Travel Story: How I Found The Secret Parts Of Venice Italy In June 2014

7 Travel Story Walking Tour Venice Italy Secret Street

It’s Travel Story time!  I’ve had this website for just over a year now and I haven’t really shared much of my travel memoirs in what I call a series of historical events.  Today’s travel story is about finding my way to St Mark’s square in Venice in June of 2014 and the unforgettable mysterious hidden secret places I discovered on that very memorable day.

The city of lovers is always a fun place and getting lost (accompanied by your dashing partner) en route to the sites is definitely something you should have in your bucket list. My first day in Venice started off the same way my first day in any new city does – full of energy and ready to take on destination and explore the sites. My goal was to get to St. Mark’s Square. This was quickly side tracked by the the many delicious gelato stands (Venice boils in the summer, try the Tiramisu flavour…its to die for) and the primal need to take a picture at every bridge I encountered (much to my dashing partner’s dismay).

4 Travel Story Walking Tour Venice Italy Secret Street

0 Travel Story Walking Tour Venice Italy Secret Street

2 Travel Story Walking Tour Venice Italy Secret Street

See that beautiful hidden & quiet street of Venice just above this?  We were actually surprised to have discovered this little street without the abundance of locals and tourists.  That area was just too quiet as compared to other touristy streets of Venice. Though, we did meet quite a few locals wandering around by foot as we navigated to our destination.  Locals in Venice are somewhat friendly to an extend that they are even willing to redirect you to the right direction if you happen to end up in a secret hidden places that almost seemed non-existent amongst tourists. 

If you plan on using your Google or iPhone maps to help you navigate to places you want to see, please be prepared to get frustrated and get lost at every corner as both maps will try its best to restore or direct you to the right direction while it continuously gets disconnected due to poor network signal.  Yes, Venice is notorious for using your smartphone’s maps for navigation, as most streets and different areas have poor signal, which will definitely affects your travel plans if not planned properly.

2 Travel Story Walking Tour Venice Italy Secret Street

We were still lost!  See another photo just above this?  We don’t know how we ended up there.  It seemed so mysterious and quiet! We could hardly hear anyone around the area and not even hearing the locals living in those magnificent old historical apartments.  And not even the sound of a barking mutt, as you should know that Venice is well known for being dog friendly.  You’ll see dogs (mostly puppies) roaming around the beautiful old and narrow streets of Venice with their stylish Italian owners.  

6 Travel Story Walking Tour Venice Italy Secret Street

Yes!!  Finally, we could see the river at the end of that square (photo above).  But this little town square was so irresistible.  It wasn’t even touristy at all but I still had the urge to capture the beauty of these historical buildings.  We slowly started seeing some locals and tourists headed towards the river.  And there we just carried on to find out what it was.

5 Travel Story Walking Tour Venice Italy Secret Street

Yes!  Finally, we were by the river (photo above).  We were just on the other side of St Mark’s Square but we discovered another beautiful bridge!  There were plenty of tourists and locals already walking by.  We could see tourists again, many of whom were taking photos and videoing the scenery.  And so we just carried on being tourists despite the little lost journey from our hotel to St Mark’s Square.  We didn’t complain in the end because we got to discover some hidden places that tourists would have missed.

Almost at St Mark’s square.  Want to know and follow what happened next?  Don’t miss out on my next travel story series.

Did you like this post?  What did you like about it?  Share your stories too.  

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