Where To Stay In Milan Italy: Cheap Hotels & Apartments

Milan, Italy

Travel Date: June 2014

Have you been searching endlessly for a cheap place or hotel to stay in Milan?  I have put together some of the best hotels and apartments in various districts of Milan.  Where to stay in Milan?  Ah Milan, city of fashion, exotic sport cars and extremely beautiful and exotic people. A trendy city with an urban vibe that is unique unto itself. Where Rome is a city of rich history and architecture and Venice is deliberately decadent, Milan seems to forgo the historical preamble and presence and instead assaults you with a visual feast of vanity, splendour and the luxuries that only (a lot of) money can buy. This is a city of the old collaged with the new and something completely different from anywhere else in Italy. It’s also the topic of today’s hotel review and travel destination.

I’ve always wanted to visit Milan and I finally able to explore the fashion capital in June 2014. When I was little girl I would imagine myself as one of the super models strutting off in the latest fashion. It’s great to realise a childhood dream, albeit by way of coming to Milan as a Travel Fashion blogger 😉 As with all my Europe travels location is very important and something I spend a little extra time in. I needed to find a place that was centrally located, offered commuting options and close enough to the major attractions while at the same time not at the exuberant Milanese accommodation prices.

Where To Stay In Milan City Centre Fashion Travel Accessories Hotel Santa Marta Suites 1

Stazione Centrale, Milan

If you’re on a budget but still would like to be in the centre of Milan with a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants at affordable or cheap prices, then I highly recommend to stay around Stazione Centrale district.  This district is quite big where you’ll find different types of cuisines, fashion, style, locals and neighbourhoods.  It’s definitely considered quite safe (I felt safe while wandering around the area) though I won’t recommend roaming around at night especially in a very isolated streets and outside Milano Centrale.  One of the good things I love about Stazione Centrale district are the food and shopping due to the abundance of options that are available for anyone with different style and budget and most of all they are affordable considering how close it is it to the very central of Milan where the Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle II are located.  

See all Hotel Discount Rates around Stazione Centrale Milano

Buenos Aires Hotel

Hotel Buenos Aires Milan


Stazione di Milano Centrale is a popular district that is part of the Zone division of the city.  This district is very close to the city center of Milan.  This area also consists of small restaurants, cafes, shops, shopping streets, shopping mall, businesses, apartments and hotels.  It’s definitely one of the best areas where you’ll find lots of different cultures, races or nationalities.  It’s also a district where you get to taste a variety of cuisines from all over the world.  You’ll also find lots of African market very close by the train station.  A place where you can also find good quality products at bargain prices.  

After searching online and in google maps for the ideal area I found a great hotel called Bueno Aires Hotel, which is located at Corso Buenos Aires not very far from Stazione Centrale. It’s 15-20 minutes walk from Milano Centrale and it’s also within walking distance to the major attractions such as the Duomo and Galleria Vittorio (30 minutes walk). When we arrived in Milan I knew the hotel was a good choice. Your first impressions of a place are generally your most valuable barometer on your travel journey and I was pleased to find the hotel met my needs more than adequately.

Comfort, Bedroom, Breakfast and Staff

The staff were very friendly and they greeted me in the typical Milanese way that made me realise these are the people that put a lot into what they do. The room was spacious and for the price (something that is at a premium in other places in Italy like Venice) and even offered a terraced balcony with a view of the streets below.  You can gauge a hotel by the quality of the beds, linen and air-conditioning (after of course the cleanliness and staff attitudes). Again this hotel met the bill. The air-conditioning was a life saver during those late hot summer nights and fortunately didn’t rattle off like a Sputnik era relic (though I’m sure it was probably made somewhere round then). The accommodating also included breakfast and I was pleasantly surprised that it was a rather substantial affair. Often we would so stuffed from the great variety that we would forgo lunch. It was great to have something more than coffee and a dehydrated croissants or scones (which often the breakfast menu for budget friendly hotels). I made friends with the charming lady that served us every morning and we would take the time to chat with her each day.  The other perks of the place was an elevator! If you have been around Europe you will soon notice that the older establishment either lack these or have rickety birdcage elevators than have been left over from another era. Lugging suitcases up flights of winding stairs is no fun in 33 degree heat I was thankful for this even if did smell like tobacco at times. The hotel also offered dry cleaning which was quite reasonably priced.

Convenience (Shopping, Nearby Cafes, Restaurants, Highlights & Many More…)

As noted earlier the hotel perhaps situated ideally. Commuting was easy and we were in walking distance to everything one needed to see in Milan. There is so much to see and do in Milan and at times you never know what you are going to encounter. From stunning long legged women to the most immaculately groomed pets to super cars. During our stay there was a fashion show on and we got see all the hoopla that ensues. At times I was grateful that the hotel was close by as I could hurry back to change (which sometimes didn’t sit well with my traveling companion/porter/photographer/life partner). It was also convenient for shopping (which is to die for) and allowed for offloading at the hotel before I tackled the next clothing store. If you go to Milan go for the clothes first (there are plenty of other places in Italy to get leather goods, though Milan has that too if you can afford it).

Milan also offers quite a treat when it comes to food. Due to large influx of foreigners you can get everything from Hamburgers to authentic Italian cuisine. On our first night in Milan we found a great place close to the hotel near the tram tracks and enjoyed bolognaise and glass of red wine. For the extremely budget minded there is a supermarket close to the hotel and plenty of amenities close by from the ubiquitous “farmacia” to clothing stores. We really enjoyed our stay in Milan. I’m glad I chose that hotel. It had the space (enough to dry your clothes too if you do “traveller’s laundry” aka washing in the sink), ventilation, friendly staff and was located ideally.

Milan is a place of attractions, a visual feast. You owe it to yourself to see first-hand what you see in the fashion magazines. Find a good place to stay like Bueono Aires Hotel and go visit it. I’ve attached some gorgeous pictures from my trip there.  Read more reviews about Buenos Aires Hotel and get the best discount rates for today.

Some Cons…..

Hardly any!  The elevator and the hallway had a cigaret smell but not as strong as compared to other hotels and or even hostels.  Our room was right above the main road so it was very noisy when we left the big windows wide open.  But once closing it we couldn’t hear the loud noises loud noises from the main road.


More Hotels Around Stazioni Centrale

Esco Hotel Milano

Esco Hotel Milano Fashion Travel Accessories 1

This beautiful Esco Hotel Milano is situated just right behind Milano Centrale.  It’s still in the hub of Milan offering a variety of shops, restaurants nearby and walking distance to many tourist attractions.  It’s also only 300 metres to Corso Buenos Aires, well known for the main street shops.  This hotel also offers all kinds of amenity and facilities such as easy access to Wi-Fi, private bathroom, haydryer, access to kitchen offering Italian breakfast, which includes hot drinks, croissants and pastries and many more.  There’s also a bar for all guests to enjoy and have drinks.  Bedrooms are cleaned everyday and linens are change when needed.  Find out here for more information, reviews and the best value deal for today.

Ibis Milano Centro Hotel

Ibis Milano Centro Hotel Fashion Travel Accessories 1

A modern hotel situated in between the Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emanuel II, Corso Buenos Aires shopping street, Piazza Della Repubblica and Stazione di Milano Centrale and a few steps away will connect you to the Expo 2015 Exhibition Centre.  The bedrooms at Ibis are superb offering various amenities and facilities to suit your needs.  This includes Wi-fi connection, breakfast, room service, plasma TV screen, private bathrooms and many more.  There’s also a 24 hour front desk service, which means you can always go down the reception if you need to inquire anything.  Find out here for more information, reviews and the best discount rates for today.

Milan City Centre (Duomo & Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle area)

If budget or cheap prices aren’t so much of an issue to you then the bustling heart of the centre of Milan City would be a good place to stay at.  Due to its location you’ll be taken straight into and in no time right in the enormous Gothic Duomo Cathedral, the magnificent 19th century arcade Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall and the 18th century Palazzo Reale.  While on the other side of these highlights, you’ll definitely stumble upon the crowded shopping lined Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, where you’ll also find a variety of fashion shops, cafes and restaurants.  And to the north side is where La Scala Opera House will be found.  The centre of Milan is definitely one of the best options due to its closeby tourist attractions and closeby different districts and suburbs of Milan City.  In the South from the city centre, you’ll also find the art gallery district of Brera and the designer shopping around Via Montenapoleane.  There are two lines of metro system in this area so you’ll definitely enjoy your tour around the city.  Heading towards further south-west of Milan is where you’ll find Navigli district, which is known as the Venice area of Milan due to its beautiful canal, small bridges, cafes, restaurants, shops and apartments. 

While staying in this area, you’ll definitely notice the difference between different types of Milanese or locals in Milan.  Having been in Milan for only 5 days, while staying in between of the city centre Duomo and Stazione Central, I was definitely mystified by the city and its aura.  I have fallen in love with all there is to love and hate about Milan .  As I arrived the centre approaching Corso Vittorio and the Duomo, I felt like totally out of place and out of trend.  I consider myself quite fashionable but very simple and chic, whereas Milanese are quite extraordinary when it comes to fashion.  The definitely know how to dress up and coordinate their clothing in so many ways like as if they didn’t spend so much time putting their outfits together.  So effortlessly fashionable, extravagant and chic!  They somehow quite different to Parisian chic.  For some reason, I prefer the Parisian style.  Needless to say, I thought it would be nice to warn you what you should expect to see around this area.  Well, it’s pretty much like this in the entire city centre of Milan.  But more so fashionable right in the middle of the city.  If you want to blend it with the locals, look fashionably stylish but comfortable, here’s some of the most easy and affordable outfits for you to take and mix and match.  

Best Hotels around the Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Imanuele II and Milan City Centre:

Hotel Santa Marta Suites

Milan City Centre Fashion Travel Accessories Hotel Santa Marta Suites 1

Hotel Santa Marta Suites is a magnificent historical hotel with antique decors, situated in the narrow Via Santa Marta old cobblestone street in the heart of Milan.  This type of hotel is definitely my style.  The building was built during the 18th-19th century.  So staying here is like reliving or experiencing the past.  So if you’re a history fanatic then this is definitely one of the best hotels to stay in Milan.  Allowing you to immerse into the local, Milanese culture, the smell and the whole ambiance.  The bedrooms are quite spacious as compared to other hotels.  Well, the value for money is definitely worth it.  It’s only 300 metres away from Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle.  The wood beamed ceilings, antique furnishings, private bathrooms with complete toiletries and hairdryer are just marvelous.  

They offer all kinds of amenities and facilities that you need in a hotel.  One of the good things staying in this hotel is that during the evenings, it’s so much cooler and easier to take a short stroll around the little cobblestone streets without getting lost, as along the way you’d be surprised to find many cafes and restaurants nearby. And most importantly, you’ll definitely feel safe wandering around in the evenings.  But of course you’ll have to be extra vigilant wherever you go. Hotel Santa Marta Suites definitely belongs to an upper class area yet super affordable and good value for money.  If you’re also interested in luxury brand shopping then this area would be a great choise.  Nevertheless, it’s suitable for everyone who wants to experience like princess and prince once a life time.  The atmosphere, decor and comfort of this hotel is definitely what you would need in Milan.  Find out more information, reviews and the great deals available for today.

Hotel Dei Cavalieri

Milan City Centre Hotel Dei Cavalieri Fashion Travel Accessories 2

Fabulously breathtaking view of Milan City, whilst standing in the terrace of Hotel Dei Cavalieri.  Another exceptional hotel situated right in the heart of Milan.  Just 250 metres away from Milan’s Cathedral the Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle and many other historical highlights.  The building is not as historically old and the rooms are decorated in classic style with wooden furniture, some pastel colours and parquet floors.  It’s situated right in the intersections of Piazza Giuseppe Missori, among the busiest streets.  As you step out of the hotel you’re right in the buzz of crowd and noises.  If you’re not so much into old historical buildings and decor then this would be suited for you as, it is quite modern whilst situating in the centre of Milan.  It has easy access to everything such as public transportation, shops, cafes and restaurants.  Though you would have to walk a few metres to find a mixture of different cuisines.  This hotel is also quite close the Milan’s Stock Exchange and the Teatro alla Scala Opera House.  

All amenities and facilities will be provided throughout your stay.  This includes buffet breakfast (provided booking that includes breakfast every morning).  Isn’t that cool how they provide buffet breakfast?  Well, most hotels do provide buffet breakfast.  If you are trying to budged, save some money and cut lunch then why not eat lots for breakfast.  Staff are very attentive to any services you require.  The comfort of this hotel is also highly recommended as you’d be able to feel refreshed after having a great night sleep in your comfortable bed.  It’s also soundproofed with air conditioning and heaters are available for winter time.  Find out more information here along with great reviews and best value deals for today.

I hope you find this review useful. If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the section below – I’d be happy to hear from you.

Have a great trip and as the Italians say…

Buonasera Bella 😉

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