The Medieval Neighbourhoods of Bologna, Italy: Photo Of The Day

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June 2014 in Bologna,Italy.

There was no sense of excitement, perhaps I was tired of traveling at that point in time but this amazing Bologna City is worth experiencing for its important cultural & artistic antique and medieval mixture of monuments, landmarks and buildings. These types of historic buildings are quite different compared to other historical places that you see in Italy.

Why not explore the city of Bologna and see it with your own eyes.  Open your mind and just experience what Bologna’s history on this private walking tour has to offer.  I managed to take a photo shown above of Brothels and Bordellos famous for its medieval neighbourhoods, which were legal in Italy until 1958 and I can guarantee that this tour will take you into the history and past that have not yet forgotten until this day.

Bolognese women are famous for their friendliness, hospitality as well as their exotic beauty, but it would be such a shame if you were to leave the city without visiting the medieval neighborhoods such as via Fregatette and via Delle Oche.  These medieval neighbourhoods have been present and home to the bordellos as well as their lusty madams.  Definitely a must pick for an entertaining tour for those who love history and those who are open-minded traveler.

Over to you, have you been to Bologna yet? What did you like about the city and what are your recommendations?

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  • Thank you for sharing your photo of the day. 🙂 I have just booked my medieval tour in Bologna next month. I cannot wait to experience this city. I’ve read a bit of history about the Medieval History in Bologna and I really can’t wait to explore and experience it myself.

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