Best Crossbody Bags For Travel: Chic, Stylish & Functional

The best crossbody bags for travel and sightseeing for women are the ones with long shoulder straps, multi-functional compartment and pockets, strong handbags yet chic and stylish as it can also easily be used for special occasion, cocktail parties, formal events, weddings and everyday wear.  If your crossbody handbag leaves both hands free it allows you to move freely, carry other things at the same time such as a camera to take photos and even carry your luggage while traveling and on the go.  In this article, I have put together a variety of different types of crossbody bags to choose from and to suit your needs and style wherever you go.  These crossbody bags are super chic, elegant, stylish, sleek and yet comfortable and functional to carry around anywhere. It’s definitely an essential accessory to add into your wardrobe and enhance your style and good fashion sense.  Carrying a crossbody bag is also vital, as it can easily be hanged across the shoulder without having to worry about slipping off.  It’s also a suitable bag for someone who is always in a hurry and rushing to go anywhere like me.  Below it contains some of the well known brands of crossbody bags that will definitely last you a lifetime.


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1. Fossil Explorer Crossbody Bag

The Fossill Explorer Crossbody bag is by far my favourite bag to carry anywhere I travel.  It’s super practical and of great quality yet chic and stylish.  Allowing me to match with any outfits and shoes I wear.  It definitely goes well with different kinds of outfits without looking like a typical tourist while sightseeing.  It contains multiple compartments and small pockets, which is a bonus.  Any types of crossbody bags that has lots of compartments will make your life so much easier while always on the go, whether it be sightseeing, traveling and for everyday wear.  

This crossbody bag is made of great quality leather, featuring its practical polyester lining, zipper for closures, multi-function compartments & pockets in both interior and exterior and the 43″ shoulder strap, which allows 20″ shoulder drop, measuring 11″ high and 11″ wide.  What I love about this bag is the perfect size, which allows me to fit my smartphones, ipad, my small camera, sunglasses, wallets, some makeup, hairbrush, some other miscellaneous and even an umbrella.  I would definitely choose this  crossbody bag as my go to, specifically for someone like me who lives in the city and travels on and off anytime of the year.  Having a crossbody bag is a lifesaver, as it can leave my hands free while exploring the city and making touring and taking photos of the landmarks and the scenery much easier.  You don’t even have to worry about this bag falling off your should while walking and stopping off in between and navigating the settings of your DSLR Camera.  The only drawback to this bag is that some of the stitching between the zipper and the compartments gets undone easily especially if you fill it up with lots of things.  That being said, it’s still a good bag to take for sightseeing and everyday wear.  Though, I wouldn’t wear this type of crossbody bag for special occasion, cocktail party or attending a wedding despite its appearance still being chic.  This bag offers multiple colours to choose from with the Best Price and the option for Free Shipping & Return. 

2. Michael Kors Small Crossbody Bag

Michael Kors is a well known brand among women and they’re popular for their good quality crossbody and handbags.   This soft crossbody bag from Michael Kors is made of leather featuring its nice golden hardware material attached to the fabric.  It also has a lined interior along with an open slip pocket.  The bag also features flap top with magnetic closure for security and allowing you to open it easily.  In the back, it also has an open slip pocket.  Another good thing is that this small crossbody bag has a single adjustable shoulder strap giving it a drop of about 24″.  Also with an approximate measurements of 7.5″ L x 5″ H and 2.5″ W.   

If you are after a simple small crossbody bag for everyday wear, work, party, sightseeing and travel then this bag is a perfect choice.  This nice tanned colour allows you to easily match with different pieces of clothes whether its casual, dressy, chic and sophisticated style.  It’s quit chic and lightweight.  The only disadvantage to this small bag is its size.  Having smaller crossbody bag means you are limited to storing items.  If you’re like me who likes to carry lots of miscellaneous things then you might find it hard to fit everything.  For instance if your camera is slightly bigger, you might not be able to fit it in.  Nevertheless, it’s still a great bag to carry around due to its good quality, which ensures to last longer than a normal bag.  This type of bag comes in two different colors with the Best Price, Free Shipping & Return.


3. Fossil Crossbody Bag

I really like the shape of this crossbody bag / purse as it has a clean and simple yet elegant brown 100% real  leather design and touch to it.  It definitely looks great on any outfits and it’s also practical.  You can easily store anything while allowing you to keep it zipped when it’s needed and still keeps the profile so slim and sleek.  The type of leather also feels so soft and it’s even very soft to touch.  It also features a nice and soft cotton twill lining and 1 adjustable crossbody strap allowing a drop length of 22 inches.  Morever, it also contains 1 interior zipper pocket, 2 middle pocket and an exterior zipper pocket.  The good thing about this bag is that it can even fit an iPad mini or a tablet if you need to carry it anywhere and while it keeps the profile look sleek and chic.  The only disadvantage to this bag is that there aren’t many compartments to separate your items inside.  But overall, it’s slim, sleek and chic.  This crossbody bag comes in different range of colors to choose from with the Best Price, Free Shipping & Return

4. Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Satchell Bag


Truly loving this beautiful cream leather crossbody satchel bag by Rebecca Minkoff.  It’s made of a cowhide leather with cotton lining, flap closure and featuring metallic hardware, top handle and a contrast floral patterned interior lining.  This type of bag is perfect for travel, sightseeing and everyday wear due to its size.  It’s a medium size, which means it’s not too small or too big to carry around.  It has few small interior pockets to easily separate your things.   It weighs about 3 pounds with measurements of 17.8 x 15.3 x 6 inches.  I’m pretty certain that you can even fit your laptop inside depending on the type and size of laptop you carry.  You definitely won’t have any issues with storing miscellaneous things as well as your DSLR Camera.  Find out here for more colors to choose from with the Best Price, Free Shipping & Return

5. Kate Spade New York Crossbody Bag

Wow, I’m just speechless about this bag.  It’s a perfect crossbody bag for those who don’t like to carry lots of things.  This actually holds most things you need such as your wallet (but make sure it’s small enough), sunglasses, lip gloss, smartphone and even your car keys.  It’s made of a soft leather that looks so elegant looking, sleek and chic.  It features soft polyester lining, zipper closure, a strap allowing 24″ inch shoulder drop measuring 3″ high and 11.2″ inch wide.  One of the good things about this bag is that is also offers an exterior pocket, one interior zip and two zip pockets, which allows easy storing.  The only disadvantage about having this bag is that it would be too small for those who tend to carry a variety of things just to fill up the bag.  Unfortunately, I’m one of those women who just can’t stop putting unnecessary things in a crossbody bag.  But having a smaller crossbody bag is actually a good thing to have as it teaches you to carry less and light.  Thus allowing you to have a less stressful vacation and sightseeing moments.  This bag comes in 3 different neutral colors to choose from with the Best Price & Free Shipping.


6.  Furla Alice Small Crossbody Bag

Think about having one of the best authentic 100% leather bag that’s made in Italy.  This Furla Alice crossbody bag is super elegant and chic made in Italy.  I just can’t keep my eyes off of this bag.  Just having it doesn’t help either.  I love the fact that it’s a genuine leather offering a beautiful chain crossbody strap with leather shoulder and the well made small handbag featuring fob pouch and an envelope looking style flap with a gold tone hardware and a logo attach to it.  This obviously makes the crossbody bag looking oh so  chic, luxurious, elegant and sophisticated all mixed into one.  I would suggest using this bag for a special occasion such as weddings, cocktail parties, formal events as it definitely goes well with any types of dresses and dressy outfits.  Moreover, this can also be used for traveling and sightseeing if you’re into looking classy and stylish traveler like me.  

I love being able to look chic, fashionable yet comfortable and practical while on the go sightseeing, traveling and moving to one city to another, so I would highly recommend using this bag.  It’s super petite, chic, simple and most of all it’s very lightweight.  It only weighs 2 pounds with measurements of 11.7 x 7.1 x 3.3 inches.  It also contains nylon lining, clasp closure, 1 interior zip pocket, 1 slip pocket and 1 exterior pocket, which I quite like for easy and quick storing little items.  This also offers 18″ shoulder drop with 7″ inch high and 9.5″ wide.  However, the only downside to this bag is that it does not have an adjustable strap, which might make it a bit harder for taller and much shorter girls and ladies.  And again, it might be too small for some girls and this also does not have small pockets and compartments for multiple storing.  If you still love this bag it’s available in different colors to choose from with the Best Price, Free Shipping & Return

7.  Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Bag


Another elegant, chic, petite and sophisticated crossbody bag made of 100% leather from Rebecca Minkoff.  This type of bag is quite similar to that of Furla Alice crossbody bag shown above this.  It features a beautiful chain crossbody strap that allows 23″ inch shoulder drop, 7″ inch high and 10″ inch wide as well as a hardware turn-lock closure attached to the flap and opening of this bag.  The interior offers a zip and three slip pockets and 1 exterior pocket.  I also love the exterior design, featuring its marvellous design with great details and seams of this bag, as it certainly shows its sophistication style.  Additionally, the interior patterned lining is just as beautiful as the outside.  As you open this bag the interior lining maintains its elegance, sleekness and sophistication.  Again, the Rebecca Minkoff bag is the type of crossbody bag to use for any special and formal occasion whether it be a cocktail party, formal birthday parties, weddings and engagements.  More so, this can be used for sightseeing especially in Paris, Santorini and pretty much anywhere in Europe or wherever you desire if you want to look chic and stylish while looking comfy at the same time.  Some disadvantages to this – it’s not spacious, not enough space or compartments to store and separate your items.  You might not be able to carry lots of items either.  But the good thing is that this bag is available in so many colors to choose from and to suit your style and needs.  It’s also available in the Best Price, Free Shipping & Return

8. Vince Camuto Siena Crossbody Bag

The Vince Camuto Siena Crossbody bag is an elegant, chic yet practical bag to use for everyday wear and travel.  The size is perfect for those who love to carry multiple items anywhere.   It features some of the good things you need in a bag such as the reliable handle and the adjustable strap with 24″inch shoulder drop, 7″inch high and 8″ wide.  It also has nice and soft poloyester lining.  It features multiple zippers for closure both in each side, exterior pocket and the interior.  The only thing that this bag doesn’t seem to have a strong appeal to me is that it has some gapping in both sides, which makes it easier for pickpocketers to slip their hands inside.  Though, it’s still a great looking bag with great quality.   These are available in 3 different colours to choose from with the Best Price, Free Shipping and Return

9.  Marc by Marc Jacobs Handle Satchel Crossbody Bag

This beautiful and chic satchel crossbody bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs is a must have.  It’s made of 100% leather and 100% polyester lining.  It also features zipper closure, a crossbody strap that allows 22″ inch shoulder drop, 8″ inch high, 11.5″ wide and a sophisticated handle.  This bag is so clean, sleek and simple.  It does not have too many exterior pockets and zippers as well as the inside.  In fact, it only has about 2 small compartments to allow you to store your smartphone, card and keys.  As you open the bag it looks and feel quite spacious allowing you to fit most things, such as your makeup, books and even your DSLR camera, iPad or small laptop.  This bag is definitely a good choice to take while traveling, sightseeing, for work and everyday wear.  It can pretty much store anything you need, as it’s practical and yet it can easily be paired with most of your outfits making you look put and polish altogether.  This bag is also available in multiple colors to choose from with the Best Price, Free Shipping and Return

10. FRYE Crossbody Bag

Looking for a bohemian , vintage and stylish chic crossbody bag to match with your gypsy and bohemian outfits?  Why not look into FRYE crossbody bag?  The FRYE company is well known for its genuine and great quality of bags and shoes since 1863, hence the reason why this crossbody bag is so popular for everyday wear, sightseeing and travel.  I love the fact that this bag has its vintage appearance with some antique metal hardware and the top zip also has a flapover strap closure.  It also has an adjustable detachable crossbody strap with a drop length of 25″ inches.  Also, one of the good things are that the front features a sleek exterior slip pocket with a magnetic flap for easy storing or slipping small items at the last minute.  The lined interior featuring backwall zippered pocket as well as the 2 frontwall slip pockets.   The material is of course made of a nice soft leather.  It also does not get soaked in the rain.  It’s also super functional due to to its large outside pourch is sufficient enough for any items even storing an iPad or a tablet.  You can definitely slip things in and out easily without damaging your items.  One of the good things about this also, is that the larger interior zipper pouch can easily be stored with makeup, lipstick, hairclips, hair buns and etc.  And the rest of the pouch can store your wallet, documents, camera and other things you need, while on the go.  Even if you had to carry a light cardigan or sweater is never a problem as you can easily fold it neatly and place it inside the bag without getting wrinkled.  

However, there are some cons to this bag.  The more you store things inside, the heavier it gets.  The strap can also get quite uncomfortable due to its width being quite thin.  If the shoulder strap was slightly thicker it would have been a lot more comfortable especially if you had to store a lot of items inside the bag.  While on the other hand, I still love the fact that the strap is quite beautiful as it’s sleek and chic.  This bag is definitely perfect to use if you love storing unnecessary items wherever you go, as it can certainly hold several items you need.  If you like it, why not look into this bag for a variety of colors to choose from with the Best Price, Free Shipping and Return

Did you enjoy this article?  Which ones are your favourite Crossbody bags for travel?  Share your tips, thoughts and experience below.

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