Packing List For Europe In Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring

Packing for short or extended trip can be so stressful if not done right, as sometimes we are unsure of what to pack and what to wear when we go on a holiday.  In this article, I’ve put together the best tips for packing for Europe in summer, fall (autumn), winter and spring.  I’ve been traveling on and off and I know exactly how tedious it is to pack for a trip.  Some people find packing such a pleasurable experience however others feel that it can take the excitement away.  I seriously hate packing whenever I travel.  I can never be a long term traveler because I just hate the process of unpacking and packing every 3-4 days while traveling from one city to another.  I’ve done it a couple of times and I don’t intend to do it again, as I would rather stay in a new city for much longer next time.  Perhaps at least for 1 -2 weeks in each city, so I would never have to exhaust myself with packing my clothes.   I’d like to share my experiences and tips with you and hopefully you can learn from it.  Please note, my packing list for Europe is to offer you some ideas on the essential items to carry, pack and wear throughout your travels.  Why don’t you make packing fun and exciting by reading and following my tips below? 

Here at Fashion Travel Accessories we consider ourselves to be minimalists yet fashionable, chic and stylish as much as possible when it comes to packing the appropriate items and clothes for European weather.  We also understand that not everyone can be so minimalist and fashionable at the same time as others feel as if they need to pack their whole wardrobe in order to stay stylish.  Fortunately, we will cover some of the most stylish yet comfortable outfits to pack and wear so you’ll definitely look chic, fashionable and practical while exploring around Europe and that you’ll also be able to layer, mix and match while also keeping your sense of style. 

1 Final Packing List For Europe In Fall Autumn

{more photos will be added soon}

Best Luggage and Bags To Choose For Travel

Before you start packing you should first know what kind of luggage you’re going to be taking with you to Europe.  Personally, I love using the four wheeled luggage whilst traveling in Europe or anywhere in the world, as it’s so much easier to manoeuvre.  Most four wheeled luggage are made of great quality from well known brands.  These typically have long lifespan and durability as these suitcases and bags are made with good materials.  However, I understand that not everyone is a big fan of taking wheeled luggage especially around Europe due to the abundance of cobblestone streets and the never ending stairs in metros, tubes and train stations.  If you are traveling alone and you hate carrying multiple bags and luggage then I would highly suggest carrying a travel backpack.  A backpack is also suitable if you intend to be backpacking around Europe or around the world.  

Four Wheeled Luggage

It's so much easier to manoeuvre. Best to pick the luggage set to store all your travel essentials. These luggage have multiple compartments and pockets for easy storing and organisation. Mostly waterproof, durable, strong and can definitely withstand in any situation.


These backpacks are of great quality, waterproof and can withstand in any situations.  Blue Backpack: High Sierra Classic Series and Orange Backpack: Kelty Lakota Medium Large Backpack

Travel Backpacks

Backpacks are suited for those who hate traveling with luggage or suitcase. Backpacks are definitely a perfect option for those backpackers type. It contains multiple compartments and pockets to store your needs and travel essentials. Easier to travel and move around the stairs and cobblestone streets. However, it can cause pain in your back if you intend to walk for long hours. If you overpack you are going to find it too heavy to carry. Your back starts to hurt while standing and waiting around and you end up having to drag the backpack, which is not advisable.

Weather Conditions and Different Seasons

It’s important that you thoroughly research the weather conditions of different cities before you start packing for your trip.  This ensures that you’ll have the right gear and the right types of clothes that are appropriate for the weather. Below, I have written different types of packing lists according to different seasons in various countries. 

Autumn (Fall) Packing List

Exploring, visiting or staying in Europe on an extended time in fall (autumn) is just as good as the rest of the season.  Though, fall season starts to get quite cold as it transitions into winter.  I normally pack a mixture of warm clothes and semi-summer outfits for layering underneath.  Again, it’s important to check the typical weather conditions of the places you’ll be visiting to in Europe, as the weather can be quite different in various parts of the country.  But to save you some time and space in your luggage, I would recommend you pack versatile outfits that’s also perfect for layering for when the weather gets very cold.  

1 Final Packing List For Europe In Fall Autumn



  • 2 Pairs of Jeans – I prefer to wear thicker jeans in blue or black while sightseeing in Europe in fall so it’s warmer and that I don’t need to add another layer of leggings for when it’s cold.  I usually pack 2 pairs of skinny jeans (1 in blue and 1 in black colour) but versatile so I can easily wear it with my casual outfits.

1 Jeans Fall Packing List For Europe Autumn            

Thick & Warm Leggings

  • 3-4 Pairs of Thick Leggings – As mentioned above, I love wearing leggings while traveling especially on the plane and trains as it gets a bit cold due to air conditioning.  I usually like to pack 3-4 pairs of thick leggings in fall.  2 pairs of dressy thick leggings that can be worn by itself with long sleeve top and a jacket and another 2 casual leggings to wear it casual outfits and for layering.



  • 1 Pair of Tights:  Tights are perfect to match with a mid-length dress in fall and winter.  It keeps you warm while you can still wear your favourite warm dresses.  

Long Sleeve Blouses / Tops

  • 6 Pairs of Long Sleeve Blouses or Tops – I usually pack 2 pairs of blouses that are suitable for formal wear (dinner & dressing up), 2 pairs of casual long sleeve tops and 2 pairs of long sleeve tops with thicker fabric, warmer and versatile (can easily be dressed up or down).

                   5 Fall Blouse For Packing List For Europe    


  • 4 Pairs of Warm Sweaters – I love wearing sweaters in cold weather.  Autumn is a good season to wear warm sweaters by itself.  As long as you have a thin layer of long sleeve top underneath and then wear it with a warm scarf over your sweater it should keep you warm while sightseeing in Europe.  I usually pack 2 pairs of casual warm sweaters and another 2 pairs of stylish yet formal warm sweaters for when you want to look extra fashionable.  

1 Sweater For Fall For Packing List For Europe        

Warm Dresses

  • 2 Pairs of Warm Dresses – I love wearing dress in summer time.  But that’s not to say that you can’t wear dresses in autumn.  You can easily find some of the best warm dresses for fall to go with your leggings, cardigan, coat and a scarf.  Wearing warm dresses in Europe is definitely a good fashion statement as European women are well known for their best fashion trends. 

        2 Fall Dress Packing List For Europe


  • 1-2 Jackets – I would usually pack 1 versatile jacket to wear for when traveling, sightseeing and walking around.  This type of jacket has to be versatile that you can easily pair and wear it with any types of clothes and in any occasion. 

1 Fall Jacket For Packing List For Europe       


  • 2 Coats – I love wearing  coats in fall and winter.  I usually pack 1 nude coat and a black coat.  Doesn’t matter which types of coats as long as it’s warm with sufficient insulation in order to keep you warm for the entire time of your holiday.  I always choose the most stylish and warm coats to pack for fall because it gets worn the most on a daily basis.  The rest of my outfit such as long sleeve tops or shirts that I wear underneath a sweater or a coat are usually covered with my coat or jacket.  Therefore, I usually recommend to pack the coats that are stylish enough but also super comfortable and warm.  Wearing a fashionable coat is the best statement and that will make you look chic and stylish in photos.   Find out here for some of the best chic, stylish and warm coats to choose from.

1 Fall Coat For Packing List For Europe            


  • 4 Scarves – A scarf is one of the best fashion statements you can make wherever you go and regardless of whatever else you wear.  I usually pack 4 different types of scarves.  Some of which are warm cotton scarf, wool, alpaca and cashmere scarves.  I usually like to pack nude, black, grey and a mixture of light colours of scarves as they are more versatile, which means it would be easier to mix and match with any outfit.  Find out the most stylish and warm scarves to wear this fall with any outfit.  



  • Gloves: I recommend you pack some gloves for when the weather gets very cold.  

   2 Gloves Fall Packing List For Europe Autumn   


  • Hats: Warm hats for fall is one of my essential items.  I like to keep my head super warm while walking on the streets and sightseeing around the cities.  It’s also one of the best fashion statements wherever you explore and travel around the world.  It makes you look chic and sophisticated.

     3 Hat Fall Packing List For Europe Autumn   4 Hat Fall Packing List For Europe Autumn


  • 7 underwear: It depends on how long you’re going to be traveling but for me packing 7 pairs of underwear should be enough as it can easily be hand washed on a daily basis.



  • 3 Bras: I usually take 3 bras that are nude, black and white so it’s a lot easier to wear under my clothes.  



  • Sleepwear: I usually pack 4 pieces of sleepwear that are soft and warm fabric.

   2 Sleepwear Fall Packing List For Europe Autumn      3 Sleepwear Fall Packing List For Europe Autumn


  • 4 Pairs of thick socks: I love wearing thick socks in cold weather especially the ones that I can easily wear it under my knee high boots.  I prefer socks that are easily stretchable as supposed to wearing the tighter ones, as tighter socks can prevent sufficient blood circulation. 



I love shoes and who doesn’t? Shoes are the hardest items to pack, as it takes up a lot of space.  Packing shoes for warmer climate is even going to be harder to select the best ones as boots are bigger and heavier.  

Fashionable Sneakers

  • 1 Pair of Stylish Sneakers:  I don’t mind wearing stylish sneakers as long as it keeps my foot warm enough in cold weather.  

Ankle Boots

  • 1 Pair of Ankle Boots: I usually pack 1 pair of flat ankle boots as it’s easy to slip on and off with jeans and tight leggings.  Since I would be doing a lot of walking so I would have to pack some flat ankle boots.  

Knee High Riding Boots

  • 2 Pairs of Knee High Riding High Boots:  I love wearing boots in cold weather.  I usually pack 1 pair of flat knee high boots and a pair of  high heel knee high boots.  These boots can easily be worn with skinny jeans and tight leggings or even with warm dresses.



Eye Shadow Palettes

  • Eye Shadow Palette: I love wearing natural eyeshadow so I usually carry a travel sized eye shadow palette that have warm and natural shades and that are perfect for everyday wear.


Eyebrow and Eyeliner Pencils

  • Eyebrow Kit and Eyeliner: I don’t know about you but can you get out of the house without wearing eyebrow and eyeliner pencil?  Wearing eyebrow pencil, kit and eyeliner define and enhance your features, eyebrows and your eyes.  So why not pack a few.



  • Foundation: I don’t usually wear foundation, as I like to go out with my natural skin but if you can’t live without foundation then you must pack your favourite that’s suitable for travel and daytime wear and perhaps with good amount of SPF.



  • Concealer: It’s good to pack some concealer to cover any skin imperfections such as redness, pimples, under eye dark circles and uneven skin tone.  Wearing a brighter shade concealer also helps brighten the areas you want to enhance such as the under eyes, nose and forehead. 


Face Powder

  • Powder: A powder is good for matifying your face after applying your foundation especially when the weather is too hot.  Traveling in European cities where the weather can be extremely hot you might need to wear a powder to set your makeup before sightseeing and walking around the city.  I don’t usually wear powder even if the weather is too hot, as I like the dewy look on my face.

Bronzer & Blush

  • Bronze Blush: I love blush so I always carry a small sized bronzing blush anywhere I go.  This is my only go to daily makeup that I wear aside from my favourite eyeliner and eye shadow.

Lip Balm

  • Lip Balm:  I can’t live without lip balm, as I have super dry lips so it’s important that I apply my lip balm on a daily basis prior to applying my favourite lipstick.


  • Lipstick: I don’t always wear lipstick but if I do, I love wearing red, nude and light brown lipsticks.  


Makeup Brushes and Beauty Blender

  • Makeup Brushes and beauty blender are some of the important tools to pack for when traveling or wherever you go, as applying foundation and concealer provide flawless and smooth finish.  However, this is totally optional as sometimes I tend to use my fingers especially when I’m in a hurry.



I cannot stress enough how important it is to pre-pack some beauty and toiletry essentials.  I hate looking for toiletries when arriving in a new city.  These items are just as vital as your clothes and shoes.  However, if you run out of toiletries you can easily purchase wherever you are going to be.

Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Shampoo & Conditioner: It’s important to pack your favourite shampoo and conditioner that’s suitable for your hair type.  I ensure that I pack these toiletries, as it’s not always easy to find the same items you have at home in another country.  However, you do get shampoos in your hotel so this again optional.



  • Deodorant:  This is very important!  Please pack at least 1 deodorant and if you run out you can easily purchase in another country.  It gets super hot while traveling, walking and sightseeing so it’s really important that you apply deodorant every day and maintain your hygiene.  

1 Deodorant Packing List For Europe Autumn

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste: Another important set of items to pack in order to maintain your oral hygiene.



Moisturising Cream and Body Lotion

  • Moisturizing Cream and Body Lotion:  It’s also important to keep your skin hydrated even though you’re traveling in summer time.  I have a very dry skin so I always have a bottle of lotion and moisturising cream on my handbag. 


Travel Towel

  • Travel Towel: Some people don’t like to pack towels whilst traveling as it can take up some space.  Hotels or apartments usually provide towels for the entire days of your stay.  I don’t always pack large towel however a travel towel is perfect for traveling as it’s a thinner material and it does not take up a lot of space.  

Hair Brush

Hair Straightener

  • Hair Straightener:  For those who don’t have straight hair and love straightening their hair then a travel straightener or your existing hair straightener should be fine.  

Hair Dryer

  • Hair Dryer:  I don’t usually pack my hair dryer as most hotels and apartments have a hair dryer for guests to use.  But if you prefer to use your own hair dryer then you can easily pack a travel hair dryer.

  • Travel Size Laundry Detergent: A perfect item to pack for when you need to wash your dirty clothes in the bathroom.  This will come quite handy, as it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

First Aid Kit

It’s vital that you pack travel first aid kit wherever you go, as you never know for when you need it to intervene yourself.  Some of the travel first aid kit that are quite useful for when you travel are the following:

Winter Packing List  

Come back again as this will be added very soon

Spring Packing List 

Come back again as this will be added very soon.

Summer Packing List 

{More photos will be added soon}

We all know that summer is a popular time of the year to travel to Europe either on short or extended vacations.  Traveling around Europe during summer means that you won’t have to pack heavy winter items and clothes and therefore it will be easier to compress and fold your tank tops, blouses, pants, skirts and dresses that are obviously suitable for a European summer weather.  However, this depends on which city you’ll be traveling to.  Please keep in mind that some parts of Europe still get cold in summer time.  There is no doubt you’ll experience some rain and winds while exploring the city.  Therefore, it’s important that you carry some warm clothes.  Also having some warm clothes can keep you warm if you get sick with flu and fever, the flu can often cause chill and fever causing your body to shake and feel cold even though the weather is hot.  When I was in Athens I got sick with flu and fever.  I developed terrible chills, body aches prior to getting a fever with a high temperature.  Although the weather was extremely hot outside and in the apartment but it felt like it was winter due to chills.  I didn’t have enough warm clothes to keep me warm and all I had with me was my scarf, 1 jacket and a blanket. Fortunately, the Paracetamol did help but it took a few days until I fully recovered.  


  • 2-3 Pairs of Jeans – I love wearing jeans anytime of the year.  I usually wear skinny jeans and a high waisted. I usually carry 2 pairs of skinny jeans (1 in blue and 1 in black colour) and the other jeans would have to be high waisted but versatile.
  • 2 Pairs of Black Leggings (thin & light material) – I also love wearing leggings especially while traveling on the plane and trains.  You might be wondering why I would bother bringing pairs of leggings?  Well, leggings are available in different materials, the light and thin fabric are the ones that’s suitable for summer or warmer weather.  They are so comfortable and versatile that’s why they are good for traveling.  
  • 1 Skirt – I’m not a big fan of skirts but if you are then why not bring a pair of skirts.
  • 1-2 Pairs of Shorts – Shorts are definitely good to wear if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking by the beach.  I generally don’t like to wear shorts in big cities.  Walking around the country, province, parks and beaches then I’d definitely recommend wearing shorts. 
  • 2 -3 Pairs of Tank Tops – I like wearing tank tops underneath my cardigan.  I would also wear a tank top with jeans or with shorts. 
  • 6 Pairs of Blouses – I usually pack multiple blouses in order to give me more options when getting ready for sightseeing.  Also, I tend to sweat a lot in summer time so having lots of blouses is a must.  I love wearing blouses as it’s also comfortable, chic and stylish.  Blouses are also quite versatile as it can be paired with jeans, skirts and shorts depending on how you dress it up.
  • 2 Pairs of Sweaters – Even though it’s summer time, I definitely recommend to pack some sweaters.  You’ll need it in those chilly nights and days.  You’ll also need it while taking trains and planes. I usually carry a light sweater in my handbag whilst exploring the city, as some cities in Europe do get cold at night time.  
  • 3 Pairs of Dresses – I love wearing dresses especially in summer time.  I usually pack 2 mid-length lose dresses to wear anytime of the day and 1 tight mid-length dress to wear for a nighttime dinner.
  • 1 Jacket / Coat – Again it depends on which city you’re going to be traveling to.  I usually pack 1 pair of warm jacket or coat for sudden change of weather.  If for some reason the weather changes in the next few days at least I’d have a jacket to keep me warm.  When I went to London in 2011, I didn’t bring a warm jacket or coat at all and it mostly rained with cold winds in summer time.  
  • 2 Scarves – I know that you’re probably thinking by now why on earth would I take scarves to Europe in summer time?  Well, I used to think that way when I started traveling around Europe in 2006 but trust me you’ll save money and time if you bring at least 1 warm cotton scarf and 1 thin fabric scarf.  Regardless where I’m traveling to in Europe I always have at least 2 scarves.  Scarves are very easy to fold and they’re light, which means it does not take a whole lot of space in your bag.  The reason why it’s still important to take scarves in summer time in Europe it’s because in some cities it gets chilly at night time and some cities have very unpredictable weather even in summer time.  Scarves are also versatile, as you can even use it to wrap it around your body while walking around the beach area.  If your scarf is long and wide enough it can easily be wrapped around your body at the beach like a dress style in different ways.  Also, it’s nice to wear a scarf while on the plane as it gets really cold in midair.  
  • 7 underwear: I usually take at least 6 – 7 underwear especially if I’m going to be traveling for 1 month or longer.  Underwear has to be washed everyday so having a few extra ones is always better rather than having to reuse 2 sets of underwear.
  • 4 Bras: I usually take 3-4 bras as it gets used and washed almost everyday.  I sweat a lot while exploring and walking everyday in summer time so my bra gets washed every night and therefore it’s important to have 3 extra bras.  Also try to take bras in different colours or shades in order to match with thin fabric tops and dresses.
  • 3 Ankle Socks or Stockings: I don’t usually like wearing thick socks in summer time whilst traveling as I prefer thin ankle stockings.  I like wearing those skin tone or nude ankle stockings with my stylish sneakers and oxford shoes.  They are so nude and it’s not so visible.  


Let’s talk about shoes.  My favourite items when it comes to packing (no, I’m kidding, really it’s not my favourite part) but I love shoes and I seem to have lots of shoes that are unworn.  As much as I love shoes, they can be so stressful to pack.  Do you know why?  They take up lots of space especially when packing 2 or more pairs of shoes.  I usually pack the following shoes when I travel to Europe in summer time.

  • 1 Pair of Stylish Sneakers:  I love walking and sightseeing with stylish sneakers they are super comfortable but if the weather is too hot then I usually suggest wearing an open toe sandals.  
  • 1-2 Pairs of Sandals: I highly recommend that you pack at least 1 pair of comfort sandals yet stylish.  Comfort sandals with adequate insole and outsole to protect your arch  and heel.  If you are going to be doing a lot of walking throughout the day then it’s vital that you pack and wear thicker soles with extra cushion.  They provide extra padding and support, which allows you to walk for miles while sightseeing.  
  • 1 Pair of Ballet Flats:  Again I cannot go traveling in summer without my ballet flat shoes.  I love ballet flats, as they are so versatile.  They can easily be matched with any outfits and they can easily be dressed up or down.  I highly suggest that you wear ballet flats with adequate insole padding and extra layer of rubber sole to protect your arch and heel.
  • 1 Pair of High Heels:  Packing a pair of high heels is absolutely optional.  I’m not a big fan of wearing high heels while touring and sightseeing in Europe in summer time because I tend to walk everyday.  But I must say that I have seen tourists wearing high heels while walking around and sightseeing (perhaps they must have hired a rental car).  But I usually pack a pair of high heel shoes to wear it on a special night for dinner at a nice restaurant.  If I plan to dress up to spending some time with friends at a nice restaurant in one of the nights then I would usually wear a nice dress with high heels.


It’s important to pre-pack your toiletries into travel containers before you travel as it will save you some space in your luggage or hand carry.  Please see all the details of toiletries mentioned under Autumn (Fall) Packing List section.

First Aid Kit

I always pack my first aid kit to save me for when in an emergency or sickness.  Please see under Fall (Autumn) Packing List section for more details.


Some girls / women can never leave the house without makeup and I’m certainly one of them.  Although I don’t wear heavy makeup on a daily basis.  See my makeup makeup packing list written under Autumn Packing List.

Sun hats 

  • 2 Sun Hats – I love wearing stylish sun hats in nude and black colour.  You seriously cannot leave without packing a sun hat. You need to protect your skin and head from the sun whenever you’re out exploring and sightseeing. 

Over to you what are some of the essential items you would pack for Europe?  Don’t forget to share your tips with us. 

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