What To Wear In London In Winter?

Many people visit London during the winter season to explore the various attractions that are available and learn more about the rich history of the location, as well as the fact it’s one of the fashion cities of the world! Due to low temperatures that often occur at this time of the year it can be easy to become cold and uncomfortable very quickly. To ensure that you stay warm and look fashionable in the iconic city of London, there are a few important garments to include in your wardrobe.  Find out some tips on what to wear in London in winter.

A Durable Coat

Although you may want to look chic and sophisticated whilst strutting the streets of London, it’s important to pick out a coat that offers more than visual appeal. Choose a coat that is windproof and waterproof to minimise the need to pack multiple garments for layering. Your coat should also be easy to pack and take on or off throughout the day when you dine at a restaurant or try on clothes while shopping. The coat should also fit well and not be too large to ensure that you have plenty of mobility. Find a coat that hangs just above the knee to keep your thighs warm while spending time outdoors in freezing temperatures at one of London’s many events. A coat with a hood will also prove to be effective when it begins to rain or snow and you need a bit of coverage on your head or to protect your neck from wicked winds.

Parkas are very common in London due to the warmth and protection they offer from the weather conditions. ASOS is a great website to buy winter coats too.

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For more stylish alternatives:

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The snowy weather during the winter season in London makes it necessary to pack a good pair of boots that have traction and will prevent you from slipping on ice or wet pavement as you walk around the markets outside. Consider purchasing durable boots that won’t easily get scuffed when you’re in the middle of crowds if they get stepped on. At this time of the year look for some faux fur insole boots so you don’t have to wear two pairs of socks keep your feet warm and dry in the rain or snow however choose a pair of boots that are waterproof to ensure that they’re not damaged in the wet weather. Black or neutral/tan colours are popular footwear colours in winter as they can be styled with many different outfits.

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Many people don’t realize that sunglasses are necessary during the winter season in London, but the city can be extremely bright due to the sunlight that reflects off of the wet pavement as well as bright and cool winter mornings. Sunglasses will increase your level of visibility and will also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Choose a pair of shades that provide UV protection with the lenses and won’t easily break in your bag when they’re not in use. Try to avoid bright colours in the winter so one pair can go with any outfit.

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Leather Gloves

Instead of keeping your hands in your pockets while you’re walking on the streets of London, wear waterproof thermal leather gloves to keep your hands warm. Choose gloves that will match well with the coat or boots that you plan on wearing the most.


Layering is an essential fashion trick to learn in order to look stylish whilst staying warm – no one wants to look frumpy in a jumble of mismatched layers. Layer a white tshirt under a thin jumper which can then be layered with a lightweight cardigan and your winter coat on top. It may sound overwhelming wearing so many layers, but it is a lot more convenient and comfortable to wear multiple thin layers rather than one thick jumper that constricts you in your coat.

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