What To Wear In Paris France: Fall, Winter, Summer & Spring Outfits

Are you travelling to Paris soon? Your flights and accommodations are booked and sorted, but you still haven’t even thought about what to wear in Paris.  Why not?  Well, packing and thinking about what to wear to another city can be quite overwhelming, as we want to make sure that we pack and wear the right outfits that are appropriate for the city and the weather conditions.  

Don’t stress yourself out, just relax!  Here at Fashion Travel Accessories, we’ve revealed the shocking truth about Parisian Style.  We’ve also selected the most comfortable, chic and stylish Parisian fashion tips for summer, spring, fall and winter to guide you on what to pack for Paris and help you fit in the city and culture and not feel like a typical tourist.  Most Parisians or locals don’t generally care about what you wear as long as it’s not too outrageous.  However, some Parisians are quite specific about the way you dress.


Wear comfortable, chic and fashionable outfits according to Paris seasons

Some outfits are quite versatile, much like thin & thick fabric scarves, neutral and simple tops, jeans, pants and dresses, cashmere sweaters, blazers and coats are generally worn in any season and anytime you’re in Paris.  Below are some of the best Parisian outfits to wear according to the weather and season. 

Summer Outfit For Paris

How To Dress In Paris In Summer?  Packing List For Paris In Summer (June, July, August & September)

You know what everyone says when the city sizzles so your wardrobe should sizzle too, right?  Yes and No!  Deciding what to wear to Paris can be quite a challenge as temperatures can vary in the summer time especially in the early mornings and evenings.  Here are some of the typical rules not to wear in Paris for both Men and Women.  Do not wear baggy t-shirt, short shorts, fanny packs and running shoes (unless you’re up for your daily exercise routine) if you don’t want to be noticed as a typical tourist.  Below are the typical Parisian Chic styles that you might like to emulate prior to embarking on your Parisian trip.

First – Check The Weather!

Whenever I’m in Paris, I always check the weather just like everywhere else I visit to.  I always recommend that you check the weather before embarking to a new city to get an idea of what to pack and wear.  Summer in Paris starts 21 June – 21 September, however, I find that the best time to explore and travel to Paris is between July and August when the weather is mostly dry, sunny and warm.  Early July, the average temperature usually starts off at 18.5°C, and it gradually increases to 20°C by the end of July.  However, some mornings and nights the weather typically varies with cold mornings and evenings in some days.

However, daily high temperatures range from 23°C to 25°C throughout the month, but it hardly exceeds to 31°C or hardly decreases below 18°C.  Usually, from June to August the average low temperature is 14°C – 16°C and an average high temperature is 25°C.  And then when September comes the average low-temperature changes to 12°C and the average high-temperature changes to 21°C.  

Just be warned though that I find Paris experiences some rainfall across 11-15 days throughout the month.  Even though it’s summer, Paris still experiences rain in some days and with that in mind, it’s best to be prepared and pack an umbrella that’s portable and that you can easily take it around while sightseeing.

Summer Dresses 

Black, light, neutral, nude and pastel colours and patterned dresses to wear in Paris in summer are essentials.  Parisians sometimes love to wear elegant, chic, loose-fitting A-line, bodycon, sheath or pencil type lightweight summer dresses in bright, neutral and pastel colours and some are in patterns.  They look great for young, middle age and all ages and it’s super easy to pack.  Though, most women tend to wear dresses that are knee length or just above the knee.  Maxi type dresses are also popular in Paris.  

You’ll definitely discover that dresses and skirts are mostly worn and far more attractive and versatile than shorts in Paris.  In saying that, it’s also more practical and appropriate for Museums and Churches like the Notre Dame Cathedral.  I personally love wearing light pastel, nude, beige, khaki and black dresses in summer in Paris but I always make sure that I carry a cashmere cardigan folded inside my bag for when the weather suddenly gets slightly chilly or when I feel like visiting some Museums and Churches.  

More Summer Dresses To Choose From:

 2 Summer Dress Paris Speechless Junior's Lace Sleeve Tie Back Fit and Flare Dress  4 Summer dress Paris   5 Summer dress Paris  6 Jessica Simpson Women's Sleeveless Popover Printed Dress  7 Summer dress Paris Jessica Simpson Women's Sleeveless Sheath Dress  8 DKNY Jeans Women's Draped Acid-Wash Dress   9 Summer dress Paris Jessica Simpson Women's Marissa Fit Flare Eyelet Dress   10 Summer dress Paris Jessica Simpson Women's Marissa Fit Flare Eyelet Dress  11 PattyBoutik Women's Sleeveless Summer Maxi Dress   12 Summer dress Paris Adrianna Papell Women's Cap Sleeve Short Beaded Dress with Diamond Contrast Beading   13 Summer dress Paris Adrianna Papell Women's Sleeveless Beaded Blouson Gown  14 French Connection Women's Animan Mechanical  15 What To Wear In Paris In Summer BB Dakota Women's Emmaline Button-Up Maxi Dress with Slip   16 Gabby Skye Women's Fit and Flare 2fer Dress

Summer Tops For Paris

Chic and simple classic t-shirts and blouses should be your go-to outfit to match with skirts, pants, jeans or trousers.  Try wearing a luxury linen t-shirt or shirts with some chic and stylish flare to it like a curved edges hem, round or v-shaped neckline with cute buttons and feminine shape for a flattering silhouette.  I always opt for beautiful shapely T-shirts in neutral tones, white, khaki, beige, grey, black and some pastel colours.  You can’t go wrong with simple yet chic and fashionable t-shirts and blouses that have knitted or simple patterns, as they absolutely go well with any lower outfits.  You can always look elegant, chic and sophisticated even on simple t-shirts as long as you add some summer scarves and accessories with it.

More Summer Tops & Blouses To Choose From:

2 Summer Tops For Paris Adrianna Papell Women's Tulip Hem Tank    3 Summer Tops For Paris PAIGE Women's Hadley Stripe Tee        5 Summer Tops For Paris Joie Women's Otissa Silk Blouse  6 PAIGE Women's Bonnie Top   7 PAIGE Women's Raine Top   8 Summer Tops For Joie Women's Otissa Sleeveless Cami   9 Summer Tops For Paris BCBGMAXAZRIA Women's Sierra Silky Top   10 BCBGMAXAZRIA Women's Kymberly Sleeveless Blouse   11 Democracy Women's Tiered Woven Short Sleeve Crochet Top with Fringe Hem   12 Helmut Lang Women's Entity Jersey Scoop Neck Short Sleeve Tee Shirt   13 Paige Denim Women's Lynnea Tee   14 NYDJ Women's Isabelle Paisley Print Blouse   15 Summer Tops For Paris BCBGMAXAZRIA Women's Haily Asymmetrical Pleated V-Neck Top   16 Summer Tops For Paris 

Summer Cardigans or Sweaters

As mentioned above, summer in Paris still experiences rainfalls and temperatures cool during the evening and early mornings.  Therefore, it’s vital to pack and carry some summer cardigans or sweaters to keep you warm and protect you from the breeze.  My favourite ones are the long sleeve featherweight cashmere cardigans and the light linen cardigans or sweaters, which are perfect as a layering piece with tops and dresses.  If these sweaters aren’t used, you can easily fold it nicely inside your handbag or just wrap it around your shoulders.  These types of summer sweaters are of course light enough for summer, but it’s also more than enough to keep you warm along with your summer scarves and a light jacket.

See More Summer Cardigans To Choose From:

2 Summer Cardigans Paris    3 Summer Cardigans Paris Calvin Klein Women's Ribbed Zipper Front Cardigan    4 Summer Cardigans Paris Calvin Klein Women's Shrug Sweater   5 Summer Cardigans Paris Three Dots Women's Stripe Sweater Slub Cardigan   7 Summer Cardigans Paris Joie Women's Tomiko Cashmere Cardigan

Summer Blazers

Seriously, I’m obsessed with wearing blazers in summer and spring.  Blazers are another fashion statement, perfect for layering aside from cardigans.  If you want to look even chicer and Parisians then pack yourself with cotton and linen blazers in khaki (nude), black and pastel colours to suit your style and to match with any outfits.  Blazers are also versatile, and they add a different fashion outlook to your whole attire.  Blazers are also breathable, and they keep you warm when layering on chilly days.  For summer time, try to buy those thin cotton or linen blazers that are tailored fit and nicely shaped with buttons and round edges hem.  You don’t want to be wearing the thicker type of blazer and only to find out you’d be sweating in humidity.  

1 Summer Blazer What To Wear In Paris   2 Summer Blazer What To Wear In Paris      3 Summer Blazer What To Wear In Paris  5 Summer Blazer What To Wear In Paris   7 Summer Blazer What To Wear In Paris   8 Summer Blazer What To Wear In Paris

Summer Trench Rain Coat

If you want to be well extra prepared then I highly recommend you also carry at least one trench rain coat that’s perfect for summer.  A waterproof trench coat if possible with a hood would be versatile for summer, and it would be a good investment.  You’d thank yourself for keeping yourself dry from the pouring rainfalls, while sightseeing or walking around the city of love, Paris.  


Summer Scarves

You seriously can’t go wrong with wearing scarves all year long in Paris and anywhere in Europe for that matter.  Especially Parisiennes are quite obsessed about scarves even in summer.  Therefore, lightweight summer scarves were invented to basically finish a whole outlook and complete the fashion statement.  But most importantly, it’s another fashion accessory that not only will make you look chic but it surely will keep your neck warm when it’s breezing out in the air.  I’m not going to lie; I do love my summer scarves whenever I’m in Paris and anywhere in Europe because it really completes the look, but if I’m feeling too hot it’s easy to put it away and just fold it nicely in my handbag.  Simple patterned, khaki and neutral thin linen scarves are mostly worn in Paris amongst men and women, and those are the ones I typically wear too.  

          3 Summer Scarf Lightweight What To Wear In Paris          5 Summer Scarf Lightweight What To Wear In Paris    

Denim Jeans and Stylish Pants

I once heard and read about the myth back in those days that Parisienne’s don’t wear denim jeans.  Hmmm, yes and no!  Nowadays, I’ve seen more Parisienne’s wearing denim jeans and is now high fashion on the streets of Paris.  The good thing with denim jeans is that you can easily dress it up or down.  You can only look super casual yet comfortable, chic and stylish depending on the tops and accessories you pair it with.  Also, linen and cotton pants in khaki, black, white and neutral colours are popularly worn in Paris pairing it with Oxford, ballet flats and open toe sandals.  Sometimes they opt for wearing high heels.  I usually pack two pairs of skinny jeans in black and blue and two pairs of stylish light and soft cotton or linen pants in neutral, white, khaki and black colours.  These colours and style are so versatile and easily match with any tops or blouses, scarves, blazers, shoes and any accessories.



Chiffon, flared, stripe and pencil skirts in black and white, neutral, nude and pastel colours are quite common in Paris.  Denim pencil skirt is also quite Parisian chic depending on types of tops you pair it with.  These skirts are so easy to mix and match with different tops as long as you they will be comfortable to wear and that are chic and stylish.

Comfortable & Fashionable Walking Shoes

Comfortable yet chic and fashionable walking shoes do exist!  You know that you can still look stylish while wearing beautiful flat shoes.  Don’t ever sacrifice beauty for comfort, as there are so many ways to look chic and fashionable in ballet flats, sandals, oxford shoes, loafers and stylish sneakers with your outfits.  Not only that, there is obviously an abundance of stylish yet comfortable shoes to wear and choose from for when you go on your holiday, sightseeing, travel and even while relaxing and living in Paris.

While at some stage you might want to wear high heels for when you go on a date, formal dinner and events then that’s also possible as there heels that are also made for comfort and style in those gravel pathways and cobblestone streets.  Though, I always make sure that I carry a spare ballet flats tuck inside my handbag, as it may come in handy when manoeuvring stairs and doing lots of walking in those cobblestone streets.


How could you be living or sightseeing around Paris without adding some accessories to your fashion statement?  You don’t necessarily have to accessorise yourself overly, but adding some simple earrings, necklace, rings, sunglasses, hats and bags will surely complete your looks.  

I usually like to wear my big sunglasses, making me look more fashionable plus it protects my eyes from the sun.  I also love wearing hats from time to time.  Hats are so practical and yet stylish, allowing you to add more fashion to your entire look.  Although, hats may not be as useful when it’s too windy despite its appearance.  Earrings, necklace and rings are optional for me, which I also tend to wear the same design and style wherever I go.  But on occasional days, I love to wear different types of earrings and necklace to match with my whole outfit, but that’s also if they bother me.  And most importantly, bags are also considered a fashion statement.  Most women cannot leave the house without carrying a handbag.  I tend to go for an oversized handbag that allows me to fit anything that I can’t live without.  Though, from time to time I enjoy carrying a small crossbody bag as it’s so versatile, light and easy to run with when I’m ever in a hurry.  


Spring Fashion In Paris

Packing List For Paris In Spring: How To Dress In Paris In Spring And What’s The Weather Like?

Paris is just as beautiful in Spring, but packing and wearing different outfits for Spring in Paris is another story.  You’ll have to pack and wear for two different seasons.  This is because you’ll find that mid-March, you’ll experience and see a mixture of bright blue sky days, rainy and chilly weather.  Spring in Paris is usually from 21 March – 21 June.  This is the season where Parisiennes seem to reawaken, with its river and side cafes will be filled with locals starting to hangout outdoors with their fashionable outfits.  

I usually pack and wear a mixture of summer and spring outfits.  I would mix and match and layer according to the weather.  Spring is the season where it transitions to summer so therefore I tend to mix some bright and pastel colours to get me in the mood.  March and April’s months are still cold even with some sunshine with a maximum of 12°C and 16°C and a minimum of 4°C and 6°C temperatures. And by May to early June the weather starts to increase to maximum 20°C and 23°C and an average minimum of 10°C.  Therefore, it would be practical to wear some warm coats and jackets for when the weather is too cool but when it’s in the hot days a simple top with cashmere sweaters and a scarf should keep you warm enough during the middle of the day.  A nice long sleeve or quarter sleeve black dress and the neutral dress would be ideal for Spring as well to pair it with an ankle boot or ballet flats and some warm outerwear.

Tops and Blouses for Spring in Paris

A mixture of cashmere, polyester, cotton, silk and rayon fabrics in short sleeve or long sleeve tops and blouses in the Spring season are essential.  Black, white, neutral and pastel colours in those types of fabrics would be practical for varying weather conditions.  I certainly still would like to keep myself warm in Spring so therefore, I tend to wear a mixture of polyester and cotton tops because polyester fabric traps moisture and thereby maintain its warmth in Spring and Fall.  Another reason why polyester is a good fabric to wear in spring and fall is that it’s a moisture trapping fabric, which will hold your sweat against your skin and will not easily let the evaporating moisture escape away from your body easily, thereby resulting in its warm temperature.  However, the downside to this is that it can cause a bad odour by the end of the day.  

While on the other hand, a cotton fabric is a moisture absorption, which leaves you cool in the heat due to the moisture stays in contact with your skin.    Therefore, the most cotton fabric is good for summer to keep you cool.  Whereas as a mixture of cotton, silk and polyester would be much practical in Spring and Autumn to keep us warm, while at the same time allowing us to wear another layer of cashmere sweater when it’s needed.

See More Spring Tops To Choose From:

2 Spring Paris Top White + Warren Essentail V Neck    3 Spring Paris Top Calvin Klein Women's Lace-Up V-Neck Sweater   4 Spring Paris Top Milly Women's Dolman Blouse    5 Spring Paris Top Rachel Zoe Women's Mairi Tassel Stripe Blouse   6 Spring Paris Top Joie Women's Eachann Pullover Sweater    7 Spring Paris Top Joie Women's Situla Long-Sleeve Blouse   8 Spring Paris Top XCVI Women's Nia Top- Mademoiselle Crotchet    9 Spring Paris Top Joie Women's Purine Printed Long-Sleeve Top   10 Spring Paris Top Joie Women's Fran Gingham Brushed Cotton Shirt    11 Spring Paris Top Paige Denim Women's Mya Top

Cashmere Cardigans and Sweaters For Spring in Paris

Cashmere is a soft wool fabric that’s super versatile for when layering in summer, spring and fall.  I sometimes wear a layer of cashmere sweater in either black, white, neutral or pastel for spring time in Paris and anywhere I go.  It’s either cropped or longer length paired with a scarf and a cute top underneath, pants and ballet flats or boots. 

Cashmere is so chic and versatile as it’s made in different style such as cardigan, sweaters, tops in either loose or tight fitting.  And they are even worn in all seasons throughout the year depending on the weather conditions.  The fact that cashmere is also soft and lightweight, you can easily fold it neatly in your handbag if you feel too hot for some spring days and when you’re just out and about and feel the need to warm your body you can easily put on your soft and warm cashmere cardigan or sweater.  So simple and chic!

See More Cardigans For Spring To Choose From:

2 Spring Cardigan Paris Vince Camuto Women's Long-Sleeve Engineered Wide Stripe Sweater   3 Spring Cardigan Sweater Paris Calvin Klein Women's Basket-Weave Sweater   4 Spring Cardigan Sweater Paris Design History Women's Long Thermal Cozy Cardigan   5 Spring Cardigan Sweater Paris   6 Spring Cardigan Sweater Paris   7 Spring Cardigan Sweater Paris  8 Spring Cardigan Sweater Paris T Tahari Women's Kyra Zip Front Cowl Neck Sweater  9 Spring Cardigan Sweater Paris Splendid Women's Cashmere Blend Poncho Sweater   10 Spring Cardigan Sweater Paris Pendleton Women's Crossover Cardigan Sweater   11 Spring Cardigan Sweater Paris BB Dakota Women's Tabbetha Fuzzy Cardigan  12 Spring Cardigan Sweater Paris BB Dakota Women's Tabbetha Fuzzy Cardigan  13 Spring Cardigan Sweater Paris Vince Camuto Women's Long-Sleeve Ribbed Maxi Cardigan Sweater  14 Spring Cardigan Sweater Paris Karen Kane Women's Fringed Cardigan  15 Spring Cardigan Sweater Paris BCBGeneration Women's Waffle Stitch Sweater Cardigan Vest

Dresses To Wear In Spring Time

You can certainly wear a dress in Paris in spring time when out and about on the streets during day and night.  Sleeveless dresses, quarter sleeve or long sleeve dresses would be practical for spring as long as you can easily match with your outer wear to keep you warm in the cool days.

Jeans and Pants For Spring In Paris

Skinny jeans and pants are widely worn in Paris and are pretty much essential clothing pieces to every woman’s wardrobe.  While most Parisiennes wear dark colour denim, you’ll also notice that they start to wear dark blue or faded blue and in bright pastel colour jeans.  I personally love to wear jeans, so I always pack and wear jeans everywhere I go and travel.  With that being said, skinny jeans aren’t only for the young ones but also worn by many women of all ages.  Straight cut and flared jeans and pants are definitely still in fashion so if you’re into those then why not get yourself a pair.  Wearing jeans and pants in spring will also keep you warm for when it’s cooler days.

Outerwear for Paris in Spring Season

Spring Blazers & Jackets

1 Spring blazer jacket Paris

I usually wear blazers in Spring and Fall (Autumn) and some days in Summer time when it’s cool in early mornings and evenings. Blazers are some of the most beautiful fashion statements regardless if it’s warm or cool.  A blazer can still keep you warm in spring especially the ones with a mixture of wool and cotton.  It’s also a great piece for travel because it hardly ever gets wrinkled, it can be worn as a light jacket, and it would instantly transform your full attire from looking casual to semi-casual and into a chic, formal and sophisticated look.  For spring, I usually wear the 3/4 length sleeves and would also opt for long sleeve if the weather is still cold, whereas for summer I’d usually go for 3/4 length sleeve for an additional fashion statement.  Go for black, nude, neutral, some bright pastel colours and even the ones with beautiful patterns.  

More Blazers & Jackets to choose from:

Spring Coats

Pea Coat, Trench or Wrap coats are also essentials for spring in Paris.  If you find that it’s still a bit cold in spring in Paris, then I recommend you pack and carry a coat of your choice.  It’s one of the best outerwear to keep you comfortable, stylish and warm at the same time.  

Spring Scarves

You can never go on without wearing a scarf, while in Paris.  No, it’s entirely up to you.  Of course, it’s optional, but as mentioned above, Parisians do love wearing scarves all year long and so do I.  In fact, most French women are born to combine and incorporate practicality with fashion.  Scarves are available in different types of fabric, colour, pattern, texture and thickness.  I always tailor my scarf according to the weather, season and the clothes I wear.  For spring time, I tend to go for a mixture of polyester, linen and soft cotton for when the weather is still breezy and chilly.  But when it’s heading towards summer and the weather starts to get warmer, I’d usually go for a thin linen type of scarf just to accentuate my style and complete the look.  


Handbags, hats and other accessories such as jewellery are another fashion statement that you can add to your luggage and for when you need to accessorise yourself to complete the look.   

  • One handbag
  • One crossbody bag
  • Two practical yet stylish hats
  • some jewellery (earrings, necklace, watch, bracelets and rings)
  • umbrella
  • sunglasses

Comfortable and Chic Walking Shoes For Paris

I usually pack and a variety of shoes that suits my outfit and my activities throughout the day.  I’d recommend packing the following shoes: –

  • Two pairs of ballet flats (1 in neutral colour and 1 in black colour that suitable for day and night and that can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion)
  • One pair of stylish sneakers that can be used for walking, sightseeing, biking and even for running if you need to exercise some days.
  • One pair of ankle boots either in neutral or black colour that you can easily wear for day and night with different outfits either for casual, elegant or formal look.

Fitness Gear

If you’re into fitness and exercises then why not pack some gear that you can wear whenever you need to exercise in your bedroom or when you feel like going for a run and biking around Parisian parks and amazing streets.  

  • One pair of running shoes
  • Two pairs of exercise tops
  • One pair of exercise pants 

Fall (Autumn) Outfits For Paris

How To Dress In Paris In Fall?  And What Is The Weather Like?

The days may be starting to get shorter, but the colours are still blooming.  Fall in Paris starts 21 September – 21 December.  Though September is still considered warm but it does get chilly in the evenings and mornings.  In September, the weather has a maximum of 21°C and a minimum of 12°C.  October’s maximum weather is 16°C and with a minimum of 8°C and lastly for November – mid-December its weather maximum is at 10°C and a low of 5°C.  

Very much similar to Spring, I would recommend you to pack and wear a mixture of outfits that are appropriate for two different seasons (summer and autumn).  Again, autumn is another season where you start layering your clothes especially starting towards the end of November through winter time, as it transitions into winter and that weather becomes even colder.  I find that when it comes to autumn season in Paris, everyone starts to start changing their wardrobe into much grey, black and white colours, as they prepare for the winter season.  However, some are still able to pull off some bright colours combining with dark colours as they go along on a day to day basis.

Outerwear For Fall: Blazers, Coats, Jackets, Cardigans and Sweaters

1 Sweaters For Paris Woolrich Women's Clapshaw Cowl-Neck Tunic Sweater

Let’s start with outerwear this autumn in Paris.  You have pretty much a lot of options to choose from.  

  • September – October: While it’s still slightly warm in September and some days in October, I’d usually go for either blazers and sweaters and an additional warm coat for when the weather suddenly gets colder.
  • November – mid-December: It starts to get cold in November, as fall begins to sink in so I’d usually go for a mixture of cashmere sweaters and a coat.  Layering is also an option to opt for.  Early to mid-December is the month that you’ll start to feel the early winter as it transitions.  So, I’d usually wear something much warmer.  Lots of layering just like what you would normally wear for winter.
  • 2 Types of Blazers (casual day time wear with coats, scarf and one blazer for night time wear, dinner, theatre and special occasion).
  • 2-3 Warm Sweaters (Grey or neutral and black colours that you can wear with any outfits)

2 Sweaters For Paris Chinti and Parker Women's Hooded Cardigan  3 Sweaters For Paris Noisy May Women's Milo Long-Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater   4 Sweaters For Paris Joie Women's Jehannon Fair Isle Sweater   5 Sweaters For Paris   6 Sweaters For Paris MINKPINK Women's Blue Belle Knit Sweater

  • 2 Coats (Black, grey or neutral shades that are versatile for day and evening outerwear).
  • 1 Jacket (Warm leather, wool or waterproof jacket that you can wear it alone over your warm tops, or you could layer it with your coats).  
  • 1 Raincoat (I prefer practical yet stylish raincoat to wear it over everything whenever you have to go out in the rain).

Tops and Blouses For Fall For Paris

1 Fall Tops Paris Magaschoni Women's Color-Block Sweater

While you’ll be covered mostly with your outerwear, I’d usually wear something elegant, chic and stylish underneath.  Opt for some nice long sleeve tops in cashmere, cotton, wool, silk and polyester turtleneck and v-shaped.  

See More Fall Tops To Choose From:

2 Fall Tops Paris Calvin Klein Women's Waffle Stitch Crew Neck   3 Fall Tops Paris   4 Fall Tops Paris  5 Fall Tops Paris   6 Fall Tops Paris Ted Baker Women's Mereda Cable-Knit Peplum Sweater  7 Fall Tops Paris bela  8 Fall Tops Paris bela  9 Fall Tops Paris Calvin Klein Women's Career   10.1 Fall Tops Paris ZANZEA Women's Loose Casual Solid Long Sleeve Chiffon Shirt Tops Blouse  10 Fall Tops Paris ZANZEA Women's Loose Casual Solid Long Sleeve Chiffon Shirt Tops Blouse

Jeans, Pants & Leggings

I usually pack and wear a variety of bottoms such as denim jeans, straight cut pants and thick leggings to match with my long sweaters, coats and shoes.  But people say that Parisiennes don’t like wearing leggings by itself unless for going out and about.  It’s entirely up to you.  You can easily dress up with leggings depending on how you wear it and what you pair it with.  Obviously, you wouldn’t go for thin fabric leggings, as that would be hideous.  

  • 2 Pairs of Leggings (wearable for day and night with any outfits)
  • 3 Pairs of straight cut Pants (in black, white and neutral colours are perfect for fall)
  • 3 pairs of denim jeans (black, dark blue and grey denim jeans in a variety of shapes either skinny, flared or straight cut, which gives you a lot of options to pair with your outfits).

Dresses and Skirts

Who says you can’t wear dresses and skirts while the weather starts to get cold in Paris?  There are a lot of options to choose from.  Some of which are cashmere, cotton and wool fabric dresses and skirts, which should keep you a little bit warm.  You can also add some black tights together with your boots to make you look chic and extra warm in fall.

Packing a wool or cashmere dress is also another essential to your travel wardrobe.  You can easily fold and pack well and coordinate with other pieces to provide versatility in your clothing and style.  I usually wear the A-line, Sheath and Wrap dresses to compliment with my outerwear and shoes in fall.  And these type of dresses are universally flattering on virtually any body shape and all ages.

Scarves, Scarves, Scarves!!!

More scarves! Yes, you can never have enough of scarves.  As mentioned above, scarves tend to be worn all year round in Europe particularly in France and Italy.  Because fall in Paris starts to get cold and it gets even colder nearing winter season, I’d usually pack and wear those long soft cotton wool scarf to complement with my outfit and to keep me extra warm.  Pack a variety of style and colours to add more chic and style to your entire look.


You can’t leave without packing and wearing accessories even though it’s cooling outside.  Here are my top picks: –

  • 2 Warm Hats (in black and neutral colours as they certainly go well with any outfits)
  • One umbrella (I usually carry a black umbrella)
  • Two handbags (1 small crossbody bag that can be worn in day and night and any occasion and one handbag that’s slightly bigger, which allows you to fit anything you like)
  • Jewellery (any jewellery you love to accessorise with)
  • 4 Pairs of socks
  • 6 underwear


Packing shoes for fall can be quite difficult, as you would probably need some extra space due to a number of space boots require.  Here are some of the most essential shoes to pack and wear for fall in Paris: –

  • 2 Pairs of Ballet Flats (black and neutral colours, as they can easily be combined and coordinated with dresses, jeans, pants and outerwear).
  • 1 Pair of running shoes (if you can’t live without exercising then you might want to pack your running shoes)
  • A pair of ankle boots (ankle boots in either black or brown would be perfect for Paris.  Preferably with a rubber outsole to provide strong traction and support).
  • 1 Pair of riding boots or knee high boots (this might come in handy for when the weather gets really cold and that you can comfortably wear it over your jeans, pants and leggings).
  • 1 Pair of Stylish Sneakers (I love chic and stylish sneakers… Parisiennes do love wearing stylish sneakers that can easily be matched with any outfit and outerwear).


Winter Outfits For Paris

What To Wear In Paris In December, January, February & March & What’s The Weather Like?

You don’t necessarily need a ton of clothes for winter in Paris.  To brighten and spice things up in the snow, rain and cold wind in Paris I suggest wearing some lovely neutral, grey, some pastel and camel colours.  I don’t usually like to wear black too much for winter, as the city is already quite dark and gloomy.  Winter in Paris usually start 21 December – 21 March, and there will be some occasional snows so be prepared to wear rubber outsole boots for strong support and traction and thus preventing you from slipping on any slippery surface or in the snow.

Outerwear For Winter: Coats, Jackets & Sweaters

5 Winter Sweater Paris Calvin Klein Jeans Women's Textured Color-Block Sweater

Be prepared to look good and warm at the same time, while your outerwear should be able to withstand the unpredictable rain, cold, windy, snowy weather in Paris.

1) 3 Pairs of Coats – You don’t necessarily have to wear black all the time!  It’s already dark, dull and gloomy so wouldn’t you want to brighten and spice things up a bit?  Rather opt for khaki, camel, neutral, grey and perhaps some faded (pastel colours).  If you’re going to choose some pastels, just be careful with wearing too bright, though.  I’d go for light cream or light pink for pastel.  And of course my all time favourite colours for coats are beige, khaki, camel, neutral and grey colours in all style either double breasted, trench coat, cocoon, peacoat or wraparound coats.

2) 2 Jackets – I’d opt for a thick, warm and waterproof jacket in either black or grey.  This would have to be an ultimate versatile jacket to wear in Paris regardless if it rains or not.

3) 3 Pairs of Sweaters – I love sweaters, so I would pack three different style and colours.  Preferably in beige, white and grey.

1 Winter Sweater Paris Kensie Women's Fuzzy Mixed-Media   2 Winter Sweater Paris Kensie Women's Fuzzy Mixed-Media  3 Winter Sweater Paris French Connection Women's Otis Turtleneck Sweater  4 Winter Sweater Paris  6 Winter Sweater Paris Vince Camuto Women's Long Sleeve Turtle Neck Mix Cable Tunic

Winter Tops and Blouses

1 Winter Tops Paris

Soft cotton and wool long sleeve turtleneck or V-shaped shirt and a cashmere top in a variety of colours such as black, white, stripe, caramel, khaki and pastel would be perfect for Paris.  They’ll definitely keep you warm on top of layering more pieces such as cashmere cardigan and a coat or jacket, as your outerwear and a scarf with your leggings and pants.  Also, pack a mixture of long sleeve stripe t-shirt for a classic Parisian feel.

Dresses and Skirts

Pack a mixture of flared midi circle skirts, mid-length sheath dresses and A-line dresses that are long sleeve in soft and thick cotton and wool fabric, as they are breathable while at the same time they keep your body insulated.  On top of it all, you can easily pair it with black tights, scarf, long cashmere sweater and a jacket or trench coat as well as with your ankle boots or knee high boots.

Denim Jeans, Pants & Leggings

Opt for thicker but soft jeans fabric and thicker wool pants in either straight cut or skinny shape in a stripe or dark coloured jeans.  They keep you warm and make you look chic at the same time.

  • 2 Pairs of Pants (Thick wool stripe pants to add more chic to your style in winter and beige or khaki colour to slightly brighten up your look)
  • 2 Pairs of Jeans (1 in black denim jeans and 1 in grey or blue denim jeans)
  • 3 Pairs of thick leggings (I always opt for thick leggings to wear it with my oversized long sleeve t-shirt and long sleeve cashmere sweater to go with my oversized scarf and a nice warm jacket or trench coat.  You can never go wrong with leggings as long as they are worn correctly.  They super comfortable especially when it’s worn with knee length boots and ankle boots.  You can easily manoeuvre and run with it if you needed to).


I always opt for oversized soft yet warm cotton and wool scarves whenever I’m in Europe or Paris in the winter time.  Oversized scarves are so practical yet chic and stylish for when you need to keep yourself warm while strolling around and sightseeing Paris.  Also, oversized scarves allow you to easily wrap around your neck while the rest can easily be hang loose on your chest and you can certainly dress it up in different styles however you like it to be.


Paris city features a variety of magnificent, yet difficult cobbled stone streets and several staircases to walk on if you’re not wearing proper footwear.  I highly recommend you opt for chic and stylish leather fashion ankle boots and knee-length boots, stylish sneakers, feminine ballerina flats or loafers and oxford shoes that are extremely durable with extra insole cushion for support and rubber outsole for extreme traction and support.  Thus, prevents you from slipping on any slippery surface while walking or running in the rain and snowy weather.  And there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy spending hours walking around and exploring the amazing sights of the city.  


Who says you can’t look extra stylish in winter time in Paris?  Accessorise your winter outfits with a variety of chic and fashionable pair of hats, belts, gloves and umbrella.  If you want to add that extra ultimate stylish accessory, choose a crossbody or an oversized leather handbag or shoulder bag (either satchel or tote style) in order to complete that tres chic look yet comfortable at the same time.

Share Your Tips Below

Over to you, what are your tips for what to wear in Paris in summer, spring, fall and winter?  I hope this article has guided you through, given you some insights and helped you make a decision somehow on what to pack and wear to Paris for your holiday. These simple tips are not only for those who are going for a vacation to Paris but also for those who have been living in Paris and just simply want to change their fashion sense.

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