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This is it it’s vacation time!  Spring in Europe has finally arrived. You have been dreaming, and cannot wait to experience the most memorable adventures in Europe in the Spring season.  You have also been thinking and researching endlessly on what to wear in Europe in Spring.  Well, I have selected some of the best outfits that you can wear this Spring.  These outfits are absolutely stylish and practical, tailored for hot, sunny and cold weather in the Spring season in Europe.   Spring in Europe can be unpredictable even though it’s nearing summer and there are times that the weather can still get cold with rainy days (but not as cold as winter and fall).  Therefore, you need to be prepared bringing the right multi-purpose weather outfits.

what to wear in europe in springClick on each link below for more information:

Dress 1Dress 2Dress 3Dress 4, and Dress 5


Shoes 1Shoes 2Shoes 3Shoes 4, Shoes 5, Shoes 6, Shoes 7, Shoes 8

Trench 1, Trench 2Blazer 1

Scarf 1Scarf 2

Top 1Top 2Top 3Top 4Top 5

Jeans 1, Jeans 2Pants 1

Bag 1

1. Dresses 

What_To_Wear_In_Europe_In_Spring_1If you plan to be in Europe around April-May, you can definitely start wearing some of your favourite dresses.  However you need to be prepared with the sudden change of weather and therefore it’s best to carry a trench coat or a blazer for when it gets cold and rainy.  You could also wear your leggings underneath your dress if you still can’t tolerate the weather.  However, some days can also get quite hot and therefore I have selected some dresses that’s suitable for hot and sunny weather in the spring in Europe.  Dress 1Dress What_To_Wear_In_Europe_In_Spring2Dress 3Dress 4, and Dress 5 are some of the best dresses you could wear and match with any outfits you desire.  These dresses are available in a variety of colour and sizes to choose from. They also have some of the best prices with Free Shipping & Return.

Below are some other dresses you could incorporate with your existing favourite pieces. These dresses can be worn in Spring as well as for summer.  They can easily be pared with blazers, cardigan and even leggings underneath to suit the weather condition in Europe.

BCBGeneration Women's Pleat Skirt Dress Vapor Medium      LAmade Women's Dress      Vince Camuto Women's Sleeveless A-Line Collared Dress      Mikarose Floor-Length Short Sleeve Maxi Dress- Makenna Teal, Size SM (4-6)

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2. Leggings  

I always travel with leggings regardless it’s summer, autumn, winter or spring because it’s the most comfortable, stretchable and tight pants that you can easily wear with different kinds of tops, dresses and shoes.  Leggings are also vital to be carried or worn anywhere you travel as you never know when the weather suddenly gets cold even in spring & summer.  You can also wear leggings with your dress while still looking stylish.  Click leggings for more information.

Below are more comfortable, chic and stylish leggings of great quality to choose from.  These leggings are also available in different sizes of special deals. They are also super sleek, figure-hugging with a modern twist on a classic motif.  They definitely will make you slightly slimmer due to the materials.  The fact that it’s figure-hugging it will also create an illusion of smaller waist once you put it on.  Most of these leggings are made of rayon, nylon and spandex materials.

Europe_Spring_Leggings_1                Europe_Spring_Leggings_2               Europe_Spring_Leggings_3            Europe_Spring_Leggings_4

3. Shoes   

Shoes are always difficult to pack anytime of the year because whenever I travel I often feel I need more shoes to take with me. But this is not the case anymore, as I’ve learnt to pack light and smarter.  Therefore, I’ve selected some beautiful shoes that are suitable for spring in Europe and are also suitable for walking for long periods of hours.  I normally take 3-4 pairs of shoes with me.   Three flat shoes (1 ballet and 2 loafers) and a high heel.  Click Shoes 1Shoes 2Shoes 3Shoes 4, Shoes 5, Shoes 6, Shoes 7, and Shoes 8 for more information.  These shoes are super comfortable for walking even on an uneven surface and these are also chic and fashionable.  They can easily be paired with any outfits that makes you feel comfortable and to suit your desire and needs.

4. Coats / Jackets 

I normally take at least 2 different types of light jackets for Europe’s spring weather.  It might not be as cold as the winter season but I highly recommend to be prepared because in Europe it still gets slightly cold in the spring season depending where you go.  One trench coat and a light jacket are suitable as long as they are durable and comfortable.  They should keep you warm when the weather suddenly gets cold. Click Trench 1, Trench 2 and Blazer 1 for more information.

5. Scarves 

You can’t go wrong with scarves!!  I always take one or two light scarves in the spring season when I’m traveling in Europe as it accentuates my style while at the same time it keeps me warm throughout the day.  You don’t need to wear a thick scarf for spring as it’s not as cold as the winter in Europe.  Therefore, I recommend you to take these two beautiful scarves: Scarf 1 and Scarf 2,

6. Blouses / Tops   

I always take multiple tops because I tend to wear different tops everyday when I’m visiting a new country.  This is because I sweat easily while walking for long periods of hours.  Secondly, I try my best to blend in with locals by wearing some fashionable tops to match it with my jeans  or skirt.  Most women in Europe are quite simple but yet elegant and chic because they know how to match their blouses or tops with skirts, pants and jeans.  Therefore, I have accumulated some chic and sophisticated tops to go with your jeans and skirts.  Click Top 1Top 2Top 3Top 4 and Top 5 for more information.

7. Bags  

I bought this bag and I took it with me 3 years ago when I was in Europe.  I also always take one cross body bag to use it everyday as my travelling companion bag that I can store my camera, lenses, smarphones, pens and maps.  You don’t necessarily need to take several bags as it can be a burden to your travels but taking one or two travelling shoulder bag or cross body shoulder bag for daily use should be enough as long as it’s durable and it can store multiple things.

8. Jeans / Pants  

In the past, I used to take at least 4 pairs of jeans/pants whenever I travel anywhere.  But last time I traveled to Europe, I managed to take 3 pairs of jeans.  Some people would only take 1 or 2, which I think it is the right quantity as jeans can easily take space and add more weight to your luggage.  I highly recommend to take the best quality of jeans rather than quantity as jeans can easily get worn off after a few times of wearing them.  If you are going to be doing a lot of walking in Europe, I highly recommend to check out Jeans 1, Jeans 2Pants 1 for more information as these are one of the best qualities and have also purchased these in the past.

Enjoy your vacation in Europe in the spring season.  I wish you all the best with packing the best fashionable and comfortable outfits.  Packing is one of the best part before you embark to a new country.   Please do not hesitate to comment below and let me know if there is anything you would like me to review.

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