Top 13 Types of Coats for Women to Wear Winter, Fall, Spring

Fashion Travel Accessories is so excited to share with you some tips about different types of coats for women to wear for fall, winter and spring for any occasion, events, travel, work and for every day wear in the various countries.  We’ve selected some of the most comfortable, practical, fashionable, stylish and chic coats and jackets for you to choose and that’s suited for your body shape, needs, and style.


The coats and jackets that we’ve chosen can be worn for different countries particularly when the weather can get too cold in autumn and winter.  You can easily mix and match with any outfits you like.  Any types of coats and jackets can easily be layered with clothes underneath to keep you warm when the weather gets colder than normal.

13 Different Types Of Coats 

1. Cocoon Coat

Vince Camuto Women’s Wool-Blend Cocoon Coat

Vince Camuto Women's Wool-Blend Cocoon CoatThe Vince Camuto Women’s Wool-Blend Cocoon Coat is a stylish way to keep yourself warm during the winter season. The coat is a mixture of different materials, and the breakdown is as follows: Fifty-five percent polyester, forty-one percent wool, and four percent other fabric. It has full-zip closure with snap-over placket and comes in two colors, pink and gray.

The coat is very easy to pair with anything due to its neutral colors to choose from. The funnel collar and the faux flaps are really stylish. My only problem is that the fabric is too rough.  Despite this, it’s quite a chic coat to wear in any occasion, yet it’s warm.

This cocoon coat is available here. 

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2. Double Breasted Coats

Larry Levine Women's Double Breasted Soft Wool Pea Coat, Grey Types Of Coats Anne Klein Women's Double Breasted Cashmere Wool Coat, CamelThe Larry Levine Women’s Double-Breasted Soft Peacoat is made from 100% nylon, it has a button closure, slanted side pockets and features shoulder epaulets, notched collar and a back belt. It is 27 inches in height, not too short, nor too long.

The coat fits very well; it still gives you enough room to layer your clothes underneath. It fits perfectly, just the right length for the arms, and back. Although it gets a bit itchy on the neck part so I make sure to wear a scarf.

Check out Larry Levine Double Breasted and Anne Klein Breasted Wool/Cashmere Coat, these are available in a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. 

3. Wrap Coats

Types Of Coats T Tahari Women's Marla Wool Wrap Coat Tweed Jessica Simpson Women's Basketweave Coat with Belt, Off WhiteThe T Tahari Women’s Marla Tweed Wool Wrap Coat is 57% polyester, 41% wool, and 2% nylon. The oversized shawl collar is very stylish, plus the self-tie belt closure to the waist adds shape to your body.

The Jessica Simpson Women’s Basket-Weave coat comes with a belt, on the other hand, has an exaggerated lapel and an all-over basket-weave texture for the dramatic style. The price is reasonable for such a classy and smart looking coat like this one.

The Tahari Wool Wrap Coat and Jessica Simpson Coat are both available now. 

4. Trench Coats

Lanhuacao Women Wool Blends Coat Slim Trench Winter Coat Long Jacket Outwear Beige S Tommy Hilfiger Women's Double Breasted Trench Coat with Striped Belt, SandThe Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Double Breasted Trench Coat with Striped Belt featuring shell which is designed and made of 43% polyester and 57% cotton. It is also made of lining with 25% cotton and 75% polyester. It features shoulder epaulettes and the signature Tommy striped belt to contrast the coat.

The CHAREX Women Wool Blends Coat Slim Trench Winter Coat Long Jacket Outwear is perfect for the preppy look! The polka dot ribbon is such a beautiful accessory that can make up your whole look.

The Tommy Hilfiger and Charex Wool Trench Coats are both chic and sophisticated coats available in a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. 

5. Military Coat

Vince Camuto Women's Military Double Breasted Wool Coat, OliveVince Camuto’s Women’s Military Double Breasted Wool Coat is the perfect military outfit. The double-breasted military coat consist of 8 Vince Camuto crested logo buttons. It features a funnel neck collar in order to protect you from the cold and windy weather. And the military green color is the best part because you don’t usually see coats of this shade. It gives you a professional and strong personality.

This type of coat can be worn at work with a pencil skirt as it looks quite professional while allowing you also to look fashionable.  It’s made of vegan leather, 62% wool, 22% polyester, 6% rayon and 10% fiber.  Even though this coat does not come with a belt but due to its shape and how it’s tailored it provides a feminine and curvy look to any body’s shaped.

Click here for more information including sizes, colors and pricing. 

6. Drape-Vest Coat

BCBGMAXAZRIA Women's Stefano Draped Vest, BlackBCBGMAXAZRIA Women’s Stefano Draped Vest is made of 60% Modacrylic and 40% Polyester. It has a zipper closure, and from the name itself, a draped collar, sleeveless, faux fur trim and lining for that much-needed accent to the coat. It is very comfortable to wear and very fashionable. I wore this during Christmas, and my relatives loved it. And it did protect me from the cold.

Did you know that the BCBG is well known and stand for the French phrase called “bon chic, bon genre,” which means “good style, good attitude” in English?  This affordable fashion apparel is known for a combination of French style chic and American apparel that was founded by Max Azria in 1989.

So, if you want to look Parisian Chic with comfort and style, then this coat is perfect for you.  This is also the type of coat you would usually wear in the fall or late winter to early spring season as it’s not too thick and cumbersome while you can still layer underneath.  It’s still considered as classy and fashionable which definitely goes well with black leather pants (shown in the photo).  And it can also be paired with other black pants, dark colored jeans, and skirts.

The only disadvantage of this coat is that the sleeves just fits perfectly, which means if you need to layer underneath it might get a bit too tight.  But layering with turtleneck top underneath is perfectly fine as shown in the left photo.

Click here for more details. 

7. Trench Rain Coat

Types Of Coats Columbia Women's Pardon My Trench Rain JacketColumbia Women’s Pardon My Trench Rain Jacket is not only perfect for the cold weather but also for the rainy season. This long sleeve trench raincoat features a comfortable removable belt, two pockets at the hips as well as vented back for additional comfort and space. The adjustable storm hood featuring draw cord are also included so you could wear the hat when it starts to rain, and it naturally prevents your head/hair from getting wet.

The colors to choose from are endless. From black, navy blue, white, pink, and light blue! I bought the black one for formal occasions and the pink one for casual days.  I love the fact that these raincoats are quite stylish and comfortable.  I can still feel and look in shape when wearing this.

I have worn this in various levels of rain in London and New Zealand, it’s waterproof and protected me from getting wet.  However, there’s a slight disadvantage to this rain coat.  The moist from the coat and torrential rain water seems to absorb through the material of this rain coat, and therefore it would make you feel a bit cold and wet especially in the shoulder and back.  Thus, if you are going to purchase this rain coat, I highly suggest you wear something warm underneath, especially in the cold and rainy weather, as wearing this raincoat with a thin layer of top underneath it wouldn’t keep you warm enough.  This is also because the material is only made of 100% Polyester, Nylon, and lining.  I think this coat is only wearable for slight rain in the fall and spring.  And if you are after rain jackets that can handle heavy rains and storm, there are other types of rain coats to choose from here.

Needless to say, this rain coat still provides protection and insulation even when it’s chilly with slight rain.  The length of this rain coat is quite good, as it still covers and protects my back side evenly and when I sit it automatically slightly lifts.

Click here to find our more information including different sizes, reviews, colors and prices. 

8. Pea Coat

Larry Levine Women's Double Breasted Soft Pea Coat, BlackAnne Klein Double-Breasted Soft Peacoat is 100% polyester. It has a black belt for the body shape, and shoulder epaulets to add details to the coat. It is very comfortable to wear, and can be paired with anything but very perfect when wearing jeans.

The Peacoat is very similar to double breasted coats and military coats.  They seem to be tailored to fit and hug your body and therefore if you love to layer lots of tops underneath to keep you very warm, I suggest buying one size up to give you some extra room. Wearing one size up also allows you to quickly button up your pea coat when you have extra layers underneath.

This pea coat is so versatile just any other coats in here. They are available in various sizes and colors with excellent quality. 

9. Car Coat

Suede Leather Car CoatThe BGSD Women’s “Anna” Suede Leather Car Coat may be simple but not to undermined by its elegance and perfectly tailored fitting. It is leather, and the texture is amazing, although the lining is 100% polyester. It has two exterior pockets to put your hands or to put stuff in it. It comes in two colors, caramel, and brown.

Even though this is suede and leather but it’s not hard and stiff, unlike other leather jackets.

Click here for more colours and sizes. 

10. Duffel Coat

Cole Haan Women's Double Faced Wool Duffle Coat, CamelCole Hann Women’s Double-Faced Wool Duffel Coat is suitable for everyone! Its style is a composition of the following materials: 43% fiber, 52% wool, and 5% polyester. The hand pockets are structurally angled with vertical zip chest pockets. The duffel coat silhouette features beautiful trim fit with traditional toggles as well as a detachable hood. The hood provides extra support and warmth especially for when it rains and windy in the fall and winter.

What I love most about this coat is the standing collar with rib knit and not to mention the detachable hood. It keeps my neck warm without having to wear a scarf. Although this coat is not best used when temperature is too low. 

11. Fur Coat 

Faux Fur Coat is perfect for both winter and fall seasons because the coat can be separated from the fur inside. Therefore you can wear it as a trench coat! The sizes are very particular, and I suggest to buy one size larger when you’re planning to layer a few more clothes underneath. 

12. Cape Coat

Ellen Tracy Outwear Women’s Cape with Faux Fur is made of 100% polyester, 65% wool, and 10% viscose. Since the cape can be a bit lose, with the help of a belt, your body shape can still be seen. The most noticeable feature of this coat is its faux fur and its trimmings.

It’s the best alternative for a jacket, especially when aiming for a unique, comfortable, chic and stylish look. Just be mindful of the belt because it sometimes has a tendency to fall out of loop quickly.

Cape coat also appears to be quite elegant and sophisticated coat that you can wear to parties, weddings, engagement parties or any special events with matching dresses, heels or boots.  I also find that these types of coats are quite popular amongst Italians and French in Europe especially in the fall and winter seasons.  You’ll definitely see a lot of stylish European women wearing the cape coat even when they’re just out and about doing errands, or just going out for lunch and coffee with friends and family.  It’s versatile, chic and elegant that you can easily wear it with jeans or casual attire and it will instantly make you look effortlessly dressed up.

This is available in various sizes of high quality. 

13. Wool Coat

Types Of Coats Marc New York by Andrew Marc Women's Ada Moto Wool Coat WhiteTypes Of Coats Marc New York by Andrew Marc Women's Ada Moto Wool CoatMarc New York by Andrew Marc Women’s Ada Moto Wool Coat is made of 10% cashmere, 70% virgin wool, 31% polyester. The wool-cashmere blend coat with moto-inspired faux-leather accents, which also features asymmetric zip at front and the snap standing collar adds to its sophistication. The texture is very comfortable, and what I love most about this coat is its classy look, perfect for any occasion. You also have options of fully zipping the coat up or just midway if you’re into layering clothes underneath it.

These type of coats are also quite a European style, I’ve seen most European women are wearing these with skinny jeans, skirts, and high heels.  This apparently can be worn with any matching outfits you have of different brands and style.  The wool coat is also perfect for the cold weather in the winter as it absorbs heat and warmth and regulates body temperature, which in turn, maintains dry and warmth throughout your body.

These types of wool coats are super comfortable, chic and stylish to wear in any occasion with different outfits so don’t miss out and find out more details. Available now in various sizes and colors

To conclude, my most favourite coats to wear for fall and winter are the trench coats, double-breasted coats, the cocoon, wrap coats and the wool coat.  I usually wear double-breasted, wrap coats and wool coats in the winter in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and I would also wear a trench coat in the fall season.

Which one of these coats do you like the most and why?  Please share your favorites and experiences with wearing these coats in the comment section below, we would be very happy to hear and share with everyone.

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  1. says: Fashion Glee

    Awwww those coats are so chic and stylish!!! I purchased the cocoon and wrap coats because they can easily be dressed up or down depending on my other outfits that I pair it with. Thank you for writing these tips. The only thing, I noticed is that the cocoon coats don’t really match with skirts but the rest do.

    1. says: Marj

      Hi Fashion Glee, thank you for sharing. Yes, you are right! The Cocoon coats are not the best to match with skirts but it really depends on the types of skirts as well. I find that the double breasted coats, wrap coats and the wool coats are perfect for any pieces you wear. These are my favourite coats as well as the trench coats. The wrap and wool coats are so chic, elegant and sophisticated 🙂 It’s definitely something you would wear with evening dresses or any outfits for day and night 🙂