Best Ballet Flats For Walking, Everyday Wear & Travel

Choosing the best ballet flats (find out different prices here) is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make, as you need to ensure that the insoles and outsoles are good enough to prevent foot pains.   A lack of an extra layer of cushion for comfort and support can cause tremendous foot pain, and most women would rather have it all (well, I would love to have lots of ballet flats as they are my go-to shoes).  


I shopped around and found some of the most recommended chic, cute, fashionable, stylish yet comfortable ballet flats.  These ballet shoes are of course perfect for walking, travel, sightseeing, everyday wear, work and for special occasions such as parties, events, and weddings.  The best thing is that most of them are so affordable. I must tell you though that I am in love with wearing ballet flats especially the rounded shape with adequate insole padding and rubberized outsole for extra protection and support.

For the last couple of years, I found myself wearing ballet flats almost everywhere.  It’s my go-to shoes for day and night time wear.  The best thing about ballet flats is that you could easily dress it up depending on the types of outfits you wear.  You can also dress it down or wear them casually when you are in a lazy mood.

1. Lucky Emmie Ballet Flat

Best Ballet Flats Lucky Women's Emmie Ballet FlatThe Luck Emie Ballet Flats are so comfortable that you can actually walk for a whole day with pain-free.   It is made of leather with a high quality of rubber outsole, which prevents your feet from hurting as soon as you start walking and even more so comfortable on rough concrete or surfaces.  This shoe is also quite stretchable with an excellent seam on each side. The only disadvantage is that the heel measures approximately 0.25″.  So for those who don’t like heels on ballet flats then this might be too uncomfortable for you.  Most of my ballet flats are the ones without heels and the one with at 0.25″.   Fortunately, this would be a good option if you don’t mind the small heels.  Find out here for more information with a variety of colours and sizes to choose from with the BEST PICE & FREE SHIPPING. You can also find more options on Zappos

Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet Flats

Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet Flats Fashion Travel AccessoriesExplore the world and walk in sleek, minimal, and comfortable Chaste Ballet Flats.  Featuring leather, suede, or studded fabric, wave reflex technology for enhanced flexibility, HPO2Flex which conforms to your foot.  You can easily slip on and off anytime when you are rushing to head out.  It also features elasticized collar so extra comfort and support, thus preventing these flats from slipping off your feet.  The insole is designed with breathable textile lining and cushioned textile for extra comfort and breathability.  And the outsole has durable TPR rubber for traction. A perfect pair of flats for walking, and sightseeing while traveling.  These are available in a variety of colors, and sizes to choose from on Zappos.

2. Clarks Little Ballet Flat

Clarks Women's Illite Best Ballet Flat ShoesThis is one of Clarks little ballet flat shoes, which is quite versatile allowing you to match with any outfits for any occasion, though it looks more casual to me.  Clarks has been in business for many years providing very fine shoes for men and women in a variety of styles.  You get to choose this variety, yet comfortable footwear, boasting a soft synthetic upper and lining and delivers optimum breathability while wearing these all day long.  It has a detachable cushioning insole for extra padding and support as well as the rubber outsole offers extreme flexibility and traction control, which enables you to withstand a range of conditions (even on a slippery surface and rainy days).  It also offers long-term sturdiness and wears.  It’s just super comfortable.  It also has a great quality product with good elastic to protect your foot and prevents from slipping.  You might need to order a half size bigger than your normal size if you have wider feet and order a half size smaller or just your normal size if you have narrow feet (like me).  The only downside to this is that it does not have enough arch support so you might feel some pain around your arch if you intend to wear this for more than 6 hours.  Fortunately, you can add an extra insole padding so you can wear these for long periods of time without suffering from foot pain.  Find out here for more information and reviews. These might also available in different colors to suit your style at different prices.

3.  Keen Women’s Rivington Ballet Flat

Keen Women's Rivington Ballerina CNX Ballet FlatThe Keen Rivington Ballet Flat is constructed quite well, one of the best ballet flats with arch support due to its contoured arch with additional midfoot support.  It is made of canvas lining, full-grain leather upper for durability, hybrid ologies cnx, and rubber non-marking outsole.  It also has a metatarsal ridge to allow natural underfoot support combined with PU midsole compound to allow longevity comfort and support while wearing for any occasion.  The interior is constructed with a reverse strobel, which describes the specific way of stitching upper leathers and lining to the insole of footwear.  These flats are perfect for walking, travel, everyday wear and even for work and standing as it’s comfy.  These are also easily washable and air dry.  The only disadvantage to this flat is that it’s quite narrow around the toe area.  It can tremendously cause pain around the toe if worn for long periods.  If you have a wider foot and have bunions, you might find that this will be too tight, so I highly suggest you choose the wider size than your normal shoe size.  The best thing about these shoes are available in different sizes for narrow and wider feet.   This might also be available in a variety of colours to suit your style at different prices. 

4. Cole Haan Avery Ballet Flat

Cole Haan Women's Avery BalletThe Cole Haan Avery Ballet Flat is probably one of the best nude ballet flats I’ve ever seen.  Very smart, stylish and sophisticated looking flats, suitable for work (particularly for office attire), for parties to match with any beautiful dresses, skinny pants, and jeans for day and night time wear. I also think that this is one of the best ballet flats for a wedding, which goes well with long, mid-length and short dresses.  If you are going to attend a wedding and you plan to wear flats then this ballet flat should go well with any dress colour, as they are available in a variety of colours to choose from.  If you are the bride and would rather wear elegant flats, I suggest this as well, as there’s no doubt you will have a hard time finding the right color to suit your white wedding dress.  

Moreover, this flat is designed for Parisian chic style and flexibility with a combination of a cushioning system for ultimate traction. It has a versatile Grand.OS technology with smooth leather shoes, upper suede, elasticized topline and an entirely padded sock lining for additional comfort, support, and stylish Cole Haan logo detail.  The outsole is also made with synthetic and rubber pods for extra traction, thus preventing from slipping on any slippery surface.  

The only disadvantage to this flat is that it can take a while to break in.  I suggest wearing this a few times prior to any special occasion especially if that requires you to walk and stand for extended periods of time.  Also, these flats tend to be quite snugly.  Therefore, if you have wider feet, I suggest you choose the wider size.  Because it has elastic on the shoes and it can get too tight, and this also appear to be smaller than what it is.

Find out here for more information including choices of different colours and sizes at different prices.

5. Crocs Mammoth Lined Flat

crocs Women's Mammoth Lined FlatCrocs is known for rapidly growing designer, manufacturer and retailer of footwear for children, men and women of all ages. This brand also brings its unique and huge name with this sleek style boasting its strong popularity for clean lines and a lightweight, odor-resistant croslite upper.  Definitely, popular shoe products to wear for work, walking, and travel.  This beautiful slip on and off Crocs ballet flat has a classic silhouette mammoth lining for warmth.  In addition to this, it also provides lightweight cushioning for extra comfort and support to your arch, while standing and walking for long periods of hours.  It is also made of synthetic material, manmade sole with measuring shaft of approximately 2″ inches from the arch and with a heel measurement of about 0.25″ inches.  The outsole is fantastic, as it’s made of rubber material for extreme traction thus preventing from slipping on a slippery surface.  It’s also one of the best flats with arch support, as it has strong layers of insole and outsole with perfect cushioning and lining thus supporting the arch.

This flat is quite comfortable and will keep you warm even if you had to wear it for fall, spring or winter.  This ballet flat also feels great on your feet while wearing for a whole day doing errands, or standing at work teaching or even in retail shops and hospitals. It won’t give you any blisters or soreness.  Additionally, this flat can be worn as casual or in professional attire.  It does look quite professional, sleek and sophisticated, as mentioned earlier it would be good to wear this for work that requires you to wear something professional.  However, this can also be worn for travel and sightseeing in different countries, which will give you that complete sophisticated and stylish look yet comfortable.  Moreover, this flat would be good for those who have bunions and wide feet as well.  Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to these flats, one of which is the mammoth fleece lining, which can make your feet sweat especially wearing these for long hours. Also, because the shoe is made of rubber material and once you start to sweat it might create to squeak.  Needless to say, the pros still outweighs the cons.   Find out more reviews and information and a variety of colours and sizes to choose from at different prices.

6.  Clarks Grayson Erica Flat

Clarks Womens Grayson Erica FlatWow! This ballet flat is probably one of the most attractive, classy and stylish flat shoes for any occasion.  This Parisian looking ballet flat styled and tailored for casual and dressy attire that’s also suited for any occasion whether it be for parties, travel, work and wedding.  It features the most relevant material that we need in any shoes. These are leather upper, rubber outsole for extreme traction control on any surfaces and flexibility, Ortholite insole to provide significant enhance cushioning support for your arch and heel and the moisture system to keep your foot cool and dry throughout the day.  For the inner lining, it also features and made of pig full-grain to provide optimum breathability, thus prevents from developing a bad odor.

Some of the good things about this flat is that it’s super light and thin considering the cushioning under the foot provides sufficient comfort and support while wearing throughout the day.  I have the black and nude flats in this style, which I’ve been wearing for a couple of times particularly when going out on a day to day basis, travel and occasional parties.  They are extremely secured, as the elastic wrap and secures around your foot thus allowing you even to run without feeling like the shoe will slip off easily.  You can also slip on and off when in a hurry.   If you plan to wear this for a very special occasion such as weddings, engagement or cocktail parties, I highly recommend the gold or nude color would be best suited for any types of dresses.  If you plan to look complete, chic and fashionable while traveling and sightseeing then, any color would be suited for any outfits as long as it’s not too cold and windy.  

Some disadvantages to this flat are the following: Leather material can take awhile to break in, so it’s crucial that you wear this a couple of times before wearing it on your holiday or if you plan to wear this for a whole day of walking.  Also, the leather material can considerably stretch over time, and this will become too loose to wear especially when you need it to wear for walking while sightseeing or even for occasional parties and work.  This flat can easily get dirty (apparently if you wear it on a daily basis).  Overall, this is still an excellent ballet flat to wear for any occasion as it’s so sleek and chic with sufficient cushioning for support.  Find out for more information and reviews here with various colours and sizes to choose from at different prices.

7. Bandolino Leather Ballet Flat

Bandolino Women's Edition Leather Ballet Flat,BlackThese Bandolino leather ballet flats are fantastic, good quality of material and so comfortable for all day wear.  You can also find the best deal on Zappos.  The style seems formal, and it’s something you would wear for work.  Fortunately, these flats are also good for travel, walking, and sightseeing.  They go well with dress pants and skirts.  The good thing about these flats is the inside is cushioned, and it also has some velvety material.  The leather is also super soft and does not even rub your feet anywhere.  The Bandolino flats serve your desire for comfort as well as fashion with versatility.  This flat indeed embraces a modern design and style, which features built-in functionality and wearability.  Well made with the leather material, manmade sole, soft cushioning insole material and with a small heel measuring approximately 0.25″.  Find our here for more options to choose from at different prices.  You can also find the best deal on Zappos.

8. Aquatalia by Marvin Ballet Flat

Aquatalia by Marvin K. Women's Zoey Ballet Flat, Black:Blush ComboHave you heard of Aquatalia by Marin K. brand?  This brand offers some of the best high-class ballet flats for everyday wear.  It’s made of leather, leather insole and outsole featuring the extra padded leather sock suede lining and with a heel measuring approximately 0.25″ inches.  This flat is manufactured in Italy that’s engineered to perform and represents the best combination of fashion style for classy outfits as well as for comfort.  I truly love this flat and the colors they offer.  This is the type of flats you would want to wear while walking around and sightseeing in Europe especially in Italian and Parisian cities.  Most Europeans are super chic, feminine and stylish and if you want to blend in with locals why not get yourself a pair of this.  

The materials that combined in this flat is of high quality ensuring to last long.  It also has a mixture of leather upper material and a suede material to both sides, interior lining and the top insole lining.  It feels so great to your foot allowing you to feel much more comfortable while on the road for a long day. The outsole part consists of some rubber material but only around the heel and the foot area.  This also provides traction control on any surface condition.  It’s quite thin and light, but if the cushioning is not enough for you, it can easily be added with extra insole when needed.  You might find that there’s not sufficient cushion to support your foot throughout the day. Therefore, I highly suggest to add some extra padded but this is still good enough and should last you at least 6-8 hours of walking pain free.  Find out more information here with various colours to choose from at different prices.

9. Gentle Souls Unique Flat

Gentle Souls Women's Bay Unique Best Ballet Flat 1This gentle, graceful and soft ballerina flat shoe provides an artistic flair to your fashion sense.  Featuring a soft leather upper with an extremely supportive insole and an effortless zip-up back closure for easy on and off is designed to make you look simply chic and effortless.  While at the same time allowing you to wear with any outfits without any issues.  This also features a soft suede upper and an elastic strap on upper to provide security, personal fit, as well as the deerskin lining, offers extreme breathability.  It also has a flax seed pillows embedded throughout the footbed allowing it for molding to your feet with each step, while the flexible sole also bends with every movement you take.  

Gentle Souls Women's Bay Unique FlatIf you’re looking for a very classy, cute and comfortable flat then this flat is highly recommended.  It’s unique from typical ballet flats, as the straps add a sophistication style and glamor to its design allowing you to wear with any fashionable outfits for day and night time wear.  This flat is wearable for work, parties, travel, excursions and special events to impress your whole outfit attire.  The straps are also very practical as it keeps the shoes firmly on your feet without having to worry about coming off while walking in a rush or when you have to run.  The zipper in the back is so protective that it even has a lining flap, which goes on over the zipper to prevent from rubbing the back of your foot.   It also has sufficient padding on the footbed and the arch area, however, this might not be enough for long time wear throughout the day.  So, for those who have very high arch, this might not be an ideal flat to wear for walking for a whole day, though it can be achieved by adding an additional padding, as needed.  But certainly, this shoe would be ideal for office work, for going out on a daily basis, lunches, coffee and dinner and even for parties.  You can still wear this for travel and sightseeing but be prepared to add some additional padding if you need to.  To find out more information click here for a variety of colours and sizes to choose from at different prices.

10. Bloch London Lux Ballet Flat

Bloch London Women's Luxury Ballet FlatThis ballet flat was founded by Bloch in London.  It features beautiful pink patent, smooth, sleek and shiny finish made with leather material and leather / synthetic sole.  It also has a heel, which measures approximately 0.5″ inch.  The interior lining is as beautiful as the exterior, as it’s made of a suede material allowing your feet to breath and feel great throughout the day.  It also has a small padding on the heel and enough cushioning on the footbed.  The tiny heel is super sturdy, and the overall design is super sturdy and very well made of great quality.  It’s beautifully designed with a black stitching around the edge of the shoe as well as with a cute little string bow to accentuate the front style.   The black stitching border is also quite tight and stretchable thus provides good support to your feet, as it hugs nicely without feeling like the shoe will come off easily.  

I love the color of this shoe, and it’s super chic and feminine.  It goes well with skinny jeans, any types of dresses and skirts.  I always seem to get lots of compliments on this flat, as it can easily be coordinated with a different style of clothing.  This is also the type of flats you would wear to attend a wedding or any special occasion.  If you want to look chic, feminine and super stylish while out on a daily basis, traveling and sightseeing then this flat would also be ideal for your long day adventures in a charming historical street, arts, and museums in Europe.  Though, again the cushioning on the footbed might not be adequate to last you a whole day of wearing, so I highly suggest to carry removal insoles to slip on easily when needed.  Click here to find out more information with various colours and sizes to choose from at different prices.

11.  Naturalizer Creston Flat

Naturalizer Women's Creston FlatThis Naturalizer Creston Flat is a tailored leather upper featuring its stylish and complete versatile for day to day look.  This also allows you to slip on easily into the fully contoured and cushioned insole.  It’s designed to wrap around and hug every corner and curve of your foot in a simple silhouette.   It has a fantastic cushion footbed, which no doubt will give you long lasting comfort and support.  With flexible rubber outsole will provide extra support and traction.  This is well made and of great quality leather, N5 comfort insole, flexible and supportive sole to last you a long time. It also features a very comfortable classic elasticized topline for extra support around your foot.  This naturally prevents from slipping off quickly.  Therefore, you can easily walk in a hurry or even if you had to run on them.  It also features an approximate 1″ inch heel.  

This flat is not chunky or clunky at all, and it can certainly be worn as casual or dressy depending on what you pair it with.  This is also super lightweight considering the amount of support around the sole and footbed it offers.  This is the flat you would wear for walking miles without having sore feet.  If you are looking for a lightweight, stylish and comfort ballet flat to wear for travel and sightseeing, then this is highly recommended.  It has the sufficient insole padding to keep your feet pain free.   This flat is also perfect to wear for work allowing you to match with your work outfits.  Moreover, this is one of the best shoes to wear for everyday wear even when going out during day and night time.  However, the only disadvantage is that you might need to order the wide size than your regular shoe size.  Also, this flat runs slightly long, so, therefore, it’s recommended that you choose a half-size down from what you would usually wear or your standard shoe size.  Find out for more information here with different colours and sizes to choose from at different prices.

Here you have it.  These ballet flats are super chic, stylish yet comfortable for everyday wear.  They provide extreme traction in every step you take and comfort and support to your foot.  These are my favorite flats that I have owned, and some are carefully selected.  Which ones are your favorite flats?  Share your experiences with us below.  

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  2. I have been searching for the best ballet flats to wear on a daily basis. I always walk to work and I prefer walking with my ballet flats specially the ones with good support. I also wear ballet flats on casual days and my everyday wear. I like the ones you’ve recommended. Thank you for reviewing these flats.

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      Hi Carli, you’re welcome! I’m glad you liked them. These ballet flats are my go to for everyday wear, especial events, sightseeing, travel, work and even on casual days too. 🙂

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