What to Wear in Italy in Fall? Chic, Comfortable & Stylish Outfits.

What To Wear In Italy In Fall Fashion Travel Accessories
Being known as one of the most stylish nations in the world, Italians really mean business when it comes to fashion. A flawless style is a part of their identity, and it pretty much contributes to how the rest of the world perceives these people. If you have planned on visiting this fabulous country, you definitely don’t want to stand out, right? Stay with us and find out what to wear in Italy in fall.

Dress Italian – dress smart

Italian ladies have always been known for their impeccable fashion taste, which is exactly what you want to replicate when you decide to visit Italy. These women take a dressing task very seriously, which is not surprising at all – especially if you take into consideration the fact that Giorgio Armani himself designed uniforms for the police force!


what to wear in Italy in fallwhat to wear in Italy in fallwhat to wear in Italy in fallwhat to wear in Italy in fallwhat to wear in Italy in fall

Pack and wear some of these recommended tops made of various materials, such as acrylic, polyester, wool, mixed-knit pullover sweaters, v-neckline viscose, cashmere, lyocell, and silk.  These tops are chic, comfortable, and simple yet elegant allowing you to wear underneath a sweater and or a jacket for more warmth.  Starting with these basic tops for fall in Italy allows you to add more layers for an added fashion statement and warmth wherever you go.



You can’t go wrong with scarves wherever you go.  We highly recommend you pack several types of scarves and wear a scarf that’s appropriate to your outfit and to keep you warm.  Scarves are mostly lightweight, and soft, which means easy to fold and pack when traveling.  These scarves are made of various materials from viscose, cotton, silk to wool.  Scarves don’t only keep you warm, but they can add a fashion statement to your travel wardrobe.

Jeans / Pants


Pack at least one pair of pants and one pair of jeans that are versatile.  Perfect for casual and everyday wear, while sightseeing and traveling around Italy in fall.  I’m notorious at packing.  I usually pack 3-4 pairs of pants & jeans in black, nude and denim colors.  This way, I would not be left feeling as though there was nothing to wear.  This allows me to mix and match depending on the weather and the location.  Also, fall in Europe, the weather would start to get cold.


You can’t go wrong with packing a pair of leggings.  They are versatile and perfect for layering when the weather gets colder than normal.  Leggings are also perfect for travel and sightseeing pairing with your boots or layering it under a dress.

Cardigans / Sweaters

Cardigans or sweaters are perfect for layering over a basic top whether it be long sleeve or short sleeve.  Cardigans keep you warm and add style to your travel wardrobe. I personally love wearing cardigans over my top.  It’s a perfect piece to wear if the weather it slightly warmer than the usual fall weather.

Coats / Jackets

You can’t leave without packing a coat and a jacket.  Make sure you pack one of each that allows you to wear with any outfit.  I prefer warm coats and jackets just in case I don’t feel like layering my clothes underneath, at least it keeps me warm the entire time.

Ballet Flats / Boots / Shoes



Packing a pair of ankle boots, flat shoes and ballet flats should give you a variety of options to mix and match while in Italy in fall.  Remember to pack that’s easy to match with your outfit, and that will also keep you warm.  The key is to pack versatile shoes so you won’t end up buying a pair of shoes while on a holiday.  It’s also vital to pack the most comfortable shoes for travel, as there’s no doubt you will be doing a lot of walking.  Unless of course you

The truth is that Italy’s clothing styles vary from north to south, which can be very helpful when it comes to your traveling destination. On the one hand, Milan and the north keep up with the latest trends and women tend to dress a bit over the top, customizing their outfits to their personal taste. On the other hand, Rome and the south of the country follow local trends and traditions. Needless to say, Italians don’t fancy revealing clothes – showing too much skin is considered tacky and not fashionable at all! Dressing smart is their way to go, no matter what season or part of the country you travel to.

Italian style wardrobe staples

When it comes to fall in Italy, it’s good to know that temperatures fluctuate from 15°C to 24°C, as well as that it rains a lot. This can be very useful when picking your wardrobe staples that’ll be the base for your outfits. One of the must-haves is a basic tee, either in black or in white, since you can match it up with literally anything. Button-up shirt, silk tank top, and chiffon blouses in neutral or earthy colors are also obligatory because these can upgrade any look and make it ready-to-wear.

Italian style wardrobe staples

As you can see, Italian women prefer colors such as brown, purple, gray, black, and white, as opposed to bright ones. So, when in doubt, plan on a monochrome packing list! These ladies would certainly agree that nothing makes a look like footwear, and they have never chosen comfort over style – pointed-toe heels are an absolute must! Locals love sophisticated and elegant outfits required for dining out, so make sure that you have either a pair of glamorous heels or gorgeous ballet flats in your suitcase! Of course, a high-quality raincoat or poncho are inevitable!

Accessorize yourself

Accessorizing is what beautiful Italians do best – so make sure that you have an ace up your sleeve, too! A stunning yet practical leather handbag is more than necessary, as well as a silk scarf with some interesting prints or patterns. Besides that, sunglasses are always required when in Italy – these say ‘classy’ more than any other accessory! No matter if you choose a designer piece or a no-name one – the most important thing is that these are appropriate for your face shape. If you want to get a good deal, shop for sunglasses online and find an elegant and affordable pair for yourself!

Accessorize yourself

Apart from the aforementioned items, you should also bring some inexpensive pieces of jewelry such as simple necklaces and bracelets. Such delicate items will perfectly go with the rest of your outfit, making you look sophisticated and classy.

Visiting Italy in fall is probably the best time to do that, besides spring – the temperatures aren’t too high then, which makes it perfect for your trip. Just make sure that you have the previously mentioned pieces, and you’ll be good to go. These will make your life much easier and help you feel like a true Italian Signorina!

Written by: Sophia Smith (Contributor)

sophia-smith-fashion-travel-accessories-1Sophia Smith is Australian based beauty and fashion blogger and graphic designer. She is also very passionate about DIY projects and photography, as well as everything that includes visual communication. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is style editor at High Style Life.  You can find out more about her writing by following her on: Facebook  Twitter  Google +

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