel and even for long term use.
  • Ultra-sleek design with dimensions of only 15.3 mm
  • It’s available in a variety of colours including black, blue, red and titanium

Find out more information here with reviews, best price and free shipping. 

5. Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2 Terabyte Portable External Hard Drive With Mobile Device Backup USB 3.0

Seagate Backup Plus 2 Terabyte External Portable Hard Drive Review

Travel Gifts For Men Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive with Mobile Device Backup USB 3.0Here’s another terabyt external portable hard drive that I recently purchased.  The difference between the two is that this is a 2 terabyte that features a mobile device backup.  You might be wondering how it works, right?  I was so glad that I found this seagate backup plus external hard drive as recently I have been taking lots of photos from my iPhone while on the road or traveling.  Now, iPhone storage is not capable of storing huge files, which means the more we take photos and videos from our smartphones it can easily run out of storage space.  So, to prevent this, you can use the Seagate Back up Plus 2 Terabyte external hard drive to back up your photos or videos from your smartphone while on the road.  It’s very simple to use and connect this device to your phone.


  • The Seagate Backup 2 Terabyte allows you to easily backup or transfer photos and videos directly from your smartphone while on the road.  To enable this process, you must use the seagate mobile backup app to backup photos and videos directly from your iOS and android devices.  This can be done via internet connection or through cloud services such as google drive or dropbox.
  • You can also easily backup your files online including documents, photos from facebook and videos from youtube directly to this device.  You won’t ever have to worry loosing them. 
  • The seagate backup external hard drive also lets you seamlessly transfer files between MAC OS X and Windows operating systems without formatting the system.
  • It’s highly compatible with the older and latest versions of Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.  In which case you don’t have to worry about compatibility. However, reformatting may be required for a newer Mac OS X.


  • It’s light, sleek, has metal design and 42% thinner.
  • As you can see it’s very slim, compact and can easily be stored in any of your bag compartments while you’re on that road.
  • Fits easily within the palm of your hand, which is why I love this too as I have quite small hands.

This device is definitely one of the best travel gifts for men for thanksgiving, birthday, christmas holiday seasons.This seagate exeternal hard drive is also one of the best travel gifts for women.  It’s portable and useful, which is something a person will appreciate it even more although it’s the thought that counts the most.

Click here to find out the best price with free shipping and it has more information and reviews from other people too. 

6. GoPro HERO3+: Black Edition

GoPro Hero3+ Review

Travel Gifts For Men GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition
GoPro Hero3+

I bought the GoPro HERO3+: Black Edition as a present for my friends wedding.  I wanted to give them something different than the usual home ware appliances for a newly wed.  I knew that they were going away for their honeymoon soon after the wedding.  So I figured, why not give them the best GoPro Hero3+ so they can take lots of photos and videos while hiking in the mountains, swimming in an island beach and sky diving.  The GoPro Hero3+ is definitely one of the perfect gifts, as they are both adventurous couple. They love to do lots of activities while on a holiday so that’s what they did in their honeymoon.


  • The GoPro Hero3+ is one of the best action cameras in the market as it allows you to capture beautiful images while riding a motorcycle, running, skydiving, surfing and swimming at the beach, skiing in the snow, hiking in the mountains and all other activities you could imagine.  The camera is obviously covered and protected hence you are able to take it anywhere while in action unlike taking photos with your dslr or smartphones in those activities is pretty impossible as it’s not as protected.
  • It powerfully captures gorgeous 12MP stills at up to 30 frames per second, which means it’s perfect and suitable for fast action movement and sequences.
  • The good thing also is that the lapse mode enables you to automatically capture photos at 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or even 60 second intervals.  That’s just amazing, isn’t it?
  • It can also capture continuous photoshoots with full resolution stills at a steady 3, 5, and 10 frames per second while you’re holding down the shutter button.
  • As mentioned it delivers powerful improved image quality featuring high resolution, high frame rate at 1440p48, 1080p60, 960p100 and 720p120 video modes.   As a result it provides professional quality fotage and it also allows you to playback in slow motion.
  • The sound quality is obviously just as important as the image quality so the built in microphone has tremendously improved capturing even the most subtle sounds wherever you’re recording from whether it be on a street, jungle, beaches or the mountains you can definitely hear everything clearly.
  • Good thing about this small action camera is it has an auto low light mode, which means it will automatically adjust for low light situations.  It intelligently changes the frame rate based for enhancing low light performance and thus you won’t ever come up with bad low light quality images.


  • It’s 20% smaller and lighter as compared to older versions of GoPro.
  • It has housing waterproof to 131’/40m
  • The image quality has tremendously improved to 33% sharpness and with reduced distortion.
  • It features faster speed built in Wi-Fi to allow enhanced connectivity to the Wi-Fi remote that is included in GoPro App.  Which means you could easily use this GoPro to capture images or videos while using your smartphone as a remote device.
  • The super view mode allows you to capture in the most immersive wide angle view, which means you can easily capture everything even in close up settings.
  • The battery life has also improved by 30%, which is much better than the older versions of GoPro.

What is inside the box?

It contains the following:

  • Obviously your gorgeous, light and sleek GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition Camera.  But I believe there are other colours to choose from here.
  • Housing Waterproof 131’/40m
  • Wi-fi Remote
  • Quick Release Buckle
  • Vertical Quick Release Buckle
  • It has 1 curved and 1 flat adhesive mount
  • Higher capacity li-ion battery
  • USB charging cable
  • 3 way pivot arm

Except: The MicroSD memory card is unfortunately not included and is sold separately but needless to say it’s not that expensive so you can definitely purchase it together with your GoPro.

So how do you like the GoPro Hero3+ so far?  Would you like to buy and give this to your friends, family, boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or even for yourself as a birthday gift, christmas and holiday present?  I’m even contemplating of buying this for myself, as after having done a lot of research, learning about this GoPro and eventually bought one for my friends  even made me really want to own one.  It’s easily adaptable to many different functions and activities, which is what makes this product so popular in the market.  Even on my recent trip back to Europe, I’ve seen a lot of tourists were mostly taking photos and videos with this GoPro using a hand held stick.  As mentioned above it’s so compact, small, slim, sleek and versatile.  If you have decided to get one for yourself or as a present, you can buy it here for the best price with free shipping and of course there are tons of information and reviews here..

7. Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite Review

Kindle Paperwhite, 6" High-Resolution Display (212 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi 3GI bought the Kindle paperwhite for myself not long ago as reading from my smartphone can be quite annoying due to screen glare especially in direct sunlight.  I find that reading on kindle is even much better than reading on my smartphone.  I found myself reading on my kindle quite frequently since owning this beautiful and slim device.  I’m even able to take it with me to the beach.  Reading at the beach while sunbathing is just as good as you’re reading in your bed before going to sleep. I’m so glad that I bought this and now my fiance has been planning on buying his kindle as he’s an avid reader himself.  So let’s look at the features of this Kindle paperwhite.

Design, Size & Weight

  • I much prefer the Kindle paperwhite design as it’s sleek and it’s nicely shaped.  It definitely fits easily in my hand, which means it’s also easy to hold with one hand.  
  • I believe that the size is fairly similar as the original paperwhite, which is 6.7″x4.6″x0.36″.  However, to my knowledge the weight has slightly been reduced from 7.8 ounces to 7.3 ounces.


  • One of the things I love about this Kindle is that the text seem more crisper with more contrast, which means it’s a lot more visible in direct sunlight while at night can be adjusted by the lighting level.  
  • The touchscreen’s responsiveness has improved allowing you to swipe the page with just a finger or even touching the left or right page turns immediately.  Not a surprise though as my Note 3 and iPhone 4 are able to do the same thing without any delays.   But with the Kindle paperwhite is much faster and responsive.

Display & Lighting

  • The lighting has definitely improved as compared to the older version, which I believe would have been slightly harder to read in direct sunlight.  This Kindle is super bright and crisper but it can easily be adjusted to any light conditions.  
  • Revealing brilliant words not glare unlike the reflective tablets and smartphone screens.
  • It reads juts like a paper or a book despite holding it in a device. 
  • Never did I experience eyestrain or tired eyes from reading on my Kindle so far as the paperwhite guides light toward the surface of the display that has its built in front light. That also allows your screen brightness adjusted to any light conditions to suit your reading style. This enables you to read comfortably and smoothly without any distraction, eyestrain and sore eyes.  


I never really paid attention to Kindle before until I discovered all the features and software being offered in Kindles.  And to my surprise, I love the fact that:

Word lookup – this allows you to look up the meaning of any words as you read without getting distracted.  Now, how does it work? For example, if you are reading and you encounter a new word that you have never heard of before, all you need to do is tap and hold on to that particular word and then a feature will easily integrate entries from an American dictionary with information and meaning from X-Ray and Wikipedia.  This allows you to easily access and read the right definitions, characters, settings and sample of phrases within that particular word and more without having to leave your page.

Travel gifts for men travel ideas Kindle Paperwhite 1

Travel gifts for men travel ideas Kindle Paperwhite 2


Enhance Your Vocabulary – this feature allows you to add any words looked up (mentioned above) in the dictionary or even they are automatically added to this software called Vocabulary Builder.  This allows you to expand your knowledge and reinforces memory retention on any words that you are not familiar with.  I absolutely love this integrated software, as it’s so easy to get the hang of it and learn different meanings and phrases of each word. This software is also perfect for learning new words of course as you could swipe through your vocabulary words and test yourself utilizing these builtin flashcards and quizes to instanly see those words in context.  

If you want to know more about this Kindle, click here to find out the best price with free shipping and for more information and reviews.

More Usable Features & Software – The page flip function has been improved due to its upgraded software.  This allows you to flip the page back and forth between each page just like a normal book.  Skimming through pages made it easier for readers as you’d never lose your place.  It’s so easy and hand for referencing a chart and even allowing you to visualize on another page.   The footnote is also worth noting about as with an addition function the footnotes opens up in separate screen, however as I’ve heard that this is not a huge improvement or enhancement as compare to the older Kindle.  


  • The Kindle Paperwhite is definitely available with Wifi or Wifi + 3G.  
  • I bought the Wifi + 3G version as with this model it’s the easiest option because I travel a lot and often I prefer to use my 3G if I’m unable to access to Wifi connection.  This is definitely a better option to give to as a gift for christmas, birthday or holidays for someone who travels a lot as it would make their reading and buying books much easier while on the road or even while waiting at the airport.  
  • The good thing about this built-in free 3G connectivity is that it uses the same wireless signals that our smartphone use.  However, there is no monthly fees or commitment.  
  • Amazon pays for 3G wireless connectivity, which means you can buy the WiFi + Free 3G model and take advantage of the free 3G even without having an internet connection while traveling.  Therefore you can still access and download any books anywhere and anytime without having to find a Wi-Fi hotspot connection.  
  • However, you may still have to use a Wi-Fi connection if you wish you access personal documents, or browse the internet.  By any means you can always use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot in order to access to other services with this Kindle.  

Other features

  • You can customize your kindle this includes setting it up in your own language that you are most comfortable with.
  • The battery life is extremely good as it last for 2 months.  So you don’t even have to worry about carrying a battery everyday.
  • This allows you to access your personal documents with different formatting system, either word document, pdf and more directly to your kindle.   For example if you are accessing your personal email and if there was an attachment you could easily open that file in any format and allows you to access and read without any disruption or errors.  In addition to this, you can also send documents to Kindle paperwhite.  
  • The library system within your kindle can also be organized into categories.  This means you will never lose or get all your books mixed up.  And this allows you to easily access any books you are looking for.  You could even add multiple books and collections in order to making organizing and finding titiles a lot simpler and accessible for future reads.  

I just realized that I’ve written quite a long review about this Kindle paperwhite.  It shows how much I love my new Kindle.  I hope you found this helpful!  As you may have decided by now, why the Kindle might be a good option to get as a gift?  Well, as described and reviewed above there’s no doubt that he or she won’t love this as a present because it’s compact, light, versatile and useful for reading and even accessing personal stuff on the internet.  It’s definitely an alternative to tablets or even smartphones.  Except with kindles you can’t make phone calls unless perhaps if you install Skype (not that I’ve tried yet).  That being said, this is also one of the best travel gifts for men and women for christmas, birthdays, valentines, anniversary or even just treat yourself with this Kindle Paperwhite.  Click Here For The Best Price With Free Shipping.  

8. Anker® 2nd Gen Astro E4 13000mAh External Battery Portable Dual USB Charger Power Bank.

Anker® 2nd Gen Astro E4 13000mAh External Battery Portable Dual USB Charger Power Bank. PowerIQ™ Broad Compatibility, Fast Charging, High Capacity, Ultra Compact. For iPhone 6 5S 5C 5 4S, iPad Air mini, Galaxy S5 S4 S3, Note 3 4, Tab 4 3 2 Pro, Nexus, HTC One, One 2 (M8), LG G3, Nexus, MOTO X and More (Black)I bought this life saver Anker 13000mAh external portable dual USB charger power bankbefore traveling overseas again.  I needed an emergency charger for my iPhone 4s, Note 3 and Macbook Air just incase if I happened to be in a place where there would be no where to electrically charge all my devices then at least this external charger would provide some batteries.  

Oh boy, I was so glad that I bought this as there were times we had to book accommodation while on the road and waiting and even when we had to wait for our train in the train station. The waiting time can be quite annoying in some train stations as they have limited electrical outlet for charging. If you are traveling you definitely need to carry an emergency chargeable power bank.  We all know that that our smartphones can easily run out of battery especially if we often have to check our emails, go on the internet to book our hotel, train or plane tickets, and so on.  Then this tiny device is definitely a life saver as you can even use it while using your smartphones at the same time.  This can be one of the best gifts for men who travel and and no doubt it’s also one of the best christmas and birthday gift ideas for men and women who are constantly away traveling, on the road or just out and about with their busy lifestyle.  


  • This Anker external portable power bank technology maximizes compatibility with your Apple iOS, Android and other devices even your laptops enabling charge speeds of up to 3 amps, with this huge 13000mAh capacity charges almost 6 times. 
  • It’s very tiny, compact, light and sleek gloss exterior and intiuitive design featuring its one touch LED power meter and buil-in LED flaslight.  Easy to carry and pack in your purse, pocket or compartments within your bag.
  • If you feel you have to make compromises for the sake of your devices battery life by setting your phone to airplane mode, silent and vibration mode, lowering the brightness, etc.. it’s just not worth it all the time as there are times that you really need that full functionality.   You can never go wrong with having this portable charger because I found that it definitely gives you full charged throughout the day regardless the amount of usage.  
Want to know more about this power bank? Click here for more information, reviews and for the best price with free shipping.

9. Sony W800/B 20 MP Digital Camera (Black)


Travel Gifts For Men Gift Ideas For Men Sony W800/B 20 MP Digital Camera BlackThis is probably one of the best point and shoot digital cameras in the market.  I bought this for my mother as she hates carrying those big DSLR cameras when she travels.  She also has a Samsung Note 3 (sale now + free shipping), which takes exceptional images but sometimes she still prefers taking photos from a point and shoot digital camera so without delaying my surprise, I gave it to her as a mother’s day gift.  As you can see it’s compact and versatile so anyone can use this camera in any situations.  What do I love the most about this digital camera?  Let’s get into the details below.

Features and Functionality:

  • It’s apparent that this is a powerful 20 megapixel(MP) super HAD CCD  image sensor.  This of course offers and capture beautiful images with superb contrast and clarity to its finest detail.  It has one of the highest MP even higher than most DSLR cameras have.
  • It has a built-in picture effect, which means it allows you to capture and portray expressive images by hightening mode and emphasizing certain attributes.  This of course makes your ordinary landscape and portrait photos come to life and vibrant to every person’s eyes. 
  • These picture effect features 5 still image modes, 4 movie modes, 3 panoramic shot modes offering even greater impact for photos and movies.
  • It can also capture videos with good sound and image quality at 720p HD movie mode.
  • It also captures more breathtaking shots with panorama mode up to 360 by sweeping the shutter button and and move the camera in the desired direction.  The camera then continuously shoot photos at a high speed, stitching every image together with an automatic position adjustment to create that panoramic image that you desire.
  • It has great quality stabilisation steady shot image mode, which means you can take photos and videos while the camera is moving when you’re walking or standing.   The result can still provide crisp, smooth, low noise and minimal blur.
  • It can conveniently charge the battery via USB3 by connecting your camera via USB3 port directly to power supply or you could even just connect the USB3 directly to your laptop USB port.  The same process as the way you charge your smartphone.
  • It also features one of the easiest and simplified menu mode allowing you to navigate and set the settings you want without getting confused and frustrated.  Definitely a good holiday gift for those who love simple user interface technology and the not so technically savy (like my mum and dad).   

Do you love the simplicity and practicality of this digital camera?  I do!! And in fact my mum loves it too and she takes it anywhere she travels to because it’s just so light, compact, practical and it has all the functionality she needs.  If you want to know more features and specifications of this point and shoot digital camera, why not find out here. You can also get the best price with free shipping.

10. Bellroy Men’s Leather Travel Wallet


Travel Wallet For Men My fiance loves his Bellroy leather travel wallet that he even used it continuously as we travel across Europe for the 3rd time.  This is very slim made of a very fine soft leather.  You can easily store your passport in the front compartment, tickets or documents in the second comparment and cash in the third compartment.  On the other side of the front compartment you can also store you credit cards, however because of its fine soft leather it can easily stretch overtime so in this case as you pull out your wallet the cards can easily fall out of place.  My fiance did mention that his wallet stretched a bit but he’s still able to keep all his cards, passports and documents in tact.  

The good thing about this travel wallet is that it’s slim and compact enabling you to carry all the important documents including cash and cards in one place while it fits snuggly in your pocket.  If you hate traveling with travel belt then I suggest buying this travel wallet as an alternative.  This is obviously one of the best gift ideas you could possibly give to a man who travels frequently or even to anyone for that matter as it’s handy all around.

As mentioned above it’s made of a very fine soft vegan leather, with lots of sectioning/compartments for storing multiple documents.  It also includes a sleek nifty micro travel pen that comes with a refill.  If you think this might be a good gift then you can get it here with a three year warranty, best price and free shipping. Also, more information and reviews can be accessed here.

 Did you like this article review?

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