What To Wear In London: Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn Style Guide

Have you been thinking about what to wear in London for fall, spring, summer and winter?  My fiance and I went on a trip to London for the first time in June 2011 and we were both not prepared with the constant change of weather during summer.  We went there in the middle of June, as we wanted to explore what London has to offer but little did we know that the weather would drastically change into 4 different seasons in 1 day. Yes!  did you know that?  If you plan to visit London in summer be prepared to pack multiseason items, as you never really know one morning could be raining, cold and then it’s hot and humid and windy in the afternoon and some days it’s chilly while the sun is out shining.  We had a terrible weather experience while exploring London, as we were not prepared at all.  We only brought our summer outfits.  We hardly had any warm clothes packed in our luggage.  The only warm piece of clothes we had was our sweaters and my thick leggings that I wore in the plane to keep me warm from the air conditioning.  And that was all!!  How unprepared we were!  But seriously, it was our fault for not doing our research it’s because it was a last minute plan.  That’s generally the case!

When we arrived in London, we also didn’t have enough time to shop and we didn’t have enough funds to shop for warm clothes either but we ended up buying something to keep us warm for the entire 5 days of our stay in London (we had no choice).  Despite the terrible experience we had, we still had a great time sightseeing and we also managed to spend time with my fiance’s grandmother and my long time friend who has been living in London for a couple of years now.  So enough of our terrible experiences.  In this article, I would like to share some of the best versatile outfits for London that are appropriate for all seasons. I am so delighted to be able to create this content along with some beautiful, chic, stylish yet comfortable and practical outfits you could pack and wear whilst exploring in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world – London.  I seriously don’t want any of you to experience what my fiance and I went through so I have compiled all these appropriate and recommended outfits below for various seasons.

Spring Outfits For London

What is the weather like in London in Spring?

Firstly, it’s vital to study what the weather is like in London in Spring before you even start packing.  Spring in London starts from March – May.  March usually has an average max temperature of 10C (which I still consider that as quite cold) and with an average rainfall of 37mm.  April usually has an average temperature of 13C (still too cold for me but when the sun is out it’s quite manageable) and with an average rainfall of 37mm.  And the month of May has an average max temperature of 17-20C (which feels a bit warmer but it’s not as hot as the summer days) and with an average rainfall of 46mm.  You’ll find that the Spring time has an unpredictable weather, which sometimes has a pleasant sunny weather of 20 degree, while the flowers and leaves are starting to bloom, birds also start to chirp and daylight appears to be longer.  While however, some days can be quite damp,chilly, grey and windy.   Generally, early springs can still get a bit frosty, which means people generally tend to wear warm coats especially in the early mornings and nights.  While in the late spring people tend to start dressing lighter outfits that allow them to show off their skin, as it’s nearing the summer weather.  

Mix and match comfortable, chic, fashionable or stylish outfits to wear in London in Spring:

In actual fact, Spring in London is probably one of the hardest seasons to dress for, as the weather can be so up and down.  My best advice would be is to carry a range of summer and winter items in order for you to easily mix and match easily when needed. And please do not forget to carry at least 1 very warm dress coat/jacket to wear for day and night (if you want to look classy, stylish and chic at least in some days while sightseeing and meeting friends) and another 1 casual warm jacket for you to wear when you’re in your lazy mood or if you just want to dress very casual with leggings or jeans and a pair of sneakers.  

Below is a selection of 12 pieces of clothes you could pack and wear in London for Spring.  These outfits are so versatile, which means they can easily be paired and mix and match with any outfits in any occasion.  


These outfits are of great quality and available in a variety of colour and sizes to choose from with the BEST PRICE, FREE SHIPPING & RETURN.  Click each number below related to each item shown above.

Blouses & Tops: 1 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10, Blazer: 3, Crossbody Bag: 4, Rain Coat & Coat: 12 / 13, Dresses: 16 / 17, Jeans: 2 / 11, Shoes: 5 / 14 / 15   

Blouses & Tops

As you can see on the above image, I have shown 6 different types of blouses / tops that you can choose to pack and wear for Spring in London.  Packing different types of tops is vital for your travels, as it allows you to easily mix and match throughout your vacation.  Not only that, it also allows you to wash the used tops and wear your other tops and let the rest to dry itself. When I travel or when I’m in a new city, I tend to have at least 6 – 8 different blouses or tops on a 1-2 weeks vacation but when I travel for 3 – 8 weeks or longer then I make sure that I have enough of various range of blouses or tops to choose and mix with my bottom outfits.  Look at it this way.  Blouses or tops get used everyday and therefore it gets dirty and smelly by the end of the day especially in summer season due to the heat from sun and temperature.  You end up hand washing (or machine wash) by the time you get back to your apartment or hotel.  I highly recommend you pack some extra tops so you won’t have any problems matching with your jeans and skirts.  You’ll also get to wash your other tops without having to worry of your next outfit the following day.  These tops are super light, easy to hand and machine wash and most importantly they are available in a variety of colours and sizes to choose from.  

Summer Outfits For London

What is the weather like in London in Summer?

It’s important to know that summer in London usually starts in June until mid September.  The influx of tourists usually starts in June due to its popular time to visit and the weather steadily gets warmer as the month goes on.  During this time of the year, the average temperature in June is 16C, which is slightly warmer than May.  However, you’ll still feel that the low temperature is 13C (still a little bit cold for me), while on the other hand its high temperature in June is 21C, which is quite warm. With sunshine hours can last up to 8 hours and a chance of sunny day is 24%.  While on the other hand it still has a chance of rainfall 43mm and rainy days of 13 days.   The chance of rain in London around June is 49% and chance of cloudy day is 22%. The chance of rainfall days is considerably higher than sunny days, which means it’s highly suggested that you must carry a raincoat or an umbrella wherever you go.  As I mentioned above, the weather in London is super unpredictable.  When it rains while at the same time it’s windy, it’s impossible to carry an umbrella so I highly suggest you carry a raincoat instead of an umbrella.  We were in London in June 2011 the start of the summer month.  It rained with strong winds most of the time and only around mid afternoons, the sun starts to rise and soon after it disappeared again.  We ended up buying raincoats so we could walk and sightsee in the terrible weather.  

July is considered to be the hottest month in London, UK with an average temperature of 19C and highest temperature of 23C.  Sunshine can last up to 8 hours with chance of sunny day 26%.  However the chance of rainfall days is 14 days , 50% and 41mm rainfall and lowest temperature of 15c, which is still considerably higher than sunny days. This means that there is definitely a high chance of rainy days in July and this can happen anytime of the day even though it’s hot and sunny.  I highly suggest you still carry a raincoat and an umbrella.  Though, July in London, you might get more sunshine than the rest of the months, which is better than no sunshine.

August in London is also a great time to visit, as the summer season is coming to an end and the influx of tourists starts to decrease.  During this month you’ll find that the average temperature is between 18-19C, with a low temperature of 15C and a high temperature of 23C, which is very similar to that of July’s weather in London.  However, the sunshine hours may only last up to 6 hours, which is 2 hours less than July.  The chance of sunny day is 29%, with rainfall 48mm, rainfall days being 13 days and chance of rain is 55%.   It’s still considered quite high prompting you to be prepared with the types of outfits you wear.  

Finally, September being the last half of the month of summer.  September is one the cheapest months for travel industry particular in the UK and throughout Europe.  Perhaps this is mainly because it’s approaching autumn and being the last month of the summer.  During this month of the year, you’ll notice that airfare tickets are found to be cheapest as well as hotels and other accommodation.  This is also because there aren’t many tourists wandering around the city and it tends to be one of the quietest months to visit.  Perhaps also due to its weather season.  The weather certainly starts to cool in London, UK and even some parts of Europe in September.  The autumn season starts settling in.  At this time of year, you’ll notice that the average temperature is between 16-17C, being the lowest 13C and the high temperature is 20C.  As you can slightly see the difference between September and July and August weather is quite apparent.  Sunshine hours can last up to 6 hours with chance of sunny day 22%.  Having rainfall of 49mm, rainfall days 15 days and a chance of rain is 46%.  The chance of rain is quite low as compared to that of June, July and August considering the weather starts to cool down.  I still suggest you carry a raincoat throughout your stay.  

Best outfits to pack and wear in London for Summer: Mix and Match comfortable, chic and stylish outfits

So now you should have an idea about the weather in London in summer, right?  I had no idea what it was like back in 2011 as I didn’t do my research at all.  As mentioned above it was a last minute trip.  To recap the weather in summer is a mixture of sunshine, rainfalls, wind and cloudy all of which can appear in one day anytime of the day between June, July, August and Mid September.  You can still wear fashionable outfits while at the same not sacrifice the comfort of your outfits.  Below, I’ve compiled some of the best outfits or travel clothes to pack and wear while exploring one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.  

 What_To_Wear_In_London_In_Summer_3I found these outfits appear to be quite versatile – easy to mix and match to suit your style and needs.  They are very light, easy to fold and pack in your hand carry and luggage.  These outfits are also available in various colours and sizes with the BEST PRICE, FREE SHIPPING & RETURN.

Dresses: 1 / 16,  Hats: 2Cardigan: 3 Sandal: 4 Tops: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10Skirts: 11 / 12Pants: 13Jeans: 14Raincoat: 15Ballet Flats: 17 / 18Crossbody Handbag: 19


                                                                    Dress 1       Dress 16

I love wearing different types of dresses in summer.  However, summer in London can get quite cool anytime of the day especially when it starts to rain with slight winds.  Adding some cardigan or a stylish light coat will definitely make you feel comfortable throughout the day, whilst at the same time allowing you to look chic and fashionable.  The dresses illustrated above are mixture of polyester and spandex materials.


                                                                      Hat 2

Hat is a vital accessory whilst traveling, exploring and sightseeing in summer time.  It prevents your face from getting sunburnt and thus adds a stylish chic to your whole attire.  I personally love wearing straw hats while exploring in a new city in summer time.  I love the fact that even if I wear casual outfits by adding a stylish hat can easily transform my outlook.  Making me look put together effortlessly.  


                                                                        Cardigan 3

You might be wondering why I would recommend to carry a cardigan while exploring London.  Well, as mentioned above, London has an unpredictable weather.  It has 4 seasons in 1 day.  I highly recommend you carry a light cardigan or fold it nicely in your bag and just use it if the weather suddenly gets slightly cold.  You really can’t trust the weather in London in summer so please don’t forget to carry a cardigan with you.  



You can still wear a nice pair of sandals in London.  Depending on the weather on the day you plan to wear it.  This sandal is super comfortable with adequate insole and outsole, though I’m not sure if this would be comfortable to walk for long periods of hours.  This is quite chic, thus allowing you to match it any of your summer outfits.


             Top 5    Top 6    Top 7

                  Top 8    Top 9     Top 10

It’s really important that you pack a variety of blouses or tops because it gets use the most.  Each top needs to be washed after using it for a whole day and therefore you need a few extra ones for you to wear and mix and match with the rest of your outfit the following days.  You also don’t want to feel as if you have nothing to wear so I suggest pack a couple of different light tops for summer.  Remember, if you are going to be doing a lot of walking while the sun is out shining then chances are you will be sweating.  By the end of the day you would definitely want to wash your top and let dry itself.  I always take a couple of tops whenever I travel in summer time anywhere in the world so I am not so limited to dressing up whenever I feel the need to.  


                                                 Skirt 11    Skirt 12


                                                                                     Pants 13


                                                                                  Jeans 14


                                                                            Raincoat 15

Ballet Flats:

                           Ballet Flats 17    

Crossbody Handbag: 

                                              Handbag 19

Autumn Outfits for London

What is the weather like in London in Autumn?

Again, let’s start with finding out the typical autumn weather in London first before we even decide to choose on what to wear in London in Autumn.  For those of you who are unsure, Autumn arrives around about mid-September and generally lasts until late November in London, UK.  And this is just as similar to European cities.  As mentioned above, the temperature usually starts to cool down throughout September, although the weather can easily fluctuate between 17-20C.  With that being said by late September the temperature starts to even cool down.  The autumn / fall season is well underway during this October month being the average temperature is 13C, with low temperature 10C and high temperature being 16C.  To me, that’s on its way to cold weather.  In October, you’ll also only get 5 hours of sunshine, with a chance of sunny day being 19%, rainfall of 71mm, 15 days and chance of rain being 60%.  This is considered quite high as compared to that of summer season.  With that being said, you definitely cannot miss packing and wearing warmer outfits and a waterproof raincoat.  By November, you’ll definitely notice that the weather continues to get colder in London, UK, as autumn also starts to transition into winter.  This month has a characteristic of a decrease in temepratures with an average of 10C, low is 7C and a high temperature of 12C.  Sadly, the sunshine only lasts up to 3 hours, with chance of sunny day of14%, rainfall 63mm, 17 days, a considerably high chance of rain 62% and a chance of 26% windy days.

Best Outfits or Travel Clothes to pack and wear while exploring London in Autumn / Fall: These Outfits are super chic and stylish yet comfortable for any occasion.

So, as you can tell the Autumn weather in London starts to get quite cold as it transitions into winter season.  Again, below are some of the best outfits that I’ve mixed and match for you to get an idea on what you should wear in London in Autumn.  These outfits are easy to pack, easy mix and match with your existing clothes and at the same time they should keep you warm throughout your stay in London, UK.

Autumn Outfit Tips For London Coming Soon – Stay Tuned!

Winter Clothes for London, UK

What is the weather like in London in Winter? 

Winter has finally arrived in London during late November until February.  The weather in London in winter season is very cold with the average temperature of between 5-7C (this can fluctuate with even on the low temperature being 4-5C).  As mentioned above, by late November the weather will transition into winter.  By December, you’ll start to experience the very cold weather with an average of 7C, low temperature 5C and high temperature 9C.  Possible sunshine hours will be for 3 hours, with chance of sunny day 11%, rainfall 53mm, rainfall days 17 days and chance of rain 58%.  The chance of windy days is 34%, which considerably higher than the rest of the months.  We all know that December is a special month being the Christmas holiday season.  Family and friends will gather up at a particular meeting place in London whether it be at home or any where in London.  London is known for the best city to visit for Christmas followed by Paris and New York.  The abundance of Christmas lights will definitely leave you with Christmas Spirits.  Not all cities put so much effort into putting all the decorations and lights and with all the christmas spirits.  So with that being said, London is definitely a great time to explore and visit despite the very cold weather but below you won’t be disappointed as you’ll find just about any outfits or the right outfits to pack and wear.   January and February in London have very similar weather to that of December.  Also, with similar rainfalls and windy days.

What are the best outfits to wear in London in Winter? Chic, fashionable, stylish yet comfortable for any occasion. 

Now, we know what the weather is like in London in winter.  I usually expect for the worse weather in the cold days of London.  This will obviously prompt me to pack lots of warm clothes.  We don’t want to arrive in London only to find out our warm clothes aren’t even warm enough for the weather.  Even though it says that the average weather is between 5-7C, I’d guest for lowest (even much lower than the average) as it can happen.  Below, I’ve selected some outfits you might like to pack and wear for your vacation in London, UK or even for normal outings if you happen to live in London.  

Winter Outfit Tips For London Coming Soon – Stay Tuned!

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  1. says: Melanie Griffin

    This is a very thorough advice. I have been reading your blog since I happen to come across while searching for the best outfits to wear in London on vacation. Thank you Marj for making an effort for sharing your tips. I am going to London in July and I hope I’ll catch some sunshine while I’m there for 2 weeks. And your summer outfits for London has been very helpful in guiding me on what to pack and wear in London. I’ll definitely be wearing some sleeveless tops, jeans and dresses while sightseeing around London but yes you’re right it’s safer to bring some warm clothes even though it’s going to be summer. I haven’t been to London but I will take your advice, as I definitely don’t want to freeze my a** off. My friends have said the same thing that London is notorious for bad weather even in the summer time.

    Thank you once again for writing up all your recommendations and tips. Please I have just bought myself some pair of shoes, tops and dresses that you’ve recommended. They are very comfortable and stylish. I really love your style and you are such an inspiration. I hope to meet you one day wherever in the world we are going to be. Have fun traveling.

    Melanie Griffin

    1. says: Marj

      Hello Melanie,

      Thank you for your beautiful comment. I just saw this comment I apologize for not replying earlier. How is London this time? How’s the weather? We were unlucky in June 2011 as it rained most days while we were there. I’m glad that my tips and recommendations were able to guide you. Enjoy your trip. 🙂