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I immediately fell in love with Verona, Italy after having visited one of the most romantic cities in Milan sometime in June 2014. I wish my fiance and I stayed a few more days. Verona wasn’t properly planned in our travel itinerary, as we thought that it would just be one of those small towns that we could quickly stop over.  Thankfully, I decided to book our accommodation through Bookings – Verona, Italy.  Verona is a small city but it has its beautiful and romantic charm and character.  It’s definitely a small city where I consider to live for awhile.  

Where To Stay In Verona?  Below are some of the Low Rates Apartments & Hotels we stayed at and to choose from:

B&B Casapiu Piazza Erbe

We were lucky enough that we found one of the cheapest bed and breakfast accommodations called B&B Casapiu Piazza Erbe, which is centrally located at Citta Antica, where the best Italian culture, food and shopping can be found.  We stayed in the apartment that has several bedrooms.  We had our own bedroom but we had to share a kitchen with the other guests as well as the owner.  The room we selected was very spacious for the price we paid for.  It also had a magnificent view of the street and historical buildings of Verona.  Also, our room didn’t have a private bathroom and toilet but our it was just outside the room, which we shared with the owner.  The rest of the rooms in the apartment had their own bathroom and toilet.


Here’s some of the highlights about B&B Casapiu Piazza Erbe Apartment.

B&B Casapiu Piazza Erbe is located in such a glorious 18th century building, situated in the historic centre of Verona.  The apartment is on the third floor, which unfortunately you would have walk up the stairs, as the building does not have an elevator as far as I can remember.  The main entrance has a glass door with an intercom so you’ll be able to buzz the owner.  

Inside the apartment and in each bedroom, it’s elegantly furnished, offering its design furniture that features a mixture of modern and classic decor of tables, chairs, lampshades, side tables, drawers, wardrobe and bed.  The furniture pretty much has its character with a mixture of modern, retro, vintage and chic.  In addition to the decorative furniture, it also features some beautiful arts and paintings hanged throughout the walls.  I totally fell in love with how the way they decorated their apartment.  It’s quite different as to what you would normally see in hotels.  



City Highlights:

I cannot ask for more about this apartment and where it’s specifically located.  If you decide to stay there, you’d thank me for writing this review. 🙂 We didn’t actually realize how close and centrally located the apartment is to everything until we arrived there and started walking around the neighbourhood.  B&B Casapiu Piazza Erbe is just right behind the Piaza Erbe (Square) and Juliet’s Balcony, which is only 200 meters away by foot.  Not only that, it’s also just behind all the other tourist attractions such as the Scalliger Tombs, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes and one of the main shopping streets called Via Mezzanine (something like that, I’m sorry I forgot the name of the street, but will update this soon).  And there are more neighbouring attractions to see such as the Arina de Verona (quite similar to the Colosseum of Rome but smaller version), which is also a walking distance from the apartment.  Also, some of the beautiful romantic bridges that cannot be missed is just a walking distance away.  


It offers free Wi-fi throughout your stay and even while in your room.  During our stay, we didn’t have any issues with the wifi connection at all.  We were able to connect easily and we were even able to browse and upload photos without any interruptions.  

Most bedrooms have their own bathroom and toilet but as mentioned above we chose one of the biggest bedrooms with a balcony and a view of the street but without a private bathroom and toilet.  Unfortunately, we had to share a bathroom and toilet with the owner but he was hardly at home and we mostly had the bathroom and toilet to ourselves even though it was outside the room.  It didn’t bother us having a bathroom and toilet outside the room, as we were only there for 2 nights.  However, if you intend to stay for more than 2 nights I highly recommend selecting a room with a private bathroom and toilet but you would have to pay a little extra, which isn’t too bad still. 

It’s very hot in the summer, fortunately each room has air conditioning, which you can easily turn it on without any problems.  At night time it can get a bit too hot but we hardly ever had to use it, as we just left the window open even though it was noisy outside but it didn’t bother us, as it didn’t even wake us up.  

Breakfast / Kitchen:

I could not ask for more!  The owner was so generous offering us breakfast every morning.  He was awake before 8 to prepare for his guests breakfast.  This include free coffees, teas, juice, bread, ham, cheese, some cereals, milk, yoghurt and some fruits.  There were lots of food in the kitchen and in the fridge to choose from.  The coffee machine was great too, as we were able to make our own coffee anytime of the day.  

We were awake between 8:30 and 9 to have our breakfast first and then we just got ready by 9:30 and usually we were out by 10:30 am for sightseeing.  The good thing about staying at the apartment in Verona was that breakfast was available from 8:30 – 10:30 and if you plan to sleep in you definitely won’t miss out on your breakfast.  Unlike other apartments and hotels their breakfast would normally be served between 7 and 8:30 am and if you don’t get to wake up on time then you won’t get  to eat your breakfast.  When we were in Milan, we stayed at a Hotel, which served breakfast at 7 until 8:30 so we made sure we were in the kitchen by that time.  It was a bit hard as we had to wake up really early to get ready first then have our breakfast. Staying in B&B Casapiu Piazza Erbe in Verona was less stressful and much more relaxing, as we didn’t have to rush early in the morning for breakfast.  Also, staying at a hotel or apartment that offers breakfast is quite good as you can eat a proper breakfast without having to worry looking for a restaurant or cafe to eat at before you begin sightseeing and touring around.  And you’ll definitely get to save some extra cash.  We stayed mostly at apartments and some hotels that did offer breakfast and we didn’t even have to eat out until it came to lunch time.


The only negative thing I could think about this apartment is that you could definitely hear other guests talking early in the morning when they are having breakfast.  This is because our room is right next to the kitchen and the kitchen is very small but it’s fully equipped with small dining tables and chairs.  Also, I didn’t really like the idea of sharing bathroom and toilet even though it was always clean and it was hardly used by the owner.  But we chose the room without a private bathroom.  Also, there’s no elevator so be prepared to carry your heavy luggage to the third floor.  And if you are traveling alone, I suggest asking the owner to come down and help you.  Lastly, it gets really noisy at night time, due to its central location where lots of young people hang out to eat, drink and party all night.  You’ll definitely hear lots of young ones talking, laughing and shouting and some music in the background but only if you keep your window open for the whole night.  Once it’s shut you’d be able to sleep peacefully.   

As mentioned above those are the reasons why choosing B&B Casapiu Piazza Erbe Apartment is a good place to stay while in Verona.  In addition to my review, the apartment has low rates, you can easily manage it here easily even if you have to cancel it you won’t get charged but only if it’s before 72 hours.  Your booking is also secure and you won’t be charged until you arrive and  or until your final stay.  You can also easily change the date if your travel itinerary changes.  

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